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TEACHERS - Math Talks

TEACHERS - Math Talks
Top menu: NT = Number Talks PT = Pat tern Talks (hover over NT to see) Hello there. My name is Fawn Nguyen, I'd spent 30 years in the classroom, and 2019 is my first year as a math TOSA (teacher on special assignment). The voices behind these number talks and pattern talks were from my 6th and 8th graders during the 2013-2014 school year. If you’re not sure what math talks are, here are a few resources:Professor Jo Boaler refers to number talks regularly in her course How To Learn Math 2014.Brad Fulton presented this strategy at the 2013 CMC-South Conference. Pages 5-9 is on Math Talks. Related:  MathokonaMath Education - Play math, love math Secondary Number Talks (I'll convince you with ducks) - Sara VanDerWerf NOTE: This blog post contains resources from a training I did on June 22, 2016 on Number Talks in the Secondary Classroom in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Let me clear from the start of this post about my beliefs about Number Talks. I have strong opinions on this. I believe in 2016 – Number Talks are an issue of equity and access for all students. In this post of my top ideas for support classes I advocated doing a number talk every single day if a student has a second math class. I know, I know what you are going to say. For my entire 25 years of teaching I have been surrounded by 6-12 math teachers (particularly in HS) that continually complain about our students lack of numeracy skills. I am calling every secondary math teacher to spend some time learning how students form the concept of number and their operations and then use Number Talks as the vehicle for acting on our students lack of numeracy skills. Four Books you should read: - Swipe left/right to see more #147 to be exact).

How I Do Number Talks in My High School Math Classroom This post originally appeared on the blog Scaffolded Math and Science. Though there are times I fly by the seat of my pants, I usually have plenty of printed materials ready to go for my students. To do Number Talks right, printed material had to go right out the window along with calculators, pencils, and even blank paper. It was uncomfortable and weird, but after our third Number Talk, I found myself feeling more successful as a teacher than I had in a while. As a teacher, there can be long stretches of time when I don’t at all feel successful. My kids aren’t getting it, they’re not engaged, they aren’t submitting work. As simple as Number Talks turned out to be, they were super intimidating at first. Hand signals are a part of Number Talks and there are different signals for thinking, having an answer, having more than one strategy and agreeing with what is said. Next comes the uncomfortable part – no calculators, pencils, or paper. And finally the numbers come in.

Children’s Engagement with Talk to Enhance Learning in the Primary School Classroom: Literature Review | The Critical Blog This is the winning undergraduate essay in the 2015 Critical prize competition. It was written by Emma Johnston, a third year Undergraduate student on the B.A. (Hons) degree in Primary Education at the University of Wolverhampton. She was nominated by her Lecturer Paul Gurton, Senior Lecturer, Primary Initial Teacher Education, University of Wolverhampton. It is widely regarded that talk is one of, if not the most, important aspects of children’s learning; “it is through… spoken language that teachers teach and children learn,” (Alexander, 2006, p.5). References Alexander, R. (2006). Alexander, R. Alexander, R. (2012). Arthur, J. and Cremin, T. (2010). Barnes, D. (2008). Beauchamp, G. (2012). Bruner, J. (2006). Clark, A. (1998). Department for Education (DfE) (2011). Department for Education (DfE). (2013). Fisher, R. (2008). Jones, D. and Hodson, P. (2006). Littleton, K. and Mercer, N. (2013). Mercer, N. and Dawes, L. (2008). Mercer, N. and Littleton, K. (2007). Pound, L. (2006).

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