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Learn Magic (REAL magic) the Stupid.. er Fast Way

Learn Magic (REAL magic) the Stupid.. er Fast Way
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Home - Sacred Wicca Aerokinesis Magic Protection Defence Against The Dark Arts: Hexenspiegel Defense Against The Dark Arts: Hexenspiegel Hexenspiegel have been used as a major defence against the dark arts for as long as people have been around. There is something about the flowing, reflective, smooth properties of metal that makes for a natural defence against incoming bad energy, which is by nature, disturbed, impure and chaotic. In the olden days, people used to use mirrors made from highly polished pieces of silver or gold, sometimes also copper for reflecting the intention back on the sender of the black magic or evil eye - that's both a defence as well as an attack all rolled into one. The more the bad witch or bad person tries harder to send more and more negativity, the more it is reflected right back at them - and that's already happening with a fairly plain piece of reflective material. A true Hexenspiegel (witch mirror) reflects things back at least thrice - ouch! How To Use Mirrors & Hexenspiegel For Protection Against The Dark Arts, Bad Witches, Black Magick and Curses

Casting The Circle Of Three, Witchcraft And Wicca When you cast the circle you place a sphere of protection, power and positive energy between the two realms and around yourself that binds and protects you from negative energies and entities that could bring you pain and harm. It's a place of sanctuary from which you call forth the four Guardian Spirits to guide and assist you and call forth your parents, the Moon Goddess and the Sun God to witness your offerings on to them and the place from which you cast out all your energies. Remember you should always give blessings and thanks before closing the circle. Things you will need: Your first athame. Your bell. Your besom. And everything you will be using in the ceremony. Using your besom sweep away all of the negative energies from where you are about to work your spell or sabbat, then cleanse and purify the area making sure all of the tools you'll be using are within the circle and upon your pentacle. Saying the following words as you cast the first circle:

16 Steps To Tarot Mastery After meticulously following the instructions for shuffling and placing the cards in the Celtic Cross spread, you soon realize that it's going to take years of study and practice before you can deftly handle your cards like the pros at psychic fairs. An hour later, you've looked up the meaning of each card you've laid out, your confused brain trying to put it all together for some sort of central thesis. What you come up with is this: I'm terrible at Tarot reading and will never get any better. Here are 16 things that you need to learn to master the art of Tarot reading. Get our horoscope newsletter There's a reason why our readers can't wait to get their daily horoscope every morning. About the author Kelly Stapleton is a freelance writer with more than six years of professional experience. More from our blog There's a reason why our readers can't wait to get their daily horoscope every morning.

Everyday Magic Put one tablespoon of cinnamon and four tablespoons of parsley (not stated whether fresh or dried so take your pick) in the filter cup of your coffee maker. Use five cups of water and allow to brew. Draw a warm bath and add one cup of the tea. As you pour it into the bath, chant: Money come from far and near. Completely immerse yourself into the water five times, then soak in the bath for eight minutes. Take this bath on five consecutive days for best results. (From page 220 of "Everyday Magic") Photo courtesy of gailf548.

Telepathy Book of Shadows This Book of Shadows was found at #WICCAN WAY listed as 'Public Domain'. Most of the material contained here is from ourbooks EIGHT SABBATS FOR WITCHES, WITCHES WAY (Also published as THE WITCHES BIBLE), and several other of our works, although some of it is also from other published sources, and 'traditional'. We've 'reclaimed' the bits which are ours and added to it to our own Web Pages - after all, we did publish most of it in our books! We've had several bits of mail from confused individuals regarding the fact that the festival dates seem to be 6 months out! 1.

Tarot Weblog - Adam McLean 9 March 2015 I had a look at the origins for the St Patrick's Well tarot of Ertan Aktas. This well was built built at Orvieto in Italy in 1527. It was called the Pozzo di San Patrizio and was designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger to supply water to the city in the event of siege. The well takes its name from St Patrick because of its alleged similarity with the cave the Irish saint is believed to have used as a retreat for penitence and prayer. The ingenious design of the well uses two spiralling staircases forming a double helix going down to the water, built in such a way that those descending with their mules or donkeys would never meet those ascending in the opposite direction. The appearance of the well is evocative of the entry to Hell and it is this that Ertan Aktas has taken up as an inspiration for his tarot designs. 9 March 2015 Today I received the St Patrick's Well tarot created by Turkish artist Ertan Aktas.

Earth Witchery Telekinesis Dream Analysis and Interpretation - Understanding Dreams

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