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President Obama Speaks at the Installation of FBI Director James Comey

President Obama Speaks at the Installation of FBI Director James Comey
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CEO_INGDIRECT : 10,000 kids live on the streets... President Obama Calls for Major Changes in National Security Surveillance Programs : : Privacy and Information Security Law Blog In a major speech delivered at the U.S. Department of Justice on January 17, 2014, President Obama addressed the call for reforms to government surveillance programs following disclosures regarding National Security Agency (“NSA”) activities leaked by Edward Snowden since June of last year. The President discussed the need to advance national security while strengthening protections for privacy and civil liberties, improving transparency in intelligence programs, engaging in continual oversight and rebuilding trust among foreign leaders and citizens. He outlined several areas of reform: A new Presidential Directive on domestic and overseas signals intelligence activity is intended to strengthen executive branch oversight and ensure that such activities take into account security, trade and investment relationships with foreign countries, as well as privacy and civil liberties.

Cool Social Web 2.0 Tools and Applications Please Donate, we need the military and the military needs US Obama talks NSA: EFF, Julian Assange, White House respond Just this morning, United States President Barack Obama spoke up at a bit of NSA news, letting it be known what his real NSA reform plan would be. As is often the case, some of the responses to the talk have appeared more telling than the talk itself. We're having a peek at what the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Julian Assange (of WikiLeaks), and the White House have done to follow up this set of announcements. First with the EFF we're seeing a scorecard being laid out. WikiLeaks Twitter account was quick to respond in as public a manner as possible, letting loose a string of comments from Julian Assange. "I think it's embarrassing for a head of state to go on like that for forty minutes and say almost nothing. ... You'll also be able to have a closer peek at the new Presidential Policy Directive right this minute, if you wish. We'll be continuing to keep up with comments from various especially significant sources in the near future.

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Ringside for Heroes Obama invokes history for context in surveillance reform speech News By Zach Miners January 17, 2014 03:41 PM ET IDG News Service - President Barack Obama positioned his proposals for government surveillance reforms within the context of U.S. history to argue that spying is -- and always has been -- necessary. "At the dawn of our Republic, a small, secret surveillance committee borne out of the "The Sons of Liberty" was established in Boston," Obama said to open his speech Friday. Before outlining his proposals, he also noted another bit of U.S. spying history related to the civil rights movement: "The challenge is getting the details right, and that is not simple. These are some of the other comments from his speech that stood out: -- "Across the political spectrum, Americans recognized [after 9/11] that we had to adapt to a world in which a bomb could be built in a basement, and our electric grid could be shut down by operators an ocean away. -- "It is hard to overstate the transformation America's intelligence community had to go through after 9/11.

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