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Natural dye for homemade playdough

By Kate on July 16, 2010 I‘ve discovered lately that its really easy to dye homemade playdough with natural ingredients. We dyed ours using raspberries, rose petals, beetroot, blueberries, turmeric and oak tree bark. As well as creating some great playdough it’s also a lovely way to teach kids that some of the most beautiful dyes can be found in your own back yard. First of all you need to extract your dye: Raspberries and strawberries Put a big handful of raspberries and a cup of water in a pan. Rose petals Roughly tear up the petals from about six red roses and put in pan with a cup of water. Beetroot Chop up one medium sized beetroot and put in pan with a cup of water. Blueberries Put a big handful of blueberries and a cup of water in a pan. Turmeric Put approx two teaspoons of turmeric in a pan with a cup of water. Oak tree bark Playdough recipe ½ cup of flour ½ cup of dyed water ¼ cup of salt ½ tbsp cream of tartare ½ tbsp cooking oil Related:  prace ręczne dla dzieci

Making a Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet with Scallop Circle Nestabilities I've been really interested in paper flower making this summer. I want to make sure I keep my indoors looking vibrant throughout the year, I always get a little sad when the flowers are gone come fall. At first I started out with the plentiful tutorials for accordian folding tissue paper flowers online. Then I found some great crepe paper kits by Martha Stewart at my local Michaels craft store... but I quickly realized I'm too lazy for cutting out so many pieces of individual flower petals... and the floral tape... uck what a sticky nightmare. Then I stumbled onto the great paper flower tutorials at Folding Trees They were using tissue paper cut into circles for their flowers. Here's how I went about making them: 1 - First take a full sheet of tissue paper and either fold it, or cut out 3.5" square pieces, to make a stack large enough to cut out the circular shapes. 4 - Starting with the top sheet, lift and gently fold holding the bottom near the stem center. Have fun! <3Kimberly

Space crayons By Kate on March 5, 2012 Hello! We’ve been struck down by some nasty bugs in the last few weeks so sorry (once again!) for the lack of updates. Last night, I finally managed to peel myself off the sofa(!) If you, too, are interested in the night sky then did you know you can download high-res images from the hubble site? Anyway, the crayons are really easy to make and fun to draw with. If your little ones (or you) prefer bright colours then you can also make regular glitter crayons! More starry links: Galaxy playdough here! (I do still regularly pin my favorite crafts at Pinterest by the way…so if you wanna pop over then that would be cool!) You will need: Old crayons Superfine glitter (I used silver) Muffin tray/silicon mold How to 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Happy drawing!

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Garland Brace yourselves for paper flowers galore! Hillary created tissue paper flower wreaths to be used for one of her brides’ wedding as centerpieces. We’re in awe of the color burst of paper craftiness. Paper Rose Tutorial: Step 1. Paper Lily Tutorial: Step 1. Paper Dahlia Tutorial This is the most commonly made tissue paper flower and you can find tutorials all over the web (you may have made them in elementary school as well). Paper Daisy Tutorial Step 1. You may remember those orange carnations from this tissue paper pomander project from back in the day. Wreath Instructions: Start with a 12″ or comparable white Styrofoam ring. Hilary decided to build the wreath by creating the flower and then inserting it into the Styrofoam ring based on what color and style of flower she needed at the time, but you could also create a bunch flowers and then insert them into the base all at once. Continue building out your wreath flower by flower until you have a full ring. Enjoy

Origami That's Fun And Easy Yarn Love WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2012 | Comments: 98 Spell out your feelings with this easy-to-make sign of love. To make this you will need: wire reinforced clothesline (available at home improvement & hardware stores), yarn & wire clippers. Clip off a length of clothesline (it took about a yard to make this) and shape into the word, "LOVE". Tie or hot glue end of yarn onto beginning of wire and start wrapping the entire word with yarn. When you reach a point where two wires cross each other, wrap yarn around both wires to stabilize the design and hold the word in place. Wrap yarn all the way to the end of the word and tie a knot or add a dab of hot glue to secure. Embroidered Shortalls This summer’s dressed-down dress code is all about the shortall trend. Do your denim a favor by adding some colorful flair for yourself and the little ones in your life! We’re excited to team up with Old Navy for a DIY that lets fashionistas get crafty with colorful vibes. Five of our favorite mommy bloggers have been challenged to show us how they customize their Old Navy basics with materials from our coveted craft closet. Stay tuned to see how Lady & Prince, Cakies, Ivory Lane, Hither and Thither, and Ramshackle Glam personalize their gear- we’re PSyched! To create: Trim one end of a friendship bracelet with scissors.

BOOK - print workshop if you are stocking the print & pattern fabrics we can list your shop here. Lova's World: Handmade Shadow Boxes *None Precious tiny worlds unfold within old candy tins. From Lova: I found these old tin boxes in a closet and I decided that there had to be something beautiful inside them. I felt like there had to be something golden and yellow in the big one and something blue in the small one. 1.Find some old tins or boxes.2.Paint background with watercolors on watercolor paper. try to build many layers to give your box dimension.3.Cut out illustrations from old books for the cities and features in your box.4.On the bottom of the golden one I used clay to build a hill.5.I used rice paper for clouds.6.You can really let your imagination go wild. Cut out illustrations form old damaged books found at a thrift store or flea market. Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

DIY Twist Ties I saw some of the cutest twist ties at the craft store last week. I decided it would be simple enough to make DIY twist ties. So I gathered my supplies and got to work (I had everything on hand so they were free.) I cut the paper 4 3/4″ long and a little over 1/4″ wide. I used 26 gauge wire and cut it the same length as the paper. Then I stuck double sided tape to the back side of the paper and peeled the protective cover off. I stuck the wire to the tape.Edited: The tape I used is Terrifically Tacky Tape (it’s on a roll) by Provo Craft. Then put the other paper on top. Aren’t they fun? You can make them out of any paper for any occasion. I’m going to be making dozens of these for gift giving. Have you linked your awesome projects to the Home Decor and Organizing Link Party? Don’t forget to enter to win a $50 Wal-Mart gift card courtesy of Triad Retail Media and Glade.