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BP&O Logo, Branding, Packaging & Opinion by Richard Baird

BP&O Logo, Branding, Packaging & Opinion by Richard Baird
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Logos from why not associates why not associates is a British graphic design company, established two decades ago. Here’s a taste of their identity design work. London Arts logo Corporate identity for arts funding organisation. The Reel logo Corporate identity for xtreme information’s media resource service showcasing commercials and promos. futurelab logo Corporate identity for bristol based not-for-profit organisation. ENVY logo Corporate identity, website and signage for london based post production facility. You can view more projects here on the why not associates website.

Golden Bee Global Biennale Of Graphic Design 2016 Organised by the Golden Bee Fund and endorsed by Alliance Graphigue Internationale, International Biennales Coordinating Committee and International Council of Design, the Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design has opened its call for entries for posters and projects created in 2014-2016. There are eight categories: • Posters • Digital Design • Handmade Design • Pioneers Of Russian Design • Chernobyl, Fukushima • Crime And Punishment • Inferno, Purgatory, Paradise • Mercy There is also the additional category 'All Gold Of The World 2014-2016. Works in all categories (except for special cases) should be first submitted as digital files. There is no entry fee. Eligibility Open to anyone worldwide. Prize Selected works will become part of the Golden Bee 12 exhibition, scheduled for 4–9 October, 2016 at the Central House of Artists in Moscow, Russia.

50 Design Blogs You Have to Read in 2016 - Shillington Design Blog Our most popular post of last year was 50 Design Blogs You Have to Read in 2015, a comprehensive countdown of where to find the diamonds in the endless mine that is the internet. Well a lot can happen in a year on the blogsophere, so today we take a fresh look at the hottest and brightest blogs for 2016. As well as serving up visual feasts of good design, these feeds offer sound business advice, technology hacks and the latest industry resources from all corners of the world. Which one is your favourite? The Dsgn Blog Founded and curated by Croatian designer Ena Baćanović, The Dsgn Blog has a focus on the work of young designers and students from all over the world. Design is Fine. A fun tumblr feed with a focus on nostalgia and old-school design, penned by a teacher of design history from Germany. Design Cloud Clean, clear, purely visual tumblr sharing work and ideas under categories including typography, illustration, visual art and graphic design. Hooked Sex, Drugs and Helvetica SideBar

Vintage logos I saw this a couple of years back on ISO50 but never got around to featuring it. Too good not to share. View the full set on Flickr. Международный конкурс дизайнеров Young Package 2016 | Стипендии, конкурсы и гранты 2016 - 2017 Описание Не стоит выкидывать коробки и пакеты в мусор, им можно найти применение. Packaging design имеет большое значение не только в сфере дизайна, маркетинга, и транспортировки, а также имеет влияние и на окружающую среду. Макулатура составляет 25% домашних отходов и многая ее часть не может быть переработана. Давайте сократим часть упаковочных отходов, которые невозможно утилизировать, давайте подумаем о том как можно создать пакеты для многократного использования. Жюри конкурса будет оценивать конкурсантов по таким критериям: Инновационность и творчество;Эргономика упаковки;Функциональность;Легкость в использовании (упаковка должна быть такой, чтоб пожилые люди и дети могли ее с легкостью открыть);Форма и оригинальность идеи;Экологические аспекты;Качество презентации. Участникам необходимо придумать упаковку, которая может использоваться после того, как ее открыли (это может быть коробка, в которой и в дальнейшем можно сберегать продукт, например карандаши). Призы.

Editorial Design Inspiration – Skin Deep magazine This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept or Read More Skin Deep is a magazine by graphic designer Tessa Simpson that aims to question the portrayal of women in mainstream media. The imagery inside is a mix of simple film-photography and collage that sits alongside articles on subjects such as shaving and the use of make-up. Also included inside is a photographic insert that focuses on the daily ‘beauty’ routines of women. Share this: Like this: Subscribe to our mailing list Like this post? Related Posts Punased I (The Reds) Illustrated hand-printed books by Valeria Brancaforte Jane Austen ‘Tears’ book cover series What do you think? The Past Recedes zine British Serial Killers zine The Book Design BlogThe Book Design Blog showcases inspirational books, zines and other publication designs.Submit work and get featured. %d bloggers like this:

TetraBox Light by Ed Chew & Yanko Design Liquid to Light Designer Ed Chew takes a green step in the right direction with the TetraBox lamp, a light object made from discarded drink packets that would have otherwise ended up in landfills already packed to the brim. The design is achieved by unfolding the packets and refolding them into hexagonal and pentagonal sections that are then pieced together to form a geodesic sphere or any other desired shape. Designer: Ed Chew Reflecting On The End Of The Ebola Epidemic, A Doctor Worries That We're Missing The Point : Goats and Soda When a country is declared Ebola-free — like Sierra Leone last November — the mood is upbeat. But that doesn't mean the virus is vanquished. This month, a young woman there developed Ebola and died. Aurelie Marrier d'Unienvil/AP hide caption toggle caption Aurelie Marrier d'Unienvil/AP When a country is declared Ebola-free — like Sierra Leone last November — the mood is upbeat. Aurelie Marrier d'Unienvil/AP Last Thursday, the World Health Organization declared the end to the horrific two years of the West African Ebola epidemic. Later on the same day, the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone announced that a patient with Ebola died in the Tonkilli region of that country. Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect of the new case in Sierra Leone was not that it occurred so soon after WHO's proclamation but that Ebola wasn't diagnosed until after the patient died. How and why do human epidemics end? In most cases, a combination of these factors play a role.

AIGA Eye on Design | Beautiful and Creative Logo Designs You May Have Missed Company Logos Subscriptions ShareThis Copy and Paste 10 уроков визуализации данных от New York Times Перевод статьи “10 Things You Can Learn From the New York Times’ Data Visualizations“, опубликованной в блоге Visually, об основных принципах визуализации данных, которых придерживаются в газете New York Times. Награда Малофей, известная по сути как Пулитцеровская премия в мире инфографики, оценивает лучшие инфографические работы изданные по всему миру в печатном и цифровом видах. В прошлом году более полутора тысяч работ соревновались за престижную награду. Заметными достижениями премии стали работы журнала National Geographic (приз за лучшую печатную карту и две золотые награды) и Internet Group do Brasil iG (золото). Так в чем же заключается секрет продолжительного успеха New York Times? 1. Определение цели инфографики или визуализации — это первый вопрос, который стоит принять к рассмотрению, прежде чем начать какой бы то ни было творческий процесс. Как доминирует Мариано Ривера 2. Узники Гуантанамо 3. 4. Предложение по бюджету 2013 5. 6. Смерть террориста: поворотный момент? 7. 8. 9.

50 Design Blogs You Have To Read In 2015 - Shillington Design Blog Hello readers! Guess what? We’ve updated this list for the new year. Check out 50 Design Blogs You Have to Read in 2016. As designers we find inspiration everywhere. When we’re out and about, in books and magazines, galleries and exhibitions—and, of course, on the internet. Which ones will spark your design vision? Friends of Type Created by four designers and lovers of lettering, you’ll find fresh and original typographic design and lettering posts updated daily. A visual catalog of ideas, it’s an uncategorised library of inspiration that you can leaf through whenever the mood takes you. httpster A showcase of the hottest in web design, httpster is a perfect place to boost your creativity to see how graphic design skills turn sites from good to great. SiteInspire Choosy in its selections, SiteInspire is a collection of the best web design out there, specialising in clean and simple sites. Typewolf You know the font you want but you can’t find it? Grafik Eye On Design Mr Cup Line25 99u