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Steps to Success Every now and then we’re reminded 3D printing is not science fiction, but a real technology used every day to make amazing things in homes, studios, schools, and businesses. At MakerBot we’re proud to be leading this Next Industrial Revolution with the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem, which makes desktop 3D printing and 3D scanning affordable and reliable for everyone, and includes a variety of products and services to help unleash your creativity. One of the newest members of our family is MakerBot Desktop, a complete, free 3D printing solution for discovering, managing, and sharing your 3D prints. As we learned in last week’s post on connectivity, MakerBot Desktop was built to access the powerful software capabilities of the new Fifth Generation line of MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers. This week, we’ll take a look at how to use it to go, in just three simple steps, from a 3D design to a 3D print. 1. – Did you design your own model? – Want to browse through free designs?

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Printrbot: The Perfect Beginner 3D Printer Can Expand Itself There are a host of 3D printers out there, but none are as simple and inexpensive as the Printrbot created by Brook Drumm. It’s still in Kickstarter mode, but as of this writing,( the Printbot has already met the pledge goal. So we’re going to be seeing some of these in the future, and I know I already want to get my hands on one. Opinions: Crystal Ball Gazing: Amazon and 3D Printing By Theodore F. di StefanoE-Commerce Times 10/18/12 5:30 AM PT Why would Amazon be interested in 3D printing? My guess that Amazon might be interested is because it is currently adding warehouses throughout the United States with a not-so-long-term goal of being able to offer same-day delivery to its customers. The extent of Amazon's product offerings is quite breathtaking.

Everything You Wanted to Know About 3D Printing But Were Too Afraid to Ask The Tech Innovators Series is supported by Lenovo. Lenovo does not just manufacture technology. They make Do machines — super-powered creation engines designed to help the people who do, do more, do better, do in brand new ways. 3D printing is a mind-blowing process, but you might be surprised to learn that it's not a new technology. Online : Open source hardware 2009 - The definitive guide Welcome to definitive guide to open source hardware projects in 2009. First up – What is open source hardware? These are projects in which the creators have decided to completely publish all the source, schematics, firmware, software, bill of materials, parts list, drawings and “board” files to recreate the hardware – they also allow any use, including commercial.

DIY High Resolution 3D Printer Even though 3D printers have become mainstream and costs have declined, most cannot create a fine level of detail when printing. For rapid prototyping, you can fabricate one yourself such as the High Resolution DLP 3D Printer. Homemade yet still turns out impressive results. The 3D printer uses a Digital Light Processing chip with a high resolution video projector to render each layer of the image on a resin which is cured by a UV laser layer by layer. Each 0.1 mm thick needs about 8 seconds to cure. Blog: A new approach to printing metals There have been numerous attempts to print conductors. Fab@home, Ed Sells and myself have all tried it previously with very limited success. Whilst I've been able to print a basic circuit from solder, we were unable to achieve the resolution to produce anything but the most simplistic circuit board. Forrest Higgs and others have tried to identify a useful non-metallic conductive material but conductivity has always been fairly poor.

Shapeways CEO: 3D Printing Will Fuel Creative Commerce Although 3D printing has been around since the '80s, it only recently moved out of specialty prototyping shops. As the technology becomes more accessible — allowing anybody to design anything they want — it could revolutionize the way products are made and distributed. "We think it will give rise to a creative commerce," said Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen on stage at Mashable Connect Friday. Shapeways was one of the first companies to put a consumer spin on 3D printing. The startup's website allows designers to upload their wares for printing and sell the results in an Etsy-like store. Those without design experience can tweak existing models to their liking before printing them in one of 25 different materials, including stainless steel, ceramics and sterling silver.

3D Printers, FDM Prototyping, 3D Models Bring Performance Prototyping In-House The Dimension 1200es features the largest build envelope of any Stratasys Design Series performance 3D printer. Running on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology, it prints in nine colors of real ABSplus thermoplastic. This 3D printer lets you choose fine resolution or faster printing, with layer thicknesses of 0.254 mm (0.010 in.) or 0.33 mm (0.013 in.). Image Gallery Dimension 1200es 3D Print Pack Now You Can Do 3-D Printing Out of Sawdust From our friends at Fast Company , "bridging the fuzzy border between design and business." Used to be, if you wanted to make a detailed shape out of wood -- for a nice little fruit bowl, say -- you had to carve it by hand using a big chunk of timber, which is a.) time-consuming b.) expensive and c.) bad for the environment. (Think of all the scraps you end up with.)

3D printing poised on the edge of the mainstream (photo gallery) SAN MATEO, Calif. — 3D printers haven’t quite made the leap to mainstream — they’re still a bit too finicky, unreliable, and expensive for most consumers — but they’re getting close. Next month, you’ll be able to buy a 3D Systems Cube printer at Staples for about $1,300. We got a look at the 3D-printed future at Maker Faire Bay Area here. At least a dozen companies are offering consumer- and hobbyist-friendly 3D printers now. They range in price from about $800 to $3,000 or more. Some, like the earliest models, can only make small plastic objects no larger than a few inches on a side.

Scientists Are Making 3D-Printed Eyes That Will Record What You See As the first child in my grade school class to don glasses, I always fervently wished for a new pair of eyes to simultaneously correct my vision and make me cool again. As it turns out, my wish wasn’t far from a reality — except the popularity part. Nothing trashes a playground reputation like wire frames.