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The 7 Most Common Learning Types Education had a remarkable epiphany long ago. Simply put, there are a whole lot of learners in our classrooms and they don’t all learn the same way. This recognition of diversity in learning types has transformed teaching for the better in every way. Consequently, we can tailor instruction and assessment to meet the needs of individual learners, and help them make the most meanngful connections to what we teach. Incredible Ways to Improve Your Online Study Skills Gone are days when you had to travel a long distance to a traditional classroom to undertake your favorite course. Nowadays, with the advent of computers and dedicated online study software, online course and learning have made things completely different. It could be you have just enrolled in your first online course, which is pretty good, but do you have the skills necessary for completing the course? Does it need the same, less, or more level of commitment just the like the traditional classroom setup you are used to? What are some of the best skills and strategies required for studying in an online learning environment? There is no doubt that taking online studies can be incredibly convenient for many learners.

How to Launch a New Logo in 10 Steps Regardless of your business size, launching a new logo is essential in helping your business successfully and instantly communicate its brand and values to the marketplace and beyond. Think for a moment about all of the famous logos you’ve already been familiar with, even as a small child. There’s McDonald’s golden arches, Disney’s mouse ears, and Apple’s apple with a bite taken out of it. 8 Classroom EdTech Strategies That Develop Critical Thinking Skills Educational technology, or edtech, has revolutionized the classroom by improving learning efficiency and efficacy. Used wisely, edtech strategies help students develop vital critical thinking skills, and can change the paradigms of education. Here are eight specific ways classroom tech can help students develop their critical thinking. 1. Staying Tuned In

imagination noun ▪ great ▪ active, creative, fertile, lively, rich, strong, vivid ▪ fevered, overactive, overheated, wild It's just a product of your fevered imagination! ▪ limited 7 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web Designers As a web designer, what’s the software you absolutely must have on your computer? The chances are it’s Photoshop and Illustrator. And while those are the essentials of your design workflow, there are smaller tools you probably don’t know you need. The best thing is, you don’t even have to download them—just install these Chrome extensions and away you go.

Using “unlock the chest!” puzzles to develop out-of-class learning Overview Obtain a date padlock (day / month / year), and set it to the exact date of a particular historical event. Use this to lock a chest, inside of which should be placed an illustrated sheet of information about the event in question. A simple blueprint for making creative ESL worksheets Published 13 October 2017 Robert Dobie is an ELT teacher and owner of the popular ESL resource site, All Things Grammar. This article follows on from Three ways to get the most out of speaking activities and is the final in the series. In this post, Robert talks about how to create effective ESL worksheets.