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Learn Spanish with Spanish podcast audio. This is real, exciting conversation from Spain.

Learn Spanish with Spanish podcast audio. This is real, exciting conversation from Spain.

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Spanish Readings - Beginner Level Home / Beginner / Beginner Level 11. Beginner Practice Readings In this section we have put together some beginner readings in spanish to help you practice what you have learned so far. These readings have basic spanish grammar and vocabulary to practice every day topics such as: introductions, how to answer simple questions and how to talk about your family, ocupation, likes and dislikes, etc. Cafe Cortado Download mp3 file | Subscribe in iTunes You're listening to the Café Cortado, the podcast where we answer your questions about the Spanish language. In this week's show we'll be hearing from Juliet in London who has a question which puzzles many learners of Spanish: just which word for "you" is the correct one? Juliet is quite right: there are different words for "you" in Spanish. In English there's just the one - if I'm addressing my wife, my friend or my son I use the word "you"; and if I'm addressing my boss, or my mother-in-law, or indeed a random person in the street, I still use the word "you".

Home of the Dial-A-Verb Wheels The conjugator pages are designed so that they interrelate smoothly with the Spanish Dial-A-Verb 5000 and Spanish Dial-A-Verb 8000 verb wheels, but feel free to use them without the verb wheels. Create a set of verbs and print them as a handout. Display these web pages in class to illustrate new tenses and irregularities. CBS Season 1 — Radiolingua — Page 3 Season 1 – Lesson 10 – Coffee Break Spanish (Holiday Special) Coming up in this episode: In lesson 10 join Mark and Kara for a seasonal special including greetings from our listeners from around the world and a Christmas song in Spanish. Please note that lesson 10 of Season 1 was originally known as lesson 110 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of… Continue Reading →

Mona Lisa Smile: Methodology Teaching This segment from the attractive movie Mona Lisa Smile is to be used with teachers of English or Methodology students, just like the previous post from the movie Temple Grandin. It is a great idea for reflections teachers should make so that they can reach all kinds of students. I. Watch the scene from the movie Mona Lisa Smile. español eXtra - Spanish eXtra SSL4YOU website Teresa Sánchez produced over 200 Podcasts in Spanish for download on her fantastic website SSL4YOU. The worksheets below are designed to be used in conjunction with the audio files available on the website which can be played on the web or downloaded free of charge from iTunes. We hope you will find the worksheets we produce a useful accompaniment to the mp3 files available on the SSL4YOU website. Just as the Podcasts, the worksheets are completely free of charge!

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