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Related:  Backstages Job - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more! Icon Design Guidelines An icon is a graphic that takes up a small portion of screen real estate and provides a quick, intuitive representation of an action, a status, or an app. When you design icons for your app, it's important to keep in mind that your app may be installed on a variety of devices that offer a range of pixel densities, as mentioned in Devices and Displays. But you can make your icons look great on all devices by providing each icon in multiple sizes. Because you will deliver each icon in multiple sizes to support different densities, the design guidelines below refer to the icon dimensions in dp units, which are based on the pixel dimensions of a medium-density (MDPI) screen. So, to create an icon for different densities, you should follow the 2:3:4:6:8 scaling ratio between the five primary densities (medium, high, x-high, xx-high, and xxx-high respectively). Launcher The launcher icon is the visual representation of your app on the Home or All Apps screen. Sizes & scale Proportions Style Colors

Chromefastball: Une course à travers l’internet Afin de promouvoir l’intégration du Player Flash d’Adobe dans la dernière version de son navigateur, Google a mis à disposition via YouTube, le jeu Chromefastball. Le but du jeu est d’aider une boule chromé à réaliser une course à travers l’internet en répondant au travers de cinq étapes, à des questions (en anglais !) pour que celle-ci effectue son parcours et atteigne la ligne d’arrivée le plus rapidement possible. Même si ce petit jeu est la pour faire la promotion de Google Chrome Il n’est pas nécessaire de l’utiliser pour jouer à Chromefastball, celui-ci fonctionne également avec Internet Explorer, Firefox, ect… Lien : Chromefastball Vous avez apprécié cet article, Partager le!!!

Grey Wolf Productions » Cool Stuff … Ken Rockwell says you do! Ken is Philip Bloom’s un-flashy spiritual cousin, doing for lenses what Bloom does for cameras and gear. His elegant comparisons, near-encyclopedic knowledge of lenses and crisp review format have helped buyers save a lot of grief, time and money. His recommendations are simply invaluable. Chances are you not only know about it, you already have an account and have bought at least one piece of kit there. The good people at Criterion are transferring their huge collection online, but continue to give us reasons not to give up on physical formats just yet. Follow this link to Nick’s personal website (spot the difference, it’s a subtle one) for more back-catalogue projects. Maybe you’ve never heard the name Hanan Townshend. The old image of film critics as humorless, greying academics gets a hilarious makeover from Red Letter Media. In need of any film recommendations?

Buy Fast and Furious Vin Diesel / Dominic Toretto Silver Cross Pendant Necklace- 4623 Product Information:Weight: approx 14 g Size: 38mm*60mm MOQ: 1pcs Price For Pendant Only, Not Including The Chain. Buy Together With 925 sterling silver chain, please click here. Buy Together With 316L stainless steel chain, please click here. Buy Bigger Size Cross Pendant , please click here. 1) Material: 925 Sterling Silver 2) Plating: Rhodium plating and nickel free (all platings available) 3) Stone: AAA zircon 17PCS Free engraving services on the back (Not more than 20 letters), you can mark message in your order. Gallery: OEM Order Process: We are a professional jewelry manufactory, have the newest and the most fashionable style over 3,000. You can choose some styles you like from our website, then we can produce them with the material you appointed. Your own design, including pictures, samples or ideas, are deeply welcomed. Log in for wholesale Jewelry from China, or back to 925 Silver Pendant List. Goto Top

CoffeeCSA Et si l’Empire contre-attaque était un film 3D des années 50 ? | Je suis un grand fan de tous les détournements et produits dérivés autour de Star Wars. J’adhère donc à ce joli projet de fan qui a mis bout à bout des images d’anciens films pour en faire le trailer d’un « Empire contre attaque » fantasmé : celui des années 50 (en 3D selon le texte). Voici la liste des films qui ont servi à ce trailer : Vue sur ViralVideoChart.

Whaaa! Fast Five 5 Dominic Toretto cross pendant necklace - Detailed info for Fast Five 5 Dominic Toretto cross pendant necklace,Cross pendant,Fast Five 5 Dominic Toretto cross pendant necklace,DSP-406 on Fast Five 5 Necklace Dominic Toretto Cross Pndant Color:silver packing:OPP bag+card MOQ:120 pieces Fast Five 5 Necklace Dominic Toretto Cross Pndant Description: 1)Color:silver 2)Materail:silver plated and crystal 3)packing:OPP bag+card 4)MOQ:120pieces 5)Various colors are available and a great price About us: We are Jewelry wholesaler,we specializing fashion jewelry,mainly is different kind of rings ,bracelets,jewelry set,and earrings.please feel free to contact us if you have any question, we will reply to you in 24hours and do our best to meet your require - Free & Online: Convert and save PDF from any web page An In-Depth Look at How People Are Using the iPad Resolve Market Research has just completed a comprehensive study that looks at how the iPad is being used, and how the iPad is impacting other technology devices like e-readers, portable gaming consoles and netbooks. The study, which was conducted online across a nationally representative sample, compared technology owners or people that intend to own devices in four different categories: the iPad, smartphones (including iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys), e-readers and portable video game devices. The study also focused on how users perceive the iPad both before and after owning the device.The study has some interesting, and in some cases surprising, results. While the ultimate impact that devices like the iPad will have on netbooks has been discussed at length (some analysts predict tablets will outsell netbooks by 2012), the two devices that will really be affected by the iPad, at least according to Resolve's study, are e-readers and portable gaming devices. Your Thoughts

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