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Perfect Box Pouch Tutorial & Make it Modern

Perfect Box Pouch Tutorial & Make it Modern
How insanely fabulous is this pouch? I can’t decide if I love it so much because a) it is made from glittery elephant fabric, b) of it’s small but perfectly proportioned size, c) it holds my on the go quilting supplies or d) all of the above. If you’d like to make your own see how below. You will need: 2 pieces of exterior fabric measuring 8 inches by 6 inches. Things that will come in handy: rotary cuttercutting matshearscraft scissorsclear ruler Step 1: Choose and cut your fabric- is it just me or is this oftentime the hardest part? I like to use a right angle ruler (“borrowed” from my husband) to make sure my fabric pieces are nice and square. Step 2: Layer your pieces. Step 3: Stitch the layers together 1/4 in from the edge. Step 4: Places both sets of fabric with the pressed under edges on top of the zipper and sew together. Step 5: Fold the two sides right sides of the exterior fabric together. Step 7: Move your zipper pull to the center and stitch a quarter inch seam on both sides.

MADE: TUTORIAL: the Hobo Sack Whether you’re on the road or hanging at home, every hobo needs a bag for his (or her) treasures. So load it up, hit the road, and sit back on the tracks to enjoy a break. The hobo sack is one of the easiest things to make. So here’s what we’re making: Easy? NOTE: Info for adding a Liner and/or a Ruffle to your bag is at the end of the tutorial.Skill Level: BeginnerNeeded: * 1/2 yard or less of Cotton (light-weight, twill, corduroy, seer sucker, etc. Here is the pattern. Just lay it on your fabric and cut two: Decide what you’d like to use for straps. It sort of curls up in a tube, like this: If you’re going to use knit straps like me, cut (2) straps that are 1 yard (36 inches) long and about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. Okay, on to the sack sewing…. Those little corners down there that are cut out is what gives you “room” in the bottom of your bag. Take those two corners that are cut out and fold them up to each other: like this: and sew it down. When you’re done, it should look like this: and Enjoy!

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Recycled Pillow Box Favors You know that I save toilet paper rolls. They can be made into so many things — mummies, rockets, Uncle Sam hats, flower party favors………………. even cute pillow boxes perfect for a little favor! Fold in one side of the end. Then fold in the other side. Open back up and give the toilet paper roll a bit of paint. Give it a nice shine with a light coat of clear spray paint. Fill with candy and treats, fold back ends. How about some for Halloween?

Eye Candy Clutch Tori joins us from her new blog, One Eleven! She showed us some really amazing versions of her Eye Candy Clutch– zippered pouches with some easy style. Tori’s trick with our favorites is to choose four solid colors in the same color family (shades of red + orange, for example). She also has a great multicolored version (you could try for a fun rainbow effect!). You Will Need: 7” ZipperZipper Foot2 – 8 ½ “ X 4 ½ “ Pieces of fabric for your lining2 – 8 ½” X 4 ½” Pieces of fusible lightweight Interfacing4 different colors of fabric– From those colors cut two of each 11” X 2 ¼” strips (giving you a total of 8 strips of fabric Assemble The Panels 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Assemble The Pouch 7. 8. 9. 10. Looking for color combo ideas? You’ll want to make lots of versions! Here’s the rainbow look. Comment on any post this week to win one of our Summer Sewing prizes! » Sewing Tutorials + Patterns » Summer Sewing ~ Eye Candy Clutch Bags, Summer « Introducing ~ Tori Introducing ~ Angela »

say YES! to hoboken: DIY Purple Striped Market Tote Last year I made a striped beach tote and this year I found some perfect purple striped canvas weight fabric at my local fabric outlet for only $4 a yard and knew I wanted to make another version. Would you like to learn how to make one too? Okay! Keep reading! 9. 15 Of The Most Confusing Films Ever Made Most films are pretty linear and easy to follow in their story telling. Others are muddled, but make sense when you think about them — like Memento. But some, some are designed to bewilder, obfuscate, and confuse. These 15 films are all varying degrees of head-scratchers. 15. While personally I didn't find this American remake of the Spanish psycho-thriller that bewildering, there were plenty who did, to the point where it was voted the most confusing film ever by a DVD rental company.

Silly Mustache DIY Projects | The New Home Ec By craftyamy | By Flickr user CDRyan Mustaches put a big smile on my face – they are so kitschy, and there is nothing funnier than a serious project with a big mustache on it. nggallery id=’125523′ Do mustaches make you a hipster parent? About craftyamy craftyamy Amy Anderson is a crafty, DIY kind of girl who lives in Atlanta with her pug. the basic messenger bag Jamie's on the left, Chelsea's on the right. This tutorial does not include the flap designs, alas. As promised, here is the basic bag tutorial like the one I made Jamie and Chelsea. I have not included the flap designs, just the basic bag. That will have to be another post. Be creative and come up with your own flap variations. I considered doing a PDF of the pattern pieces, but they are mostly too big to fit on letter sized paper, and pretty easy to make yourself if you have a ruler, a 6.5 inch circle, and a coffee cup on hand. Click on the image below to see or print a larger diagram for measurements. YARDAGE: Assuming the width is 45 inches, you'll need about a yard each of the outside and the liner, plus your interfacing if you are using it. THE FINISHED BAG DIMENSIONS, EXCLUDING THE STRAP: about 12 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches wide at the bottom. 1/4 INCH SEAM ALLOWANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE MEASUREMENTS. Draw and cut out all your paper pattern pieces. 2) Outside Pocket. 4) Flap.