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Installer Java 7 sur Ubuntu

Installer Java 7 sur Ubuntu
Java 7 ne sera pas disponible dans les dépôts d'Ubuntu et de Debian. La faute à Oracle qui après avoir racheté Sun (et donc Java), a tout simplement donné fin à la licence DLJ qui permettait aux distribs Linux d'intégrer les produits Sun (Donc Java), à leurs packages. Du coup, la seule version disponible dans les dépôts sera bientôt uniquement OpenJDK 7. Voici donc un petit tuto qui vous expliquera comme installer Java 7 sous Ubuntu (et Debian). Tout d'abord, téléchargez la version de java qui correspond à votre OS. Ouvrez un terminal, et placez vous dans le répertoire où cette archive a été téléchargée et décompressez là : tar -xvf jdk-7-linux-i586.tar.gz Ensuite, on va par précaution vérifier que vous avez bien le répertoire qu'il faut pour la jvm : sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/jvm/ et on va déplacer tout ce petit monde dans ce répertoire : sudo mv jdk1.7.0/ /usr/lib/jvm/ On va ensuite installer un petit script qui permet de faire la mise à jour au niveau du système. Et voilà !!! [Source]

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Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts This page lists announcements of security fixes made in Critical Patch Update Advisories and Security Alerts, and it is updated when new Critical Patch Update Advisories and Security Alerts are released. It is possible to receive notification of new announcements by email, as explained in the page linked below. Security fixes in third party products distributed with Oracle products are announced in the Third Party Bulletin, whose purpose and location is explained below. Click here for important information about the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) Click here for instructions on how to configure email notifications.

Spring Framework Introduction The Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications - on any kind of deployment platform. A key element of Spring is infrastructural support at the application level: Spring focuses on the "plumbing" of enterprise applications so that teams can focus on application-level business logic, without unnecessary ties to specific deployment environments.

How to Install Sun Java on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Sun Java packages have been dropped from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS from the Multiverse section of Ubuntu archive. Ubuntu team is encouraging users to use OpenJDK instead of Sun JDK/JRE but still if you want to install Sun JDK on your Ubuntu then here is the solution for the same. OpenJDK Appearing – No Sun Java in Synaptic As per the release note of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Ubuntu users can have Sun Java by executing the following piece of code on the command line. sudo add-apt-repository "deb lucid partner" sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sudo update-alternatives --config java

Maven Getting Started Guide What is Maven? At first glance Maven can appear to be many things, but in a nutshell Maven is an attempt to apply patterns to a project's build infrastructure in order to promote comprehension and productivity by providing a clear path in the use of best practices. Maven is essentially a project management and comprehension tool and as such provides a way to help with managing: BuildsDocumentationReportingDependenciesSCMsReleasesDistribution If you want more background information on Maven you can check out The Philosophy of Maven and The History of Maven.

Archive: Java[tm] Technology Products Download The Oracle Java Archive offers self-service download access to some of our historical Java releases. WARNING: These older versions of the JRE and JDK are provided to help developers debug issues in older systems. They are not updated with the latest security patches and are not recommended for use in production. For production use Oracle recommends downloading the latest JDK and JRE versions and allowing auto-update. Only developers and Enterprise administrators should download these releases. Downloading these releases requires an account.

Powerful Java application development using template engines - Software Development Java template engine are usually preferred by modern developers for rapid Java application development, flexibility and interactive user interface. The free maker templates also facilitate easy communication between design team and development team. Are you still using JSP – Java Server Pages? This is a old programming technique that is usually overlooked by modern programmers. Today, template engines are around.

Install Oracle Java 7 in Ubuntu via PPA Repository We've previously written about installing Oracle JDK 7 in Ubuntu using a script with a GUI provided by Zenity. Some may find this method hard to use and also, it comes with GTK dependencies. So as an alternative that doesn't have any GTK dependencies and comes with automatic updates too, I've set up an Ubuntu PPA for the latest Oracle Java 7 (JDK). The PPA should work not only with Ubuntu but also Linux Mint and other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions. If you really need to use Oracle (ex Sun) Java instead of OpenJDK in Ubuntu, here's an easy way to do it: a PPA repository to install and keep your computer up to date with the latest Oracle Java 7 (Java JDK which includes JRE). Please note that this package is currently in alpha and is offered without any guarantees, so it may or may not work!

Java Web Development, Java Software Development, Web Application Development Java, J2ee web development Offshore J2ee Development by hiring experienced and skilled JEE Developers and other resources at flexible pricing models. Today, the challenge is to create business-oriented J2EE development solutions to meet the ever increasing and dynamic demands of the rapidly growing software industry. Hence, there is a strong need for solutions that are flexible, efficient and can be customized to suit the cross-platform requirements. J2EE is the platform that provides innumerable range of features to meet the requisite demands. It does offer compatibility with various other technologies that the developer can capitalize on. At Aegis, we offer complete software solutions using Java /J2EE / J2ME technology in India.

Font (Java Platform SE 8 ) The Font class represents fonts, which are used to render text in a visible way. A font provides the information needed to map sequences of characters to sequences of glyphs and to render sequences of glyphs on Graphics and Component objects. Characters and Glyphs A character is a symbol that represents an item such as a letter, a digit, or punctuation in an abstract way. For example, 'g', LATIN SMALL LETTER G, is a character.

Debugging a servlet with tomcat and Eclipse tutorial - WikiJava, Eclipse, Tomcat, Debug, Servlet From WikiJava The author suggests: buy this book This tutorial will guide you through the process setting up the debugging of a simple Servlet under Eclipse using Tomcat. There are many plugins for Eclipse to help you configuring this, they all basically try to automatize the process explained in this tutorial. It's always good to know what's going on under the hood. India Is A Hub Of Outsourcing Java Development Services You Are @ >> Home >> Articles >> India Is A Hub Of Outsourcing Java Development Services Java, a popular software development platform that is prominent in building independent or secured applications is the most reliable and extremely dominant software development application that has ruled the software platform for years now. Java has become popular and reliable platform because of its compatibility. Any program written in Java language can be used on any other systems, which is the most appreciable quality of a software development tool.

Java Developers will Focus Growth & Advance Web Application Development With the numerous websites and web application running on Java platform one cannot deny Java’s contribution towards transforming the web. Java offers loads of advantages because of which it remains as one of the most post platforms. According to many experts, Java has the potential to grow as a viable ecosystem and also as a technical platform in the future. Java is free unlike many other platforms therefore Java development team can use this technology without having to pay any licensing fees. Java developer usually uses Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in order to translate the original code into byte codes, and later compile it to machine level languages based on the operating system known as cross browser compatibility.

Multiple Checkbox Select/Deselect using jQuery – Tutorial with Example By Viral Patel on November 11, 2010 Almost all the user interfaces that I have created had this functionality of selecting multiple items from a list to process them or delete them. Although its very very easy to implement this functionality in Javascript, using jQuery for this is real fun. Ajax Simplifications in Spring 3.0 In my last entry, I walked you through several enhancements in Spring 3 for web application development. A number of you expressed interest in a follow-up entry focused on Ajax remoting. Spring 3 provides a lot in this area to take advantage of. Read on, and I'll walk you through it. Spring and Ajax Overview For the purposes of this article, when I say Ajax, I'm talking about the web browser's ability to communicate with a web server asynchronously using JavaScript.