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Fishing rods reviews & testing American Bass Anglers Couples Tour 1.888.203.6222 Robert and Debbie Kolmetz win on Lake Seminole ATHENS, Ala. –Robert and Debbie Kolmetz won the American Couples Series, operated by American Bass Anglers, FL-NW Division 6 tournament, held March 8, 2014, on Lake Seminole. Running out of Seminole Lodge near Sneads, FL, the team from Ponce de Leon, FL, caught 5 bass weighing 25.14 pounds with a 6.74-pound kicker. What an incredible day on the Lake!

The Wired2Fish Bass Fishing Bait Selector « Wired2Fish The biggest question we get asked by anglers is when to throw what bait. And guys wanted to know if there was a chart you could go by on when to fish bass fishing lures. We organized the Wired2Fish Bass Fishing Lure Selector Chart by water temperature and water clarity. See if this helps you with some general ideas of when to throw what baits. Obviously experimentation is the key to fishing. We also suggest you read our guide on Where to Bass Fish and When to Bass Fish as well as our guides on How to Bass Fish, Bass Fishing Knots and our Guide to Bass Fishing Lures.

Monarch Watch Flymage Flymage Fly Fishing Magazine - Flymage One of the most attractive features of fly fishing is that manual work is always present in one way or another. We can consider ourselves as craftsmen or artisans in some way, from the time that we tie flies, fix flaws in our rods or in exceptional cases, manufacture fishing gear. Here are two videos that have delighted us. Please, click on the cover to read our latest issue. Flymage Fly Fishing Magazine Issue #22. It is certainly one of the most beautiful fly fishing scenarios, The trail to the top, the scenery, solitude and those pure waters with beautiful trout. Enjoy this "Liquid Gold" video. If you want to see more on fly fishing the high summits, please click on the picture below to read this article.

Welcome to American Bass Anglers (888)203-6222 Fish On! : Selecting The Best Lure Colors by COLOURlovers One of the more colorful things that sometimes gets overlooked by many of us city folk, who only see nature and bodies of water when there is a popular video on YouTube of someone crashing their personal watercraft, are the carefully crafted colors of fishing lures. Special care is taken in the color selection by lure makers, as it is a very important part in catching the right fish in the right conditions. Most fish, except for some of those in the deepest of darkest of oceans, where there is no light at all, can see colors, some even have four to five different cones making their ability to see color even greater than our own. While there is some, but not much, evidence that fish have a particular tendency towards red, there is more to selecting the right color of lure than just picking the one with the palette you like best. In order to select the best lure color palette there are a few things that need to be considered, such as: Water depth and clarity, season, and the time of day.

Lightning Rapala Crankin' Rap Review | Oct 3rd, 2010 by Crazy BASStard The New Crankin' Rap From Rapala! I'll say it right off the bat, the Rapala Crankin' Rap is my favorite lure in the selection of new baits for 2010 from Rapala. Rapala has rolled out 5 new additions apart from the Crankin' Rap for 2010: The Max Rap, the Flat Rap, the DT Thug, the Trolls-To-Minnow, and the Trolls-To-Shad. Design The new Crankin' Rap is a powerhouse, incorporating a number of new features, which give this bait a distinct look and action. The body of the Crankin' Rap contains a single ball rattle that rolls back and forth in a chamber much like the rattle chamber in the Rapala Clackin' Rap. Field Test The crew at BASStard Fishing put the Rapala Crankin' Rap through its paces on the water targeting Largemouth and Smallmouth bass in a wide array of fishing situations. Although the Crankin' Rap produced fish in all conditions (excluding heavy weed cover) that it was fished in, it was really a star in a few situations. Shortcomings Image Gallery

Do BOCA BEARINGS really make a difference? | In the past years tuning and customizing reels got a voice of it’s own, and starts to change the face of fishing. Faster bearings, lighter and lighter spools, more performant braking systems, out of this world handles, full bearing supported knobs, and lots more can make a reel more than you bargained for. But the question is: ” Is it all worth it? Are there tangible results? Boca Bearings Orange Seal, ABEC #7 We are trying to find some of the answers in the next test. Morrum 3601C Mag Shimano Scorpion 1500/1501 XT We tested their performance with their factory bearings, and afterwards, did the same tests with Boca Bearings ABEC 7 Orange seals, throwing 5.5g (3/16 oz), 10g (3/8 oz) and 15g (about 1/2 oz) weights. Considering we’ll do the testing only for a few hours, we decided to leave the bearings dry… We’ve tested them afterwards, oiled, and actually didn’t feel the difference (using Friction Zero ZPI oil or High Speed Oil from Boca). The cold was keeping us company 1.

FINS'nTALES One Up Shad – Sawamura Si vous lisez régulièrement le blog, vous vous êtes probablement rendu compte en lisant mes comptes-rendus de sorties que je pêche énormément avec le one up shad de Sawamura. Fin 2010, j’avais d’ailleurs consacré un article aux leurres qui m’avaient rapporté des poissons en compétition et on pouvait y voir que le one up shad revenait 3 fois (3 tailles) dans les 10 leurres les plus efficaces de l’année. Bref, je vous en parle souvent mais je n’avais pas encore pris le temps d’y consacrer un billet entier, voici donc ma (petite) présentation de ce leurre qui est de toutes mes sorties. Le One Up Shad est le fleuron du fabricant japonnais Sawamura. C’est indéniablement un des leurres souples les plus connus au monde, sa réputation est née au Japon où les pêcheurs de black bass louent ses qualités et saluent ses performances depuis de nombreuses années. On le retrouve très souvent dans les citations du matos utilisé pour capturer les poissons records. Forme : Texture : Attractant : Nage :

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