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Bongs, waterpipes, glass pipes, smoking accessories Natalie Dee: "America's Favorite Cracker" Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Demystified Cannabis – Elimination du THC dans la salive - Kana Cleaner Night Hells (Night Terrors) and Hearing Voices This report is Copyright. All rights reserved. You are welcome to link to this page , but please do NOT place copies of it on other websites. If you find it posted on any site other than , please report the fact to me . Important! In order to properly understand the contents of this and many other pages on this site it is necessary to carefully read Exit 'Spirituality' - Enter Clear-Mindedness , which provides essential background information. If you understand, things are as they are. If you do not understand, things are as they are . If you believe that things are, or should be, one way or another, you have not yet understood . Introduction - a dressing down for the 'experts'! It is not my normal practice in an introduction, nor indeed anywhere else in my writings, to speak to the reader in what would look to many people to be in severe terms, although generally I can certainly be challenging and even provocative at times in order to make particular points.

explodingdog 2009 Bluelight February 6, 2014 11:35 PM By Robert Zullo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The war on drugs, Jack Cole said, has been "far worse" than a failure. Speaking to about 75 students Thursday afternoon at Slippery Rock University, Mr. Cole, a retired New Jersey State Police narcotics detective and a co-founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, called it "a self-perpetuating and constantly expanding policy disaster." Mr. Cole, who will be speaking in Pittsburgh at noon today at the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh's Northside, 701 N. "Once we start treating drug abuse as a health problem instead of a crime problem, we won't have to arrest and sacrifice on the altar of the drug war 1.7 million people a year who we arrest for nonviolent drug offenses, which is what we do today," said Mr. He added that the nation's drug policy has also helped to make the United States the world's leader in per capita incarceration, a phenomenon disproportionately affecting blacks.

Le Canard Cannabique Night terror A night terror, sleep terror or pavor nocturnus is a parasomnia disorder, causing feelings of terror or dread, and typically occurring in the first few hours of sleep during stage 3 or 4 non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep.[1] Night terrors tend to happen during periods of arousal from delta sleep, also known as slow wave sleep.[2][3][4] During the first half of a sleep cycle, delta sleep occurs most often, which indicates that people with more delta sleep activity are more prone to night terrors.[3] However, they can also occur during daytime naps.[5] Night terrors are largely unknown to most people, creating the notion that any type of nocturnal attack or nightmare can be confused with and reported as a night terror.[4] Associated features[edit] The universal feature of night terrors is inconsolability.[8] During night terror bouts, patients are usually described as 'bolting upright' with their eyes wide open and a look of fear and panic on their face. Susceptibility and variation[edit]

PostSecret Cannawatch | Legalise It Cette rubrique vise à combattre les horreurs de la « guerre au cannabis » et les exactions auxquelles elle donne lieu tous les jours de la part du système judicaire, douanier et policier. On connait la logique de toute guerre : la fin justifie les moyens. Pour la gagner, il ne faut pas s’embarrasser des principes. Cannawatch dénonce publiquement les auteurs de ces décisions et de ces pratiques, où l’on viole la loi, en prétendant l’appliquer Des abus que l’on retrouve au sommet de la hiérarchie judicaire (Conseil Constitutionnel, Cour de cassation…), au niveau des juges du fond (juges d’instruction, tribunaux, Cours d’appel…) comme à celui du Parquet (Procureurs, substituts, Procureur généraux…) ou des agents de la force publique (police, gendarmerie, douanes…). Si vous êtes dans ce cas, et si vous êtes en mesure de prouver vos affirmations, contactez nous et nous ne manquerons pas de rendre public votre histoire. Sommaire : A - Les horreurs de la Justice B - Les abus du parquet

5 Real Ways to Get High Straight Out of Science Fiction Eventually technological advancement comes to every profession even if that profession is just burn-out, hippy, or full-time junkie. Its been a long time coming, but apparently science has finally gotten the message and realized that even drug abuse can be made better, faster, and stronger. With that in mind, here are some new, readily available drugs that seem more like science fiction than pharmaceutical fact. Disclaimer: Now, we want to be clear here; were not condoning illegal drug use in any way. Modafinil is a drug commonly prescribed for Narcoleptics, and it helps maintain wakefulness over long periods of time without adversely affecting your mental state. "You're so fired." Its known as a Eugeroic, which translates to good arousal in Greek, probably because it stimulates an entirely healthy state of wakefulness, and not because it gives you a mental boner. The Pros The alertness isnt described as unavoidable or stimulated; its just alert. The Cons "You gonna cry, fag?"

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