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A World of Poetry at Your Fingertips

A World of Poetry at Your Fingertips

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POEMS AND PROSE - July 2007 Click to enlarge Waiting for when the sun an hour or less Conveniently oblique makes visible The painting on one wall of this recess By Caravaggio, of the Roman School, I see how shadow in the painting brims With a real shadow, drowning all shapes out But a dim horse’s haunch and various limbs, Until the very subject is in doubt. But evening gives the act, beneath the horse And one indifferent groom, I see him sprawl, Foreshortened from the head, with hidden face, Where he has fallen, Saul becoming Paul. Buddhist Work: Things I Learned About Work from my Tibetan Friends Every year I travel to the North Indian Himalayas to see my Tibetan friends and Buddhist teachers. In that time I have learned a lot of life lessons and a lot of lessons about how to make my work more meaningful. In this post I want to look at a few things my Tibetan friends taught me about work. Tibet, Buddhism and a happy workplace

Poem Themes Poetry Archive Home You can discover work that is new to you by letting the site take you to poems that deal with a theme that appeals to you. Click on a theme to see what poets have written about it. This part of the Archive is full of poems chosen specially for children. Writing Blind - Corey Gwin Update 8/14/14: This post inspired me to create a web app to help jumpstart your writing. You can try it out at Learn more about BlindWrite here. "Turn off your monitor."

Do not stand at my grave and weep — Poet Seers Mary Frye (November 13, 1905 – September 15, 2004) was a Baltimore housewife and florist, best known as the author of the poem ‘Do not stand at my grave and weep’, written in 1932. She was orphaned at the age of three and moved to Baltimore when she was twelve. She was an avid reader with a remarkable memory. She married Claud Frye in 1927; he ran a clothing business while she grew and sold flowers. The poem for which she became famous was originally composed on a brown paper shopping bag. Because people liked her twelve-line, untitled verse, she made many copies and circulated them privately. Poems and Sonnets Sonnet What love isn't Edna St Vincent Millay A Summer Sonnet A seasonal twist on the Bard. by Romana Machado, an interesting net celebrity

Chris - my poetry My Free Novels: Fugue(PDF, Mobipocket, HTML) A woman with no identity or name keeps waking up during bizarre and often violent more Paranormal Activities Unit(PDF, Mobipocket, HTML, Online) Friday Poem Please Subscribe to 3QD If you would like to make a one time donation in any amount, please do so by clicking the "Pay Now" button below. You may use any credit or debit card and do NOT need to join Paypal. 334 emily Joey and I started making news posts in early 2008, but we didn't have archives for them until now! So I'm going to repost here some of my old links here: Society in Decline:Intrastate Commerce - yet more evidence that the USA (in general) has done a better job holding on to great midcentury signage. Year 2008 in Photographs - the Boston Globe's The Big Picture has a three-part best of series, this is part one. Foodpairing - teaches you how to combine your foods in new ways, AND it has suggestions for substitutions.

The Gravity Collective Short, sweet and immensely powerful. I instantly fell in love with Lang Leav‘s beautiful, phenomal poetry. She translates the thoughts in your head and feelings in your body to words on a page. It’s a brilliant talent to possess. Like this: Like Loading...