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Science in School

Science in School
It can be difficult and time consuming to develop materials for really good science lessons. Many scientific research organisations, however, provide teaching resources, often designed together with teachers. Researchers provide scientific expertise and the teachers bring years of experience in the classroom. These materials include pictures and videos as well as ideas for scientific experiments in the classroom. Some institutes even develop computer games for an interactive learning process. Sabrina Graß from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory reviews some online materials to help you to

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Dinosaur Quiz - Question #1 ZOOM DINOSAURS QUIZ The following is an on-line dinosaur quiz covering basic dinosaur facts. For each question, just click on the right answer. See if you can do all 10 questions! All the answers to the questions are in Zoom Dinosaurs. QUESTION #1 Dinosaurs belonged to which group of animals: Earth - See the world's biggest heart As the largest animal to have ever lived, the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) can also be expected to have some record-breaking internal organs. Tales of its heart being as big as a car, with the aorta (its main artery) large enough for a human to swim through abound, but as finding intact specimens to research is rare, the truth has been difficult to find out. So when a dead blue whale washed ashore in Newfoundland, Canada, experts saw a valuable opportunity. A team from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) was sent to dissect the 76.5ft (23.3m) blue whale, which had died after becoming trapped in ice. This is the first blue whale heart to be anatomically preserved "We had to get the chest cavity opened to expose the heart and then get in there and free the heart up from all of the surrounding tissues, getting in with what was left of the lungs and blood, pretty much up to my waist," explains Jacqueline Miller, a mammalogy technician from the ROM.

Here Is A Great Website for STEM Teachers and Students May 1, 2016 NOVA, one of the popular American TV series that produces in-depth science programming in the form of documentaries and short videos, has this excellent resource called NOVA Education. This is a free portal designed specifically to cater to the teaching and learning needs of STEM teachers and students. It provides a wide variety of educational materials that include informative short-form videos explaining different scientific phenomena, lesson plans to appropriate for your own teaching situation, interactive and several other resources all aligned to teaching standards. You can use the site’s search box to quickly locate a video or browse through the content of NOVA Education by topic.

Esperimenti eniscuolachannel Loading... Working... ► Play all Esperimenti Detail Despite the European economic crisis, most countries in Europe continue to invest in the future by lending political and financial support to increasing students' interest in pursuing science careers, to improving their performance in related subjects at school, and to enhancing their motivation. A new Scientix report investigates the strategies and measures in place in thirty different countries across Europe. This report focuses in particular on policies and initiatives in teacher education, based on data retrieved from National Contact Points for STEM education in Europe. A vast majority of the countries observed are paying more attention to improving the provision of professional development for in-service teachers of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects than initial teacher training. The report argues that the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) agenda could be usefully embraced more extensively to motivate students to pursue STEM studies and careers.

I Love My Classroom: Mystery Hero I know this picture has been floating around on Pinterest for a while now, and it's been on my Classroom Management page too... but I wanted to give it the importance that it deserved - front and center. This activity was simple, but it really helped my students to feel cared about. They grew in responsibility from it. I would watch them linger in front of their name, and show it to their friends who might have been absent the day they had been chosen. How it works in my classroom:Basically I have all the student numbers on ball pit balls in a big reusable grocery bag.

Billy Bear's Halloween Party - Party Paper Fun! Print your Halloween Prizes ... Certificates for Everyone! Goblin | Scarey Costume | Silly Costume | Most Original Costume | Prettiest Costume | Spooktacular Costume | Awesome Costume | Outstanding Costume | Sweetest Costume | Game Player | Good Sport | Hand Out Goodies | Munchkin | Apple Bobber | Spook Master | Witch Wart Maker | Pumpkin Carver | Loudest Boo | Halloween Safety | Blank Print & Make a Fall Holiday BookmarkSet 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 Personalized Holiday Stationery to PrintCool Halloween Stationery! STATIONERY FOR THE LIL' ONES ...from our Worksheet Game area!

Anatomy Videos - Interactive Biology, with Leslie Samuel I fell in love with Anatomy when I became the Anatomy Professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Andrews University. Working with Cadavers really is an insightful experience that teaches you about the marvels of the human body. I started making these videos to help out my students (and you too of course). Have fun! Introduction To Anatomy

Science Bob Helps Students Start Science Fair Projects Science Bob is a good resource for elementary school and middle school students in search of ideas for science fair projects. Science Bob has dozens of suggestions for science fair projects. Beyond the suggestions, Science Bob offers tips on how to build the projects and additional support resources. In the experiments section of Science Bob teachers and students will find printable directions for carrying-out more than two dozen experiments. If you're looking for videos about science concepts and science experiments Science Bob offers videos that may be of interest you. Applications for Education As Science Bob mentions, developing an idea for a science fair project can be a difficult first step.

percorsiScienze.html <table width=90% cellpadding=10><tr><td bgcolor=ff4444><span><h1>Warning:</h1><b>JavaScript is turned OFF. None of the links on this page will work until it is reactivated. <p><a href=" If you need help turning JavaScript On, click here. The Virtual Human Embryo From EHD The Biology of Prenatal Development $19.95Buy DVD Distributed by Welcome to The Virtual Human Embryo (VHE), a 14,250-page, illustrated atlas of human embryology, which presents all 23 Carnegie Stages of development during the 8-week embryonic period.

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