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Services to Schools ​Using EPIC, schools have access to thousands of electronic resources covering all curriculum learning areas from primary to secondary level. It includes magazines, newspapers, encyclopedia, images, and much more.​ Explore EPIC What's EPIC? EPIC (Electronic Purchasing In Collaboration) is a consortium of New Zealand library and information organisations that have purchased collective access to a wide range of quality e-resources. The Ministry of Education is a member of EPIC and has made EPIC e-resources freely available to all New Zealand schools. NZ's Perverse Ethnic Wealth Gap Comment Pete McKenzie traces Aotearoa's wide - and worsening - wealth gap between ethnic groups back to colonial land confiscation A 16,000-strong mix of imperial and colonial troops invaded the Waikato on July 12, 1863. Governor George Grey had stoked unfounded fears of Kīngitanga aggression to justify the attack – in reality, the colonial government was determined to seize fertile land near Auckland for Pākehā settlement. Carwyn Jones, a legal scholar at Victoria University of Wellington, emphasised that, “The idea of taking land and settling settlers was a central part of the military occupation of that land. It was very much part of the battle plan, not just an afterthought.”

New Zealand - Facts and figures A to Z OECD Home New Zealand New Zealand Find Find Services to Schools When you use any of the digital resources included in DigitalNZ, be aware of their copyright requirements and usage restrictions. These are made clear on the DigitalNZ site. DigitalNZ copyright If you use resources from DigitalNZ, it's important that you acknowledge or attribute them in your work. Check if your school has guidelines for responsible use of other people's work

The Single Object: The chainsaw heard across Aotearoa Māori activist Mike Smith’s chainsaw attack on the lone pine tree atop Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill was one of the most memorable New Zealand news stories of the 1990s. In this episode of The Single Object, he explains why he did it. Late one October night in 1994, nearby residents heard the unmistakable sound of a chainsaw coming from Auckland’s Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill. Moments earlier, activist Mike Smith had approached a car full of teenagers parked on the summit.

Free, downloadable images from Te Papa's collections A few weeks ago we released an updated version of Collections Online, making images bigger, search results clearer, and easier to use regardless of what device you are using. Today we are extremely happy to let you know about our latest development; over 30,000 images downloadable, for free, in the highest resolution we have them. You can search for and download them at Collections Online. Over 14,000 images are available under a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND. Many Answers Acceptable use means acting like a good citizen online. How you behave online should be the same as how you behave offline (in the real world). AnyQuestions is a free service, staffed by real people from libraries right around New Zealand. Please be respectful and polite to our librarians. We like helping people who show good manners :)

Inquiry exemplars and templates Services to Schools' inquiry exemplars model how to use resources to inspire inquiry. The exemplars link to the New Zealand Curriculum learning areas. Adapt the inquiry exemplars to meet your own needs. You’ll need to consider: resources — how they complement others you have access to questions — how they align with your inquiry focus inquiry frameworks — how they fit with the inquiry model you use links to the curriculum — how they match the curriculum focus of your inquiry. Primary sources — how to use them Primary sources are a powerful teaching and learning tool. Find out what they are, how to find quality, trusted primary sources, and how to use them effectively and responsibly Primary sources are original, first-hand, often unedited records of an event. They are created as people experience events and record what they saw, heard, and felt. Primary sources are characterised by their content, regardless of their format. A primary source can be a:

Services to Schools Fertile questions are questions that are deep, complex, and perfect for inquiry. Because they are rich, finding answers to them requires research and can take some time. Find out how to use these questions with your students. Characteristics of fertile questions Fertile questions have some or most of the following characteristics: Open — they have no one, definitive answer but rather several different and possibly competing answers.