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Rafts, Skirts and Brims! This tutorial will help you understand the differences between rafts, skirts and brims. All three techniques provide a starting point for your model, but they have different uses and advantages. Rafts A Raft is a horizontal latticework of filament that is located underneath your part. Rafts are used primarily with ABS because they provide separation between the part and the heated bed.

Free Texture - rusty paint garage door - Rusted Metal - luGher Texture Library Download for free this rusty spots on painted metal. rusty painted metal texture 1.7 Mb - 5 megapixel rusty painted metal. rusted metal flaked texture. Free high resolution, high quality rust panel texture. Textures grunge, dirt, plaster, concrete, rust and more. Download the high resolution 3500 x 2700 of the texture for free.

Dezeen - architecture and design magazine Design Sprints — the Secret to Rapidly Developing Products Customers Actually Want This post will teach you the process of running a design sprint — a method developed by Jake Knapp, a partner at Google Ventures — to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days. Most teams often invest months, even years, in developing a product or service, only to discover they've built something that no one wants. Jake developed a method that helps teams make better use of time and resources by simulating the entire product development process in just five days. A design sprint helps teams filter ideas and gain clarity as to which of them are best to pursue. Let's dive in and see what that process looks like at a high level, and how to implement it.

VISMAT VRAY SKETCHUP Do you remember that a couple of months ago we did a survey to have your opinion on the functioning of our blog? (Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to thank you again for having responded and participated in so many) Of course, your answers have made me very happy because over 80% of you said she was satisfied, ... but there was also a 20% who did different considerations This prompted me to look for solutions in order to improve the site navigation ....always taking into account of course that it is a Blog, with all the limitations that this entails. In recent days, I proceeded to make many small changes to lighten the pages in order to speed up the loading of the site. I have inserted a horizontal menu that will allow you to more easily find the topics and items of interest. Please let me know if you like ^-^

Download our ebooks about 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Sculpteo is not only the leading provider of digital fabrication services on the market today, we also have wide-ranging expertise that we love to share. So if you’re looking for some light reading on the 3D Printing and Laser Cutting happenings of the day check out our eBook Collection! To date Sculpteo has released twelve eBooks (listed below), this article will give you a quick summary of each – but for the complete thing go ahead and click on it directly!

(Hướng dẫn) Vật liệu kính đẹp cho Vray for SketchUp Những bạn thường dùng Vray để Render trong SketchUp thường hay không "hài lòng" về VL kính mình sử dụng. NHATNAMtraining xin chia sẻ đến các bạn một setting VL rất đẹp để áp dụng trong các mô hình mình thiết kế. Cảm ơn Jonathan Ignas đã chia sẻ. Design Accuracy Comparison 0.9° vs. 1.8° Often times when an engineer is selecting a step motor for his or her application, one important decision that needs to be made is whether or not to choose a 0.9° or a 1.8° step motor. When making a decision of this magnitude, two factors will invariably come into play: performance and price. With the ever increasing role of competition in today’s motion control industry, both performance and price are major difference makers in every decision. In terms of performance the question is whether altering the way a 1.8° step motor operates will, in fact, produce a 0.9° type motor performance. There is a widespread belief that using a 1.8° motor at half stepping will produce the same accuracy as a 0.9° motor at full stepping. With accuracy and smooth motion being the main advantages of using 0.9° motors, this belief leads some to think that the 1.8° motor at half stepping will be sufficient and available at a lower price.

Creative 3D Solutions © Copyright 2014 Dreamplex Modal title Web designed by IMAS Discover BEST Mechanical Engineering & Robotics Groups. Today we share the 20 BEST Mechanical Engineering & Robotics Groups for 2017 on LinkedIn. Social communities for engineers are not only great for networking, but they are possibly the greatest option for troubleshooting or receiving suggestions for improving your iterations. Take a look at our list of mechanical engineering forums & online groups to help jump start your project.

Free: 10 HDRi Spherical Skies for Use in Your Architectural Visualizations It’s official: The (HDRi) sky is no longer the limit. Answering the call of architecture students, professionals and visualizers, the team at Viz-People is offering a free set of spherical environmental maps that are sure to enhance the spatial and temporal qualities of visualizations. Viz-People’s HDRi v1 Pack, which would usually set you back €50, also includes tone-mapped PNG versions of each sky. Cults ・ Download free or paid 3D models for 3D printer

Ebook: Photography and rendering with vray (Free English+Tiếng Việt PDF) - 3DsMax.VN Photography and rendering with vray là cuốn sách đầy đủ nhất, tất tần tật về Vray. Tác giả Ciro Sannino tốt nghiệp cử nhân mỹ thuật công nghiệp và bắt đầu lằm việc trong lĩnh vực 3D và Rendering từ những năm 1997. Ông được cấp chứng chỉ đào tạo V-Ray bởi tập đoàn Chaos Group và từ năm 2006 ông cũng được biết đến rộng rãi qua cộng đồng internet NormalMap-Online This website lets you create normal maps from height maps for free. All normal map textures you create are your own. Textures are not saved on the server and all scripts are running on your Browser.