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Free Reading Program

Free Reading Program
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#.VAeQjtGI70M This is a guest post from Beth Holland of, an advertiser on this blog. Whether you teach elementary, middle, or high school, a common challenge exists: finding non-fiction content at reading level. This is an especially pressing concern for teachers incorporating the CCSS Standards into their curricula. Given that varied reading levels may exist within a single class, it can seem virtually impossible to have all students access the same content in a way that allows them to comprehend the material. NEWSELA solves the first dilemma by providing teachers with a database of non-fiction articles. Sample NEWSELA article Though it is possible to create classes and push out content from within NEWSELA, by incorporating Google Docs, we can address the second challenge of allowing teachers to virtually be in multiple reading groups, and with multiple students, all at the same time. Sample Google Doc with Comments.

ENGLISH RULES1 Each day that week, they should write a new sentence for each rule. The next week, teach the next rule. Now the students will write a sentence for rules 1-3. Keep teaching new rules, and assigning all the rules learned so far. When the student has learned 6 rules, allow him/her to show more than one rule in a sentence. My kids enjoyed trying to see how few sentences they could write, but still show all the assigned rules. THE RULES and example sentences 1.. 13. 15. 16. "Please," directed the Policeman, "Stay inside your car and show me your drivers license." 17. Dad said, "When I was young, your grandfather would always say, 'Keep the shower curtain inside the tub!' ---------------------------------------------------- 18. January 20, 2001 Dear Mom, (Comma after greeting) I hope your holiday was great. Love, Dan --------------------------------------------------- 19. Mr. Acme Company (Who you are writing to) 1111. Dear Sir: (Semicolon after greeting) Sincerely, Mr. 21. 22. 23. 24. 26. 29. 30.

Forensics Illustrated--Step Under the Tape This web site is copyright of Brennon Sapp and The images and texts remain the intellectual property of their respective owners. Users of the images and texts accessible through agree to the following conditions of use: What you MAY do: Users may cite the texts. What you MAY NOT do: These images and texts are for educational use only and may not be used for any non-educational or commercial purpose without written permission from copyright holders. If you are seeking permission to use an image or text for a purpose not covered above, please contact the copyright holder.

The complete 10-week Poetry for Kids course - Mankato Homeschooling Here are the links to our entire 10-week free poetry course for kids, ready to start whenever it works for your family. Feel free to work through the course at your own pace, moving faster or slower as needed. (Note: Some people have been having trouble finding the links to each lesson. Click on each week's title in blue bold to go to that article. For instance, to view the lesson plan for week one you just click on "Poetry for Kids Week One..") Here's the full curriculum: Poetry for Kids: Intro What to expect in the course. Poetry for Kids Week One: Cliche busting! Learn about cliches and why they're so bad for poetry. Poetry for Kids Week Two: Finding poetry in song lyrics Learn how lots of poetry tricks (and common mistakes) can also be found in songs, and look for good poetry in lyrics. Poetry for Kids Week Three: Easy poetry forms for kids Learn about found poetry, along with lots of fun and simple poetry forms that kids can try out. Poetry for Kids Week Four: The sounds of good poetry

short stories at east of the web A game of Scrabble has serious consequences. - Length: 4 pages - Age Rating: PG - Genre: Crime, Humor A semi-barbaric king devises a semi-barabaric (but entirely fair) method of criminal trial involving two doors, a beautiful lady and a very hungry tiger. - Length: 7 pages - Genre: Fiction, Humor Doris knew exactly why she'd survived. - Length: 5 pages - Age Rating: U - Genre: Fiction It was Zach's idea to start a Beatles cover band in high school. - Length: 21 pages He steals with swift, simple hands in the yellow Roman sun. - Length: 9 pages - Genre: Crime We made sure we both got Ms. - Length: 19 pages I need air... - Length: 28 pages He had won tickets in a radio contest. - Length: 26 pages - Genre: Horror My first great love was Seraina Gadient, the flower girl, as we called her then. - Length: 40 pages This afternoon’s adventure is just what I’ve been craving. - Length: 27 pages - Genre: A game of Scrabble has serious consequences. - Length: 4 pages - Age Rating: PG - Genre: Crime, Humor - Age Rating: U

Homeschool Record Keeping and Grade Reporting | Applecore Home School Science - Sixth Grade (One Student) - SciTT Kits Kit includes thirteen 6th Grade activities with all materials needed, individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $85. All Materials are furnished and separately packaged for each activity. Scientific Method - Physical ScienceLearn the importance of using the scientific method.Discovery Scope (Field Trip Microscopes) - Life/Earth ScienceCooperative Learning Activity - Groups of Two. Use a 10x existing light microscope to view the world of living and non-living things.Microhabitat - Life ScienceAnalyze the visible spectrum. Investigate the characteristics of waves.Light Waves - Physical/Life Science Investigate the properties of light waves and construct a camera.

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells Contents About this Edition This electronic edition of H. This document is in the public domain. This text may also be downloaded in the following formats: Plain ASCII/ISO 8859-1, Zipped: timemach.zipAcrobat PDF file: timemach.pdfPostScript, Zipped: Also by H. The War of the Worlds

Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Printables: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Holidays page 1 abcteach features over 1,000 multi-page reading comprehension activities. These include biographies, history lessons, and introductions to important concepts in social studies, science, holidays, and more. Fictional stories are also available, providing students with fun and imaginative scenarios to explore. These stories serve as great backdrops for questions about problem solving, emotions, moral and ethical dilemmas, and vocabulary interpretation. Use the subcategories below to find reading activities written for your students’ comprehension level. In addition to the readings, the majority of our worksheets have attached study questions and games that reinforce important vocabulary words and key concepts. Want access to all of the reading comprehension packets on abcteach? Favorite saved.

The BIGGEST List of FREE HOMESCHOOL LAPBOOKS - Ever! Homeschool Lapbooks Lapbooking in our homeschool is a creative way to flesh out homeschool studies. Most importantly making lapbooks in our homeschool is just plain fun! I know that moms who are new to homeschooling with lapbooks have questions about how to get started with lapbooks. How To Lapbook Lapbooking is super easy, usually messy, and a whole lot of fun! How to Make a Lapbook – Homeschool Share How to make a large lapbook wth 3 file folders – Flap Jack Lapbook How to Start Lapbooking – Jimmie Lanley What’s a Unit Study and a Lapbook? How to Make Lapbooks – Faithful Provisions What Is a Lapbook and How do I put One Together? How to Make a Lapbook – Fire How Secret Door Foldable – Ideas For Teachers Beware of the 3 C’s of Lapbooking – Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus How to Make A Simple Lapbook – Heart Of Wisdom Making a Lapbook – Teach Beside Me How to Make a Graduated-Pages Book – Book Zoompa Lapbooking Made Easy – Marine Corps Nomads Lapbooking – A Teacher’s Idea Animal Lapbooks Deer Lapbook

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework