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Free WordPress Themes: 2011 Edition - Smashing WordPress

Free WordPress Themes: 2011 Edition - Smashing WordPress
Advertisement It’s interesting to look back at our previous WordPress themes round-ups. It’s almost like looking at a visual timeline not only of WordPress’ advances in theme design, but of the rapid development in functionality of the CMS itself. The themes from year to year clearly differ in style as Web design trends have evolved. As each year passes and more functionality is added to WordPress’ core, these improvements are strongly reflected in the themes developed for it. Once upon a time, all WordPress themes looked like traditional blogs, with basic functionality and not a heck of a lot more. Nowadays, user requirements for WordPress themes are very high. Most of the themes below can be tailored via the options panel to be anything you want, whether a portfolio, a content-heavy magazine-style website or a basic blog. Portfolios, Galleries And Showcases Imbalance 2 (Demo) Imbalance 2 turns you WordPress-based website to an attractive blog, portfolio or online magazine.

Academica: Free WordPress 3.0+ Theme For Educational Websites Advertisement In this post we release a yet another freebie: Academica WordPress Theme, a free WordPress theme designed specifically for educational websites such as universities, schools etc. It’s a flexible and versatile free theme that can be easily customized and branded for any university, academy or non-profit organization. Simpl: A Clean & Classy WordPress Portfolio Theme Simpl Has Been Updated To Version 1.5, Features Listed Below! Simpl is a clean and classy theme that emphasizes your content. Whether your goal is to land the next big client with your flashy portfolio or to saturate the minds of your readers with premium textual content, Simpl does the trick. No matter your field or passion, Simpl will allow you to broadcast your message in the most universal and uncluttered fashion.

10 Amazing Responsive WordPress Themes Responsive web design is a web development philosophy that has rapidly spread through the design community. A responsive web site is one that is built using W3C and CSS3 media queries to allow the site to perform optimally across various platforms and screen resolutions. Meaning the site will look correct and function easily whether you are viewing it on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. If you have a WordPress website and are interested in switching your site to a responsive design, let’s take a look at 10 examples of responsive WordPress themes.

Origami Free WordPress Theme The idea behind Origami was simple. It needed to be as clean and minimal as possible so that all of a reader’s focus would be on the blog’s content. Origami has support for a lot of different post formats which means it works well as a media blogging theme. You can add galleries, images and videos. Aesthetics Origami takes a definite minimal approach with light colors, subtle contrasts and a general absence of pizazz. Garnish: Clean-Cut WordPress Portfolio Theme Garnish is a clean-cut, straight to the point, simple to use portfolio theme. The uncluttered, one-page, ajax-powered portfolio is perfect for placing your most important work directly in front of your potential clients. If you have ever used a “coming soon” page in place of your portfolio on account of being too busy, Garnish is for you. It’s simple, convenient and to the point. If you’re the modifying type, it’s a pretty decent blank canvas too! Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.

20 Latest Premium HTML5 WordPress Themes HTML5 WordPress themes are getting popular day by day among all bloggers and web developers. As HTML5 is latest technology so it’s now important that your website must be HTML5 compatible and it has become very easy because you just have to install WordPress theme which is HTML5 friendly. With the use of HTML5 WordPress themes it has become easy to publish pictures, content and video. To convert your WordPress theme to HTML5, developer must have good knowledge of PHP, HTML5 and CSS3.

View from the Dock - Posts - RapidWeaver Vs. WordPress II: RapidWeaver review This is the second installment in a four-part series comparing RapidWeaver and WordPress . Today, I'm going to present an overview of Realmac's RapidWeaver , a Mac-only web publishing tool. Who is it for? RapidWeaver targets people with little to no web design experience seeking a simple way to produce a professional-looking, standards-compliant, and highly customizable mixed-content website. By 'mixed-content,' I mean that it handles both static and dynamic content.

Help Your Website Sell More: 11 Overlooked Page Elements That Drive Online Sales The product page may be the most important page on your website. It’s the point at which the user decides whether they’re buying or walking. And while the shopping cart gauntlet looms beyond, the product page is where the magic of an ecommerce sale begins. The thing with product pages, however, is they’re part basics and part nuance. More importantly, it’s often these nuances that are overlooked, and can kill the conversion rate of your product page.

Gridlocked A truly versatile theme, Gridlocked can be configured to focus on your work, your blogging, or both. It is both a classic portfolio and modern blogging system. Beautifully minimalistic A clean, crisp, gimmick-free design focusing the user’s attention on your artwork. The way a portfolio should be. Fully filterable portfolio 10 useful Wordpress theme hacks WordPress theming has become a important revenue source for many freelance developers and web designers, which is a pretty good reason to constantly improve your skills in that field. The following WordPress hacks teach you how to do some commonly wanted theming features. 1.