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80+ Course Authoring Tools

80+ Course Authoring Tools
Last updated: March 3, 2018 at 12:50 pm Tools to create e-learning, courses and lessons. Listed in alphabetical order AcademyMaker AcademyMaker provides everything you need to create multimedia e-learning units for your target groups.Cost: Commercial | Available: Download Adapt Adapt is a free and easy to use e-learning authoring tool that creates fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 e-learning content using the award-winning Adapt developer framework.Cost: Free | Available: DownloadRanking on Top 200 Tools for Learning 2017: 122 See more at Adobe Captivate Rapidly create simulations, software demonstrations, and scenario-based training.Cost: Commercial. Adobe Presenter Adobe Presenter is a tool to rapidly create high-impact Adobe Flash presentations and eLearning courses from PowerPoint.Cost: Commercial. Advanced E-Learning Builder Authoring tool is designed for creating e-learning materials such as e-tests, tutorials, etc.Cost: Commercial. GoAnimate Related:  eLearning Tools (Authoring / Production of WBTs)Outice

Skills Gap Assessment Identify and Address Skills Gaps. Optimize Your Team's Performance. Based on ASTD’s Competency Model, the Career Navigator enables you to create an actionable plan that identifies skills gaps and recommendation on how to close them. Our new, enhanced Career Navigator tool features an Enterprise version that can aggregate 180-degree assessment results for your whole team. Key Features of the Enterprise Version of the Career Navigator: Functionality that empowers your team to self-assess with the option to include their manager in the 180 assessment process. Final Report Sample Optimize your team’s capabilities with the ASTD Career Navigator

The Best eLearning Authoring Tools Of 2016 - Cloud Services Training employees is easier than ever before. Whether you're employing third-party training content from sites as diverse as to LinkedIn, or using an online learning platform of your own, it's easy to train employees in new job skills, employee policies, or even general interest topics for off-hour enjoyment. However, to deliver custom training content, you'll either need to hire an expert to create such courseware or do it yourself using eLearning authoring tools. In this article, we'll examine five of the best eLearning authoring tools we've seen in the market, most of which deliver training content built to specific standards. After testing each tool and weighing the pros and cons for each, we determined that Articulate Storyline 2 (which begins at $1,398) is our Editors' Choice in the eLearning authoring tools category. The Articulate Storyline 2 Template Menu The only problem: because HP5 is cloud-based, you'll need internet access to log into your account.

Elearning examples -- infographics, simulations, and online courses This page links to samples of interactive graphics, simulations, and other materials from many different sources. These are not examples of my work, and inclusion on this page doesn’t mean I endorse them. Maybe they’ll give you ideas for your own projects. More examples: See the elearning examples category on this site. Simpler interactions Storyplanet: Big River Rising These don’t need lots of Flash wizadry. More advanced interactions Blood Typing Game from The samples below include more complex navigation or sophisticated animation.Blood typing game. Choose a Different Ending from Simulations and branching scenarios For scenario design tips and more examples, see the scenarios category of this site.Connect with Haji Kamal. Vendor demonstrations Clearly Trained. Artistic and political Bear 71. More collections

Top 10 Free E-Learning Authoring Tools Technology and the Internet can be used in many different ways, and you can benefit a lot if you learn how to use them wisely. You won’t realize the full potential of the Internet and your gadgets until you start using tools that will enhance your learning and authoring potential. There are many tools that can be used for that purpose, but we chose the best 10 of them for educational writers, which you should start using as soon as possible. 1. Writinghouse is a tool that allows you to automatically create your citations, bibliographies, and works cited lists in the format your paper requires. 2. This website allows its users to create their digital books and publish them for free. 3. authorPOINT If you need to capture presentations and use pre-recorder video/audio files in Microsoft PowerPoint, this is the tool for you. 4. This is the most user-friendly timeline creator on the web. 5. 6. 7. This is the most popular education blogging service. 8. 9. 10.

The Free eBook: How to become an eLearning Professional By Connie Malamed I never think of myself as an expert. Gaining expertise is an ongoing journey of continuous learning where there is no end in sight. Our field is particularly broad and deep. No one person can retain all of this information and no one person can be competent in all of the related skills. If you think of all the people in this domain as one giant mind, you can see how we gain expertise together. To become a “pro” in this career then, involves getting involved with people in our field and outside of it. Becoming a pro also means staying up-to-date and this is easily done through social media platforms. Becoming a pro also involves helping others learn by sharing your excellent finds and documenting your experiences in the public sphere. Even if you work alone, there’s no excuse for remaining isolated. Connie Malamed Position: Learning, information and visual design consultant Company: Connie Malamed Consulting Short Bio

Top 10 E-Learning Authoring Tools - Feature Сomparison How do you make an engaging course these days? What are your major goals when selecting an authoring tool? Ease of use, rich functionality, scalability, affordable pricing? 1. One of the acknowledged market leaders, Adobe Captivate delivers a rich multi-media experience to thousands of e-Learners across the globe. Features Seamless import from Microsoft PowerPoint;Multistate objects: Custom or built-in states for each object, including images, smart shapes, text, etc. Pros Responsive themes;Drag-and-drop option;Embedded screencasting;An option of publishing output as mobile apps;Multi-device preview;Easy scrolling on mobile devices. Cons A rather complicated interface;Lack of a proper video editor;No app with offline content playback;Video narration for slides only;Interactions don’t work on mobile devices. Price A full Adobe Captivate license will set you back $1,099 unless you provide a student or teacher ID. Product line 2. Articulate boasts the largest e-Learning community in the world.

