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Weather And Climate

energyWeather And Climate The Brief Overview Weather is a specific event—like a rainstorm or hot day—that happens over a few hours, days or weeks. Climate is the average weather conditions in a place over 30 years or more. NASA has observed that Earth's climate is getting warmer. What's the Difference Between Weather and Climate? 10 Interesting Things About Glaciers What Is Permafrost? How Do We Know the Climate Is Changing? What Can Trees Tell Us About Climate Change? NASA Missions Studying Weather and Climate Aura CloudSat ISS-RapidScat Suomi NPP For Educators More to Explore What Is the Water Cycle? What Is an Urban Heat Island? Why Does NASA Care About Food? Why Does NASA Study Earth? Make a NASA Climate Kids Pumpkin! 10 Interesting Things About Air Coral Bleaching What Is Climate Change? What Is the Greenhouse Effect? What else do we need to find out? Which pole is colder? What Is Happening in the Ocean? Why Is Carbon Important? Birds and climate change Keeping track of water in the soil It's Cold! Games People

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Young Meteorologist We’ve gathered extensive links to digital resources designed to help everyone learn the science of weather, help educators reinforce their own content knowledge, and get kids engaged in science that affects us all each and every day. Weather Basics Weather Glossary The Weather Channel defines more than 800 weather-related terms. Web Weather for Kids Weather Glossary Kid-friendly definitions for basic weather vocabulary. Kids science: Weather Science >> Earth Science for Kids Weather is sunshine, rain, snow, wind, and storms. It's what is going on outside right now. The weather is different at different places around the planet. In some places it's sunny right now, while in other places it's snowing. Many things affect the weather including the atmosphere, the Sun, and the season.

Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids Winter StormsHow do winter storms form?Winter storms derive their energy from the clash of two air masses of different temperatures and moisture levels. Winter storms usually form when an air mass of cold, dry, Canadian air moves south and interacts with a warm, moist air mass moving north from the Gulf of Mexico. The point where these two air masses meet is called a front. Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids Climate What is climate?Climate is the average weather usually taken over a 30-year time period for a particular region and time period. Climate is not the same as weather, but rather, it is the average pattern of weather for a particular region. Weather describes the short-term state of the atmosphere. What is our climate system? What is weather?

What Causes a Blizzard? Heavy snow, bitter cold, whipping winds … Winter storms are no picnic, but what is the official definition of a blizzard, and what causes them, anyway? The National Weather Service defines a blizzard as any severe snowstorm that is accompanied by strong winds — at least 35 mph — resulting in low visibility. The defining factor of a blizzard is actually the strength of the wind, rather than the amount of snow. To qualify as a blizzard, the combination of wind and snow must reduce visibility to a quarter mile or less and last for at least three hours. Severe blizzards can reduce visibility to zero, making it difficult to see buildings or trees just a few yards away. While blizzards often feature extreme cold and heavy snow, there are actually no temperature or snow depth requirements for a storm to qualify as a blizzard.

THE WEATHER DISASTER by Matthew McElligott , Matthew McElligott Having survived disastrous dinosaurs in the first series installment, students at the Mad Scientist Academy now attempt to comprehend the mystery of weather. Six students make up the class assembled outside the laboratory: an amphibious creature, a werewolf, a robot, a vampire, a giant insect, and a monster resembling Frankenstein’s. Dr. Cosmic, whose flaming red hair recalls another cartoon scientist beloved by children, is ensconced in a wearable weather balloon, ready to test its efficacy.

Subjects - Extreme Weather No matter where you live in the world, weather is something that you are exposed to every single day. Even though weather occurs all around the world, the region you live in can have a different natural phenomenon than another geographical locations. For example, if you live in the Midwest of the United States, it isn't very likely that you'll get hurricanes but you may be very familiar with tornados. Why is it sunny most of the year in some places and rainy in other places?

Smithsonian Science Education Center Note: The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to play this game on the web. Please enable your Flash settings on your web browser. For issues with Google Chrome or Chromebook, please see Google Chrome Help. We recommend using another browser, such as Firefox, or downloading to a mobile device with the links below. The citizens of Smithsonville are in dire need of a Disaster Detector! Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids Weather Links My other weather site: 7-Day Forecast Do you hate sitting for the news just waiting for the weather segment so you can check out your 7-day forecast?