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Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Your 12 Week Transformation Plan! -

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Your 12 Week Transformation Plan! -
Watch The Video - 05:40 A 12-Week Program For You! As a fitness professional and spokesmodel, I'm often asked, "How do I get in shape? How can I improve my muscle tone? How can I look more like you?!" I always try to offer answers and some encouragement, and I've received so much inspiration back in return from all of you. Who's this program for? 3-LiveFit Phases Free Tools To LiveFit! Related:  Exercise

Olympus Gym: The Best Fitness Deal in Murfreesboro, TN! « The Murfreesboro Gazette | Olympus Gym has the best deal in town if you want to get in shape! For only $15 a month you get to work out at the best gym in town, with the most Free options! You won’t believe all of the perks included with your membership! Olympus gym really surprised me when I found out that they have free child care and free tanning beds! Olympus has everything you could want when it comes to working out. The thing I really noticed was that everyone that works there is extremely nice and helpful. So what’s the catch? In addition, the owner is a really nice guy and is actually probably in the best shape out of anyone in there. In my opinion as a business man, these guys are doing everything right and they should be commended on a job well done. Olympus Gym has two locations in Murfreesboro and growing. Visit Their website for more Information: Murfreesboro Gym Location #1: 810 NW Broad St Murfreesboro, TN 3712 Location #2 2892 S Church St Murfreesboro, TN 37127 Like this:

Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” - Arnold H. Glasow Want to look better and burn more calories even when resting? You will if you add some muscle to your frame. Whether you want to be the next Ronnie Coleman or just want a more defined / toned physique like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, you’ll need to build some muscle mass. So here’s 10 tips to help you build pounds of lean muscle and get the body of your dreams.1. The law of progressive overload simply says that you must increase the amount of reps or the weight lifted every single workout (or as close to this as humanly possible) in order to ignite muscle growth.The body adapts to stimuli, so how do we use this to our advantage? 2. 8-12 reps on any given exercise will stimulate most muscle growth. 3. Yes just 6-9 sets per body part. 4. Working a muscle tears the tissue, it then repairs and grows. 5. Muscle = protein. 6. A Low-Fat diet is not desirable in bodybuilding. 7. 8. 9. 10.

How to Build Muscle: 12 steps <img alt="Image titled Build Muscle Step 14" src=" width="728" height="455" class="whcdn">1Target your pecs with chest exercises. The bench-press is the most dependable way to gain chest muscle, although there are lots of different exercises for the chest. Do push-ups. <img alt="Image titled Build Muscle Step 18" src=" width="728" height="455" class="whcdn">5Target abdominal muscles with crunches and core exercises. Which of the following is a good way to build chest muscles? Click an answer to get started.

Lee Labrada's 12 Week Lean Body Trainer - Week 2, Day 6. by Lee Labrada Jan 14, 2011 Legs and abs are up on deck today. And it's time to quickly go over two misconceptions about exercising. Check out Lee busting these two myths below: Spot Reduction and More Exercise Is Better. Week 2, Day 13: Legs & Abs! Watch The Video - 5:01 Spot Reduction Myths Myth 1 / Spot Reduction People will sometimes come to me and tell me they want to take body fat off of their stomach so that they can have sharp abs. There is a way to do all of these things, but what you have to keep in mind is that you cannot spot reduce a body part. You're going to lose it from all over the body gradually so patience will be key. Myth 2 / More Exercise Is Better As you'll notice with many of these workouts, they are fairly short. Keeping your workouts short and intense will enable your muscles to grow fastest so you see the best results. Doing too much exercise is just going to cause you to get injured or become overtrained. The Workout Terms You'll Need To Know About The Author

Best Weight Lifting Routine | Insight Writer Whether you want to gain muscle mass, lose weight, look better, or feel better, it is wise to consider adding weight lifting to any workout you are currently doing. Or begin the foundation of any long term exercise routine with a few months spent in a gym getting stronger overall. The benefits to weight lifting are numerous: You will have a much easier time performing everyday tasks such as lifting or moving objects of any size, dimension, or weight.You will increase your metabolism, and with a higher resting metabolic rate you will burn more calories per day by doing the same things you have always done.You can’t get rid of fat just in certain areas (such as your love handles). The only way to get rid of fat is to use it up as energy at an overall rate. Now on to the weight lifting routine I will give you… The best way to form any weight lifting routine is to plan each workout based on the major muscle groups. Leg Workouts Chest and Tricep Workouts Back and Biceps What’s left? Resources :

Swiss Ball Exercises The Minnesota Vikings Warm Up Routine - Workout Routines: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Share Their Training Plan for Staying in Shape During the NFL Season The Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders take their warm-up seriously, starting with a slow-motion run a la Baywatch. Kidding! Although they do look like swimsuit babes, these fit chicks actually get their hearts pumping with jogging a few laps around the field and/or some light dancing. [Click to Tweet this workout!] How to do it: Lunge forward with your right leg, stepping out as far as you can comfortably. Cheer style: Cheerleaders are masters of strategic stretching: too much and you can hurt yourself, too little and you're the lone girl two feet off the ground when everyone drops into their splits. Unless you have an entire football field, like NFL cheerleaders do, you'll probably need to turn around. Cheer style: Why all the walking with the stretching? From standing, bend at your hips and place your hands on the ground in front of your feet. Cheer style: Inchworms work your entire body, making them one of the best dynamic warm-ups you can do. 180 degrees. Cheer style: Dance party! Image

My lower body is so much bigger than upper body! Any advice? My lower body is so much bigger than upper body! Any advice? Hi, For some reason fat really sticks to my hips down to my knees. Please can you suggest the best exercise to help get rid of this? Thanks Our expert says... Hi, To adjust the body shape you have described (often referred to as a “pear shape”), you will have to target both muscle tone (achieved through strength training) and fat reduction (through calorie burning and calorie deficit through nutrition) to balance up your body shape and reduce size around the hip/thigh area. Obviously cardiovascular exercise is well-documented for its benefits in assisting weight loss through calorie burning and subsequent fat reduction but it isn’t the only way to achieve this, (though it is an easy and common method). In terms of specific ‘spot-reduction’ for the lower body, it was known to be 'fact' (until recently), that is was not possible to reduce fat from a specific place on the body though targeted strength training. I hope this helps,

What Are the Best Exercises to Lose Weight? Weight loss has rules. Legit rules. They’re mathematical in nature and we’re beholden to them whether we like it or not. You can’t just break the rules because you don’t like them or because you hope they don’t apply to you. This is where many dieters fail. A few of these principles relate to food intake and a few relate to what types of exercise you should do, which is what we’re going to focus on here. There are many opinions on the subject, of course. For example… Some people say cardio is the ultimate weight loss exercise. Well, in this article, we’re going to get definitive answers to these controversies and more. By the end, you’re going to know exactly what types of exercise are best for weight loss and why, and how to make losing weight as easy as possible. I want to start by making an important distinction. So far, we’ve been talking “weight loss.” Instead, we need to focus on fat loss, and here’s why… Why You Don’t Want to Merely “Lose Weight” Lose weight, right? Ab exercises, of course.