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By the National Reporting Team's Sam Clark Leading Australian banks are financing companies accused of land grabbing, child labour and illegal logging, according to an Oxfam report released today. The Oxfam report identifies four international cases where Australia's biggest banks have funded - directly or indirectly - companies accused of improperly or illegally acquiring land from local people. Oxfam's chief executive Helen Szoke said the big four - National Australia Bank, Commonwealth, Westpac and ANZ - are not living up to their image as global leaders in sustainable banking. "There is a gap between what the big four banks say they do and what they actually do," she said. More

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The mystery of Shane Todd: Did US electronic engineer commit suicide – or was he murdered because he knew too many Chinese secrets? - Asia - World The body of Shane Todd was found on 24 June 2012 by his girlfriend in his apartment in Singapore, hanging from a strap attached to a door. A police autopsy said his death was caused by asphyxiation, but his parents believe he was murdered. They said suicide notes purportedly left by their son were faked and the initial police account of the scene bore little relation to what they found when they arrived at the apartment 48 hours after his death. Mr Todd, who was 31 when he died, had joined the Singapore government-backed Institute for Micro Electronics (IME) 18 months earlier and for the final year of his life worked on an IME project to develop an amplifying device, using gallium nitride (GaN), a heat-resistant material with the potential to make superconductors with many possible uses in the civilian and military fields. Mr Todd had been trained in the US on proprietary equipment that produces GaN but is restricted for export because of its potential military applications.

40 MORE Of The Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings. - Progressive Boink A few years ago, the world-famous Brandon Stroud and I wrote an article running down the 40 worst Rob Liefeld drawings of all time. For a not-insignificant period of time, that article was the top Google result for "Rob Liefeld," which I still consider to be one of my greatest accomplishments in life. It's still in the top two or three results returned in just about any search engine if you type in his name. Improve Your File Organisation With Finder in Mavericks Finder first saw the light of day alongside the original Macintosh File System, as part of Mac OS System 1, in January 1984. Nearly 30 years later, Finder has changed radically to its current iteration as part of OS X 10.9 Mavericks. With the release of Mavericks Apple introduced several big new features to Finder, including tabs in Finder windows and a universal system for tagging files. In this tutorial, I'll will look at Finder, in Mavericks, and show you how to improve the way you organise your files. Finder is one of the headline changes, in OS X, on Mavericks.

NewStatesman - Russell Brand on revolution IIn the summer of 1970, a 34-year-old Welsh artist with a shock of prematurely white hair and a thick, moustache-less goatee was asked by the Times to draw political cartoons during the general election campaign. Idealistic and mistrustful of authority, Ralph Steadman saw little that was likeable or even distinguishable in the Conservative Party’s Edward Heath and Labour’s Harold Wilson. But he had four children to support from a recently ended marriage and needed a steady income, so he accepted the assignment – and got on with causing offence. Steadman’s first cartoon for the newspaper, featuring the diminutive Mr Weath and Mr Hilson, as he named them, along with the Liberal Party leader, Jeremy Thorpe, was titled Happiness Is a Small Politician.

Doodle Jump Android Game Review by by Jonathan Lonczak Jun 21, 2011 9:23 AM – Install Doodle Jump. Access 4:05pm | 25 April 2013 | by Jeff Landale, English Fabiola Carrion, Katherine Maher, and Peter Micek contributed to this analysis. Google released its semi-annual transparency report today, indicating an increase in government requests for content removal worldwide--although more than half came from a handful of countries. Considerations for the long life of your Macboo... Cleaning Your MacBook Use a very lightly damp, soft (if you can squeeze the cloth very tightly and even a drop comes out, its still too damp), lint-free cloth to clean the computer’s exterior. Avoid getting moisture in any openings and be very careful not to get the damp cloth around the trackpad edges or around the inside edge between the monitor and its bezel.

Topix - Australia News 1 hr ago | The Age The making of an unlikely radical Hated by progressives for his role in Gough Whitlam's dismissal and his ultra-conservative foreign policies when Liberal PM, Malcolm Fraser today believes Australia should cut all military ties to the US. Trending on the Topix Network Handheld Librarian V Encouraging Innovation and Technology: HHLib 9 Online Conference LearningTimes invites librarians, library staff, vendors, graduate students, and developers to submit program proposals related to the topic of mobile library services for the “Encouraging Innovation and Technology: HHLib 9″ online conference to be held February 26-27, 2014. Proposals are due December 11, 2013.

Meeting the challenge of convergent media policy It’s been a remarkably busy year for Australian media policy. There have been three major reports released that address the future of media policy and regulation in the context of convergent media: the Convergence Review; the Independent Media Inquiry (Finkelstein Review); and the Review of the National Classification Scheme. In fact, 2012 marks the most significant moment in Australian media policy since the 1990s, when the Broadcasting Services Act, the Telecommunications Act and the Classification Act were all legislated.

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