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Communication Arts.

Communication Arts.

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Journal of Illustration. Postage Journal postage is free within the UK, US and Canada. Postage will be added at the following rates for other regions: £10 postage will be added if ordering from within the EU $7 if ordering from the Americas (except US and Canada) £14 per volume for Rest of the World VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the standard rate for online only orders, and on the online component of institutional (print and online) subscriptions (50% of the price).

Crafts. In our September/October issue, we meet makers partnering with nature in fascinating ways. Japanese artist Kazuhito Takadoi tells us about weaving with harvested grasses and branches, German wood turner Ernst Gamperl discusses his ten-year tribute to one gargantuan oak tree, and we discover a new breed of designers using biomaterials to grow textiles for the wardrobe of the future. Meanwhile, to mark the 10th anniversary of the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent, Crafts asked V&A director Tristram Hunt to assess the revival of ceramics in the city, the challenges the industry still faces and what should happen next. Elsewhere, our columnists bring marginalised female makers into the spotlight, with Glenn Adamson arguing for the importance of women-only exhibitions and Tanya Harrod rewriting a historical wrong. Stories about women’s labour, sexuality and migration are also brought into sharp relief in a dazzling series of textile photograms.

How Famous Companies Got Their Names? You see these big company names each and every day, but do you know what they actually mean? In order to help you fill this gap of knowledge, we made a visual list of famous company name etymologies. It is heavily based on this Wikipedia’s list, where you can also find the complete listing of companies and their name origins not mentioned in this post. So, scroll down the list and then tell us how many did you already know?

Minimal Movie Posters These two posters are the finalists for the Now You See Me fan poster competition, which I posted about here. Let’s call the top one Option 1, and the second Option 2. Now you’ll get to help to choose the winner by answering this question: which poster do you prefer, Option 1 or Option 2? Artists and designers can make the ordinary seem magical.

Guitar Techniques. In every issue of Guitar Techniques, you'll find:World's best guitar lessons that you won't find on the netFully accurate song transcriptionsStar artist video masterclassesEvery lesson on cover CD with full top-quality audioPLUS receive Free Digital Ebooks "Thank you for your great publication. I think the content, style, and tone of GT are perfect" – Tim Poteet "Loving the mag; as a guitar teacher it really is a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration!" Lacanian ink. Certainly marked by the work of Jacques Lacan, much as by the writing on Jacques Lacan, lacanian ink has been going for 19 consecutive years. And lacanian ink belongs in NYC, it was born here, it is done here. In this particular sense I was happy to realize how, together with a number of other journals, lacanian ink has been a witness to contemporary culture in the last decade. Today, there are few of them that continue. Bomb and lacanian ink are two of them. "If I am anything in the picture it is always in the form of a screen."

How To Typeset a Poster Bowne & Co., Stationers at the South Street Seaport Museum in New York frequently produces beautiful letterpress keepsakes. This one from 1989, “Nineteenth Century Job Printing Display – The Poster” is a delightful little guide to the dos and don’ts. Using their enviable stock of metal types, 200 copies were printed on a Vandercook Universal I. the text was adapted from “The Letter-Preess Printer: A Complete Guide to the Art of Printing; Containing Practical Instructions for Learners at Case, Press and Machine” (London, 1881). Last year I wrote about the possible closing of Bowne & Co. here, The shop is still functioning (at 211 Water St., NYC) and still printing: Announcement cards ($165 for 50), four-piece invitations ($1,085 for 100), and reception cards ($270 for 100),all printed on Crane & Co. paper.

Metalsmith. Metalsmith magazine is published by SNAG. Metalsmith gives you a front row seat on the world of studio art and design in contemporary jewelry and metalsmithing. It’s smart, beautiful and provocative, and guaranteed to inspire and invigorate. Coverage spans contemporary makers, artists in their studios, edgy work, production jewelry, fashion, hollowware, furniture, collectors’ collections, and much more. For over 30 years, Metalsmith has brought you the best in the field. View a FREE digital sample of Metalsmith Volume 38 No 2 (April 2018)

Printmaking Today. Printmaking Today is the authorized Journal of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Welcome to Printmaking Today's information page For subscriptions please click on the green buttons above and for back issue orders please go to the 'Contents and Back Issues Orders' button on the leftFor further information about submissions,the Editor, the editorial board, about the setting up of Printmaking Today by Rosemary Simmons and for details of advertising in Printmaking Today - please go to the 'Printmaking Today - Information ' button on the leftFor our listings of Galleries and Print Dealers, Printmaking Courses, Exhibitions and Opportunities, Printmaking Periodicals, Studios and Workshops, Editioning Services, Printmaking materials, suppliers and equipment, please go to the 'Printmaking Today - Resources' button on the left Happy Exploring...... State of Art

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