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Labtop : architectural rendering at work - Thomas Sériès - Aural Coming Out by ZMIK Better late than never # 1: Coming Out is a collection of prototypes by Swiss designers Zmik, exhibited at V-Gallery in Basel, Switzerland, last year. The exhibition featured eight lighting and furniture prototypes created for the studio's interior projects, including an outdoor chandelier and a light made of a polystyrene fast-food box. More information about ZMIK (in German) can be found here. The following is from ZMIK: ZMIK at V-Gallery Swiss design trio ZMIK presents 8 prototypes at V-Gallery in Basel/Switzerland. Above: KROON, outdoor-chandelier Zmik explores opportunitites at the fringes of various disciplines such as interior design, architecture, scenography and product design. Above: BATMAN & ROBIN, lighting duo The objects of this exhibition mainly have their origins as by-products of spacial projects. Above: TATI, service boy Above: DOUBLE-V, young bussiness men table Above: HUA, ramble-lamp Above: SCOPIDO, lashing-table Above: UFA, umbrella for art galleries

ArchDaily | Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide 10 Design - Architecture EN中文 Summer International Retail Centre and Mixed Use Development Zhuhai, China China-Taiwan Cross Strait Forum & CBD Mixed Use Development Pingtan, China Dalian Library Design Competition Dalian, China Shizimen Gateway Bridge (The Infinity Loop) Zhuhai, CHina Yunnan Hotel Kunming, China Danzishi Central Business District Chongqing, China Museum of Art Design Competition Zhuhai, China Changchenghui Mixed Use Development Wuhan, China Zhongxun Times Chongqing, China The Fujian Professional Photonic Technical College Xiamen, China KL Gateway Mixed Use Development Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Xiangzhou Cultural Center Zhuhai, China Changzhou Galaxy Moonbay Renaissance Hotel and Mixed Use Development Changzhou, China Mavişehir Residential Development Izmir, Turkey New Jiangwan Office Park Shanghai, China © 2014 by 10 Design | Project: RTM

ZOOO - 3D images & animation - Agence Architecture 3D - Accueil swissmiss Theater Architecture: 10 Modern Music Hall Masterpieces Theater Architecture: 10 Modern Music Hall Masterpieces If it is a building’s job to host and contain performing art, the structure itself must reflect this in its design. While most of the world’s theaters are standard, columnic and republican, some architects have stepped forward to create truly wonderful, unique works of architectural art. JS Bach Chamber Music Hall by Zaha Hadid Architects Much like the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, the JS Bach Chamber Music Hall by Zaha Hadid is a twisting, mathematic display of carefully calculated rhythms. Singapore Civic and Cultural Center The Singapore Civic and Cultural Center will span a staggering 24,000 sq.m. of space in Singapore’s One-North precinct. The Sydney Opera House Easily the world’s most recognizable concert hall, the Sydney Opera House could also be the world’s most beautiful. Taipei Performing Arts Center by NL Architects Hylton Performing Arts Center National Grand Theater of China Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theater St.

Top 100 Architecture Blogs | International Listings Blog Posted in Features on October 17, 2007 If Modernism was the twentieth-century architectural trend that developed a new way of thinking, then Urbanism appears to be the twenty-first century architectural mindset. This trend is breeding urban explorers (urbex), the greening of major metropolitan areas, and a focus on merging habitats and commercial structures with politics, culture, history and the arts. Public discourse and scholarly research have found meeting grounds in this global landscape, and the results are evolving. Top Ten The following ten sites were plucked from this list’s topics as the ‘best of the best’ of the blogs that were chosen for this list. A Daily Dose of Architecture: Or, “Archidose,” as blogger John Hill calls it. Topics Covered In This List Aggregators | Design and Technology | Environmental and/or Sustainable | Landscape | Niche | Musings | Photography | Urbanism Aggregators Back to index Design and Technology Environmental and/or Sustainable Landscape Niche

Behangsoorten Glasweefsel (ook wel scan of skin genoemd) is verkrijgbaar in verschillende structuren en af te werken met alle denkbare muurverven in iedere gewenste kleur. Een afwerking in een multi-colour verfsysteem geeft een extra fraaie en hoogwaardige muurafwerking Glasweefsel kan worden toegepast op nieuw of reeds geschilderd beton, gasbeton, schuurwerk, blauw-, wit- en cementpleisterwerk, spuitgips, gipselementen, gips- en kartonplaten en alle bestaande houtvezelplaten. De voordelen van glasweefsel op een rij: Stootvast: glasweefsel vermijdt snelle beschadiging van de ondergrond. Strak resultaat: glasweefsel laat scheuren of barsten verdwijnen en zorgt voor een duurzame en egale wand. Onderhoudsarm: glasweefsel is gemakkelijk schoon te houden. Overschilderbaar: glasweefsel is gemakkelijk en snel te overschilderen, is decoratief en geeft een totaal nieuwe sfeer. Vlamwerend: glasweefsel is in hoge mate vlamwerend en in combinatie met onbrandbare gipsplaat een veilige oplossing.

Archis Platform Un paysage complexe et non identifiable dans le parc de Belleville (Paris) Sur la foi des recommandations du CODEJ (comité pour le développement d’espaces pour le jeu), l'agence BASE* a placé, dans l’aire de jeux du parc de Belleville, la prise de risque, l’expérimentation et le "principe de réalité" au coeur du dispositif ludique déployé. Un tournant, en France, dans la conception de ces aires de jeux. Découverte en images. Aménagement extérieur/Paysage | 75020 | BASE Article lié | A Belleville (Paris) un terrain d'aventures de BASE

Reclame belettering en interieur decoratie bedrijf, groot formaat printen