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Inspiration Green Home

Inspiration Green Home

Natural Pools or Swimming Ponds Natural Pools or Natural Swimming Ponds (NSPs) Let nature clean the water... Chemical-free water garden and swimming pool. The plant portion, or regeneration zone, is separated from the swimming area by the wall seen a few inches below the water’s surface. The pools have skimmers and pumps that circulate the water through the regeneration zone and back into the swimming area. There are many options as to design. A gradual slope contains the plants, gravel and loamy sand, a wall keeps them separate from the swimming area. Vacuum but twice a year and tend to the plants as needed. The regeneration zone can be along the perimeter of a natural pool or a pond unto itself but connected to the swimming area. For a true natural pool with no help from ultraviolet light or other such technology, the requirement is half swimming area, half regeneration area. Plants steel the nutrients away from algae.

Over EVA vzw EVA vzw wil zoveel mogelijk mensen verleiden om meer plantaardig te eten. Ze doet dat met degelijke informatie, fantastische recepten, smakelijke activiteiten, deze website, veggieplannen, kooklessen, workshops, het driemaandelijkse EVA Magazine en nog vele andere publicaties. Veggie eten is immers niet alleen lekker, het is ook goed voor je gezondheid en de gezondheid van de planeet. EVA werd opgericht in 2000 door een handjevol gemotiveerde mensen uit het Gentse en is sindsdien uitgegroeid tot een organisatie met een tiental vaste medewerkers, verschillende lokale groepen en honderden vrijwilligers. EVA zet zich in voor de maximale productie en consumptie van plantaardige voeding, ter vervanging van dierlijke, om bij te dragen tot een mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijke samenleving. Dankzij EVA is het elke donderdag Veggiedag. Bekijk ons team. In samenwerking met Prijzen

Green Drinks Vancouver Green Drinks Monthly Vancouver Green Drinks Event Details When: 3rd Wednesday of each month (aside from July & Dec) - 6pm till 9pm Where: September 2016 onwards we will be at Shebeen Whiskey House in Gastown - 212 Carall St (behind The Irish Heather) Next Event - Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 Facebook Event with more details here - It's Green Drinks time again with your favourite hosts from ELSE BC - Join our community and meet other passionate, green thought leaders for a pint & a chat after work coming up on Wednesday, August 16th at Shebeen in Gastown! Nothing special about this month folks, just come on down and hang with your fellow green people. No topic is off limits - the only rule is to be respectful & try to talk to people you don't know. More details about Green Drinks Vancouver here - Hope to see you all there! Vancouver Green Drinks What is Green Drinks? t h

Living Forest Farm | Growing a sustainable future Mostra Black Flat Art Interior Design by Guilherme Torres Art Interior Design for Flat with Otto Sofa by Guilherme Torres Mostra Black invites young architects from the studio Guilherme Torres to participate in one of the most important competitions in interior design in Brazil and of course the young architects present themselves as exceptional talents. The place used for the creation of unique art interior design is located on the patio of a modernistic house in the area of Alto de Pinheiros in São Paulo, which is a referral to the Pavilion in Barcelona one of the wonderful architectural masterpieces of Mies van der Rohe. Mostra Black Flat with Sculpture Table by Guilherme Torres Flat art interior design has been created specifically for an imaginary resident. Mostra Blacks Flat with Pococo Table Mostra Blacks Flat with Pococo Table and Pop Art by Guilherme Torres Mostra Black Flat with Photo Landscapes by Guilherme Torres Mostra Black Flat by Guilherme Torres with Graphics Mostra Black Flat Art Interior Design by Guilherme Torres

Nutrition Security Institute Review: PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum is considered as one of the best and latest ash vacuum cleaners that everyone must have. This tool was made in China and introduced by Richpower Industries. PowerSmith PAVC101 is a competitively priced and extremely hardwearing yet super light and easy to utilize cleaner. This product is intended to clear up wood burning stoves, grills and barbecues and get rid of the ash and cinders that are left after combustion. Weighing just about 9 pounds, this is light enough to be utilized on a daily basis. Product Features Made to Clean cool and warm ash out of wood stoves, fireplaces and BBQ grillsReplaceable and washable fire resistant filter systemHeat resistant metal canister and metal hosePowerful and quiet 10 amp motor16 foot wireMetal nozzle, metal hose, wheeled base, two straight extension wands as well as brush nozzle and 1 filter Review PowerSmith PAV101 Ash vacuum has a 1200 wattage/10 amp-motor. Video Pros This can be utilized as a typical vacuum. Cons Summary

Live Green - The Houses That PET Plastic Built Eco-minded architects and designers are making treasure out of trash by recycling used PET bottles into beautiful, sustainable, buildings. Eco-minded architects and designers are making treasure out of trash by recycling used PET bottles into beautiful, sustainable, buildings. One of the wonderful things about being recycle-minded is that every piece of trash is an opportunity to recreate something wonderful. At least, that’s the way I felt when I saw testaments to the miracle of recycling — houses, cisterns, furniture, bus stops and even entire schools — made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Eco-tec, an award-winning Honduran company, has used recycled PET plastic bottles for construction of houses, water tanks, and even schools. Using some 8,000 PET recycled bottles, Eco-Tec created the “casa ecológica” or ecological house, as a means of providing sustainable construction methods and employment in Honduras. "Domestic waste can be transformed into useful stuff.