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Download Calibre Portable

Download Calibre Portable
The calibre portable build can be run on any windows computer running at least Windows XP SP3. It is self contained, your calibre libraries and settings are all kept together in one place. To use, just run the portable installer and select the location where you would like the "Calibre Portable" folder. To launch calibre, double click the "calibre-portable.exe" program inside the Calibre Portable folder. While you wait for the download to complete, please consider contributing to support the development of calibre. Previous releases of calibre are available here. Upgrading If you want to upgrade a previous version of calibre portable, download the latest version of the installer from here and run it, choosing the location of your previous Calibre Portable install. Precaution Portable media can occasionally fail so you should make periodic backups of you Calibre library. Automated install calibre-portable-installer.exe "C:\Calibre Portable"

Updated Calibre recipe for Read It Later - BETA | Mem For several reasons, a new recipe is needed for the downloading of Read It Later articles into Calibre . The previous recipe version parses the user's articles from an HTML page (inefficient). This parsing limits the downloading to only 10 articles because the index list is paginated. Additionally, there is no option for marking the articles as read. Please note that this recipe will mark all downloaded articles as read. Additionally it does not yet take the max articles variable into consideration, so it will download all of your RIL articles marked as unread. I developed this recipe, so it is user-contributed and not the work or product of the Calibre or Read It Later developers themselves. You can download the recipe source here: You can install the recipe by clicking the arrow next to Fetch News and selecting "Add custom news source". Here is the python code for the recipe:

Read Your List on Your Kindle/eBook Reader with Calibre February 10th, 2010 • By Nate Calibre, a free and open source e-book library management application now supports Read It Later. Calibre allows you to download website content and sync it to your reader. Learn More:Calibre’s WebsiteCalibre in the Read It Later App Directory How to Set it Up: Any questions about Calibre are best directed towards the developers, however, here is a quick overview on how to add RIL as a source: Click the dropdown arrow under ‘Fetch News’Select ‘Add a custom source’Click ‘Customize builtin recipe’Select ‘Read It Later’ from the listClose the windowClick ‘Fetch News’Under Custom, Click ‘Read It Later’Add your username/password and set a schedule if perferredClick ‘Download Now’ eBook Reader Reviews, eReader Software, and eBooks