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Rob Kerry on the future of search: 2016 and beyond At the inaugural Ayima Insights digital marketing conference, Ayima co-founder Rob Kerry gave us his insights into how the field of search is currently developing, and what the future may hold in 2016 and beyond. Things were simpler back in the early days of online search. Or so I’m told – I wasn’t actually there, but Rob Kerry painted a vivid picture during his presentation at Ayima Insights Conference last Thursday. Google’s slogan of “Don’t be evil” actually seemed like something that the company still believed in; ads and sponsored links were much more clearly delineated; and all you needed to do to make your site rank well in search results was to insert a keyword in the right places. Rob Kerry recalls a simpler time in search Now things are much more complex, with developments in mobile technology and voice search changing the way that people seek out information. Walled gardens Photograph by sportsilliterate on Flickr; some rights reserved. The rise of mobile and voice search

Planet Cataloging Library Link of the Day Today's Link for October 14, 2021:R. Kelly was convicted. What happens to his music on streaming platforms? [NBC News] What is this? The Library Link of the Day provides you a daily link for keeping up to date with the library profession. Who is it for? If you already read ten library-related weblogs, subscribe to twenty discussion groups, and scan another thirty or so news sites, this service may not be for you. Can I get the link delivered? You can sign up to receive the daily link via e-mail. An RSS feed is also available. Where are the older links? The U.S. city with the most psychiatrists per capita is Washington, D.C..

Lipstick Librarian: She's Bold! She's Sassy! She's Helpful! Measure the Future – Libraries & Open Hardware Library Journal The School Library Media Specialist: Overview The teacher librarian must be prepared for a wide variety of leadership roles in the learning community. These multifaceted roles require a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to on-going professional development. The library media specialist has many roles and responsibilities including teacher, instructional partner, information specialist, and program administrator (Information Power, p. 4-5). Teacher. School media specialists should be teachers first! Take me seriously Challenge me to think Nurture my self-respect Show me I can make a difference Let me do it my way Point me toward my goals Make me feel important Build on my interests Tap my creativity Bring out my best self Students were asked to describe a time when they felt in charge of their learning in school - when they were working not just for a grade but because they were excited and interested. Also read Alfie Koln's What to Look for in a Classroom from The Schools Our Children Deserve, Houghton Mifflin, 1999.

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4 Tips That Will Prepare You for the Future of Search & SEO The more things change, the more they stay the same. We are experiencing a period of unprecedented flux in the search industry. But dig deeper, and there are some elements that hold stubbornly true. Historically, search has been about Google and it has been about text. The way we approach search has also changed. This provides a lot of food for thought for modern marketers. Just some of the big trends in our industry in 2017 are: It used to be so much simpler, right? All of this can be disconcerting. If you react to every new, shiny update, you’ll fall into a trap. There are some comforting constants within all of this exciting flux. The act of searching has not changed; it depends on an accurate answer to fulfill its function. Therefore, with one eye on the present and the other on upcoming trends, we can set ourselves up for short- and long-term search success. Below are four tips we should all bear in mind as we prepare for the future of search. 1. 2. 3. 4. Image Credits

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