Fiches pratiques Une infographie est une représentation visuelle et graphique d’informations et de données. Reprenant l’adage « une image vaut mieux que mille mots », elle permet à l’internaute de visualiser en un coup d’œil toutes les données relatives à un sujet. Les outils de création d’infographie sont accessibles à tous sur le web. Une infographie, pour quoi faire ? C’est une manière innovante de communiquer sur une thématique. Elle peut avoir diverses utilités, vous pouvez par exemple présenter : L’histoire de votre association,La structure de votre association,Un compte-rendu sur une action, ou une campagne que vous avez menée etc. Cinq outils pour créer une infographieNotre liste d’outils à connaître, pour réaliser une infographie en toute simplicité. permet de créer des infographies et des diagrammes interactifs. Avantages - Très intuitif,- Possibilité d’ajouter photos, vidéos, et cartes. Inconvénients - Thème de l’infographie très peu personnalisable, Piktochart

The Free eBook: How to become an eLearning Professional 23 eLearning Experts Help You Become a Top-Notch eLearning Professional! The Free How to Become an eLearning Professional eBook is filled with the knowledge, wisdom, experience and inspiration of carefully selected eLearning professionals. This free eLearning eBook contains hot eLearning tips, secret concepts, specific steps and insider information that will help you become a top-notch eLearning professional. This is not your average looking, cliché reproducing, metaphysical, theory-loving free eLearning eBook. 23 eLearning Experts Help You Become a Top-Notch eLearning Professional The Free How to Become an eLearning Professional eBook is filled with the knowledge, wisdom, experience and inspiration of carefully selected eLearning professionals, with long-standing, successful eLearning careers, innovative projects up their sleeves, impressive eLearning portfolios and even more impressive CVs.

The Best eBook Software of 2016 | Top Ten Reviews Best eBooks Creators How to Choose an eBook Creator The top performers in our review are Creatavist, the Gold Award winner; eBook Maestro PRO, the Silver Award winner; and iBooks Author, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a creator to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 creators. The eBooks creators on the market help you take full advantage of the varied ways in which writers and publishers use the digital publishing format. Most of the eBook creators are either free or have a base price, particularly the apps and software. eBook Creators: What We Evaluated, What We Found We have tested software, apps and services that qualify as eBook creators. Functions: It Comes Down To Ease of Use When each eBook Creator was tested, we looked at what contributed to each one’s ease of use. Supported Files: Adding Media to eBooks Several creators support diverse media files. What Else is Important in Selecting eBook Creators?

Stoodle. Un tableau blanc collaboratif pour l'education Stoodle est un formidable outil TICE qui permet de créer des tableaux blancs virtuels pour le travail collaboratif. Avec Stoodle vous allez pouvoir créer des sortes de paperboards dans les nuages sur lesquels vous pourrez écrire, dessiner et uploader pour les afficher des images. Un outil incomparable pour donner une leçon à distance, aider des élèves ou brainstormer à plusieurs autour d’un problème. Outre l’espace partagé dont la mise en place se fait en quelques secondes, Stoodle permet de connecter le microphone de votre ordinateur, ainsi vous pourrez parler et commenter ce que vous écrivez ou dessinez sur le tableau blanc en ligne. Stoodle s’utilise de manière intuitive, vous allez créer une classe dans laquelle seront classés vos tableaux blancs. Un espace collaboratif en temps réel qui répondra à de nombreuses situations d’apprentissage ou de tutorat. Dans la classe. Stoodle peut être aussi bien utilisé par des élèves que par des enseignants. Lien : Stoodle

Making Video More Social by Jane Bozarth “Next time you’re working with deploying video online, step back and look for ways to help learners engage with it—and with each other—rather than only consume it.” Since the first filmstrip projector made its way into the first classroom, standup trainers have been incorporating video into formal instruction. In my experience, most actually do this pretty well: I’ve seen good use throughout my career of relevant video clips, points for discussion, and some conversation about what and why and comparison to that. Video often made for good conversation and could reach the affective domain when other approaches did not. Set the stage Prime the pump by helping learners understand why they’re watching this video, now. Figure 1: Video about angry callers alerts viewer to things to look for Realize: the longer the video, the more elements you are asking the learner to attend to. Want conversation? If you want conversation, then give people something to talk about. Hand over the camera

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