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The Livewell looks at 2014 Tommy Sanders, Dave Mercer and Mark Zona look back on 2013 and anticipate what's in store for the new year. Award winning bass of 2013 Need an extra dose of big bass today? Check out this collection of all the biggest bass caught in official B.A.S.S. competition in 2013. Portrait of the angler ...

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Flymage Flymage Fly Fishing Magazine - Flymage One of the most attractive features of fly fishing is that manual work is always present in one way or another. We can consider ourselves as craftsmen or artisans in some way, from the time that we tie flies, fix flaws in our rods or in exceptional cases, manufacture fishing gear. Here are two videos that have delighted us. American Bass Anglers Couples Tour 1.888.203.6222 Robert and Debbie Kolmetz win on Lake Seminole ATHENS, Ala. –Robert and Debbie Kolmetz won the American Couples Series, operated by American Bass Anglers, FL-NW Division 6 tournament, held March 8, 2014, on Lake Seminole. Running out of Seminole Lodge near Sneads, FL, the team from Ponce de Leon, FL, caught 5 bass weighing 25.14 pounds with a 6.74-pound kicker.

The Wired2Fish Bass Fishing Bait Selector « Wired2Fish The biggest question we get asked by anglers is when to throw what bait. And guys wanted to know if there was a chart you could go by on when to fish bass fishing lures. We organized the Wired2Fish Bass Fishing Lure Selector Chart by water temperature and water clarity. See if this helps you with some general ideas of when to throw what baits. Obviously experimentation is the key to fishing. Monarch Watch Rapala Crankin' Rap Review Oct 3rd, 2010 by Crazy BASStard The New Crankin' Rap From Rapala! I'll say it right off the bat, the Rapala Crankin' Rap is my favorite lure in the selection of new baits for 2010 from Rapala. Rapala has rolled out 5 new additions apart from the Crankin' Rap for 2010: The Max Rap, the Flat Rap, the DT Thug, the Trolls-To-Minnow, and the Trolls-To-Shad.

Welcome to American Bass Anglers (888)203-6222 Fish On! : Selecting The Best Lure Colors by COLOURlovers One of the more colorful things that sometimes gets overlooked by many of us city folk, who only see nature and bodies of water when there is a popular video on YouTube of someone crashing their personal watercraft, are the carefully crafted colors of fishing lures. Special care is taken in the color selection by lure makers, as it is a very important part in catching the right fish in the right conditions. Most fish, except for some of those in the deepest of darkest of oceans, where there is no light at all, can see colors, some even have four to five different cones making their ability to see color even greater than our own. While there is some, but not much, evidence that fish have a particular tendency towards red, there is more to selecting the right color of lure than just picking the one with the palette you like best. In order to select the best lure color palette there are a few things that need to be considered, such as: Water depth and clarity, season, and the time of day.

Do BOCA BEARINGS really make a difference? In the past years tuning and customizing reels got a voice of it’s own, and starts to change the face of fishing. Faster bearings, lighter and lighter spools, more performant braking systems, out of this world handles, full bearing supported knobs, and lots more can make a reel more than you bargained for. But the question is: ” Is it all worth it? Are there tangible results?

One Up Shad – Sawamura Si vous lisez régulièrement le blog, vous vous êtes probablement rendu compte en lisant mes comptes-rendus de sorties que je pêche énormément avec le one up shad de Sawamura. Fin 2010, j’avais d’ailleurs consacré un article aux leurres qui m’avaient rapporté des poissons en compétition et on pouvait y voir que le one up shad revenait 3 fois (3 tailles) dans les 10 leurres les plus efficaces de l’année. Bref, je vous en parle souvent mais je n’avais pas encore pris le temps d’y consacrer un billet entier, voici donc ma (petite) présentation de ce leurre qui est de toutes mes sorties. Le One Up Shad est le fleuron du fabricant japonnais Sawamura. C’est indéniablement un des leurres souples les plus connus au monde, sa réputation est née au Japon où les pêcheurs de black bass louent ses qualités et saluent ses performances depuis de nombreuses années. On le retrouve très souvent dans les citations du matos utilisé pour capturer les poissons records.

09/2012 We can catch many Barramundis in July around here. We can catch many Barramundis after the second half of October. But we can't catch many Barramundis in September around here every year. Why? There should be two reasons. The reason 1: The temperatures are developing. Realis Popper 64 punches well above its weight. On Saturday I was itching to get out and test my new Daiwa Zillion Type-R on a decent fish, with all the rain we’ve had up here in the last week I opted to head up to the freshwater to try my luck. It was an overcast day and I apologize in advance for the grainy pics, I tried to play with the settings on my camera but the fishing was too good to waste time with that… I left the house at around 1pm and headed out west without a solid plan, along the way I stopped in at the palms on the Pioneer River but it was way too high with rapids around 2m high in some places. There was a couple of lads fishing in a back eddy who I briefly spoke to and they mentioned that they might head up to Kinchant dam for a look.

D&M Custom Baits Gann's Performance Tackle Pepper Custom Baits Revenge Baits Gan Craft Megabass TackleTour 2009 Jig Roundup In The Mood ... For Jigs, 2009 Jig Roundup Introduction: As classic as Glenn Miller’s 1940’s swing tune, the jig is about as basic as it gets in bass fishing. Want a big fish? Grab a jig, add your favorite trailer, tie it on, pitch it out, hop left, hop right, hop back, swing! Ok, maybe it’s not THAT easy, but just about every bass angler knows, learning how to fish a jig successfully is one of the very basic first steps in doing the big bass dance. Angler Gear – The Shimano Chronarch CI4+: An Unboxing Like many of you information crazy anglers out there, I am always on the lookout for information regarding new product. Hopefully, this quick un-boxing can help you as an angler make an informed decision regarding potential purchase of this reel. Please note the intent of this writing is not to pass definitive judgement or draw final on the water performance conclusions. This is Shimano’s newest bait cast reel to the US market the Chronarch CI4+, which took home 2013 ICAST “Best of Show” award in the Freshwater Reel category. This reel utilizes an all new frame and body design for the US market. This particular model is the 150HG right hand retrieve 7.6:1 gear ratio rated at 32 IPT (Inches Per Turn) and carries a retail price of $269.99.