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GoPubMed® - Transinsight's semantic search for the life sciences

GoPubMed® - Transinsight's semantic search for the life sciences
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Direct access - Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) More than 26 million electronic full texts can be retrieved directly from the TIB Portal, including over eight million freely accessible articles. Information concerning direct access In order to make use of TIB's Pay-per-View service, you must be registered as a customer. The electronic full text will be provided directly as a download on your screen; the provider-specific licence fee will be shown in the detailed display. ConceptLink ConceptLink creates visual images for medical concepts. It allows the user to explore concept relationships visually. ConceptLink is also a visual interface for PUBMED (the National Library of Medicine's search engine for the world's largest medical literature database, MEDLINE). It guides the user to construct search queries through concept maps generated instantly from user's queries.

Topsy - Real-time search for the social web With iOS 9, Search lets you look for content from the web, your contacts, apps, nearby places, and more. Powered by Siri, Search offers suggestions and updates results as you type. There are two ways to use Search on your iOS device. Elsevier published 6 fake journals The Atrophy Of Objectivity\n\nIf I were to rate the corruptive tactics performed by big pharmaceutical companies during my intimate experience with them , the frequent and intentional strategy of implementing fabricated and unreliable results of clinical trials performed by others possibly tops the list. \n\nA list of corruptive tactics by the pharmaceutical industry that sponsors such trials. By this atrophy of the scientific method absent of authenticity that has been known to occur, harm and damage is possibly done to the health of the public. \n\nMost would agree that the science of research should be sound and as aseptic as possible- completely free of deliberate and reckless interference. \n\nHowever, it appears, money and increased profits can be a catalyst for disregard for human health with the clinical trial process that is largely unregulated.

Top 10 Rapidshare Search Engines RapidShare is the world leader in one-click file hosting arena, despite being the most popular file-sharing service lacks file search feature, the only reason I can assume they lack this feature is to avoid searching of copyrighted files by their legal owners getting illegally distributed by this pirate friendly file-hosting service. Nevertheless, their exist many services which allow you to search files hosted on and other major file-sharing services like, these free file search engines can be used to search for links of software, movies, music and ebooks hosted on rapidshare and similar services. We have also created free OpenSearch & Google Toolbar plugins for searching rapidshare files from Firefox and IE7 search box, Just click on the plugin links below to get easy access to file-search: Rapidshare File Search Google Toolbar Button For Firefox & IE7 >> Read More for a list of Top 10 Rapidshare Search Engines...

Conflicts of interest at Food and Chemical Toxicology and Elsevier The journal that published Seralini's paper and its publisher are enmeshed in conflicts of interest with industry. Information has been trickling in that sheds more light on the corporate influence on Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT), the journal that retracted the Seralini study on GM maize and Roundup; its editor, A. Wallace Hayes; the former Monsanto scientist Richard E. Goodman, appointed as FCT's editor for biotech papers; and FCT's publisher, Elsevier. The following update is from Claire Robinson. Google Dorks cache: If you include other words in the query, Google will highlight those words within the cached document. For instance, [ web] will show the cached content with the word “web” highlighted. This functionality is also accessible by clicking on the “Cached” link on Google’s main results page.

50 outils de recherche pour l'information scientifique Cette liste est issue de notre veille sur Diigo : Liste Diigo "Moteurs scientifiques (link is external)" Liste d'outils de recherche Moteurs multidisciplinaires En Sciences de l'ingénieur, Informatique, Mathématiques

Base de datos del sector medico. Además de búsquedas hace análisis. by chaurbernal Mar 15

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