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eBook Store: Download Free eBooks, eReader - Barnes & Noble - Barnes & Noble

Pdanet: l’iPhone come modem per navigare con il proprio Pc/Mac e guida alla configurazione (Aggiornato) - iPhone Italia – Il blog italiano sull'Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS e 3G Pdanet è un’applicazione gratuita che sarà presto è disponibile tramite Cydia e che consente di usare l’iPhone come modem per navigare liberamente con il proprio Pc/Mac sfruttando la connessione 3G o Edge del dispositivo. Pdanet avrebbe dovuto essere pubblicata su AppStore ma gli sviluppatori si sono stancati di aspettare una risposta da parte della Apple (che aveva già rifiutato un’applicazione simile, Netshare) che tarda ad arrivare e hanno deciso di rendere disponibile il programma tramite Cydia, gratuitamente. Si tratta di un’applicazione davvero fantastica che consente di utilizzare l’iPhone come modem su Pc/Mac dotati di wifi. Al momento è ancora in versione beta, e sarà presto rilasciata a tutti gli utenti. Ecco, comunque, come funziona l’applicazione. Dal Computer bisogna creare una rete ad-hoc (computer to computer) tra iPhone e il Pc stesso, i passaggi sono semplici e dipendono dal sistema operativo usato. Ecco come fare nel dettaglio Windows Vista [youtube rAgth9vv09o] Link video

Taiwan: How to Reboot the Dragon Morris Chang is living proof of Taiwan's ability to transform its economy. In 1985, the China-born Chang, once a long-serving executive at Texas Instruments in the U.S., was lured to Taiwan by the government as part of its effort to develop a high-tech industry. He was hired to manage a state-funded research institute, but shortly after his arrival, an influential technocrat, Li Kuo-ting, called Chang to his office and told him: "Think about how you want to start a company." Subscribe Now Get TIME the way you want it One Week Digital Pass — $4.99 Monthly Pay-As-You-Go DIGITAL ACCESS — $2.99 One Year ALL ACCESS — Just $30!

Feedbooks | Food for the mind You're Published Read ePub ebooks online : Bookworm ePub reader A free platform for reading ePub books online. Bookworm is now closed. Bookworm, “an experimental platform for storing and reading ePub-format books online,” is closed as of March 31, 2012. Developed by Threepress in 2008, and brought into O'Reilly Labs in early 2009, Bookworm has been an interesting and useful experiment—we learned a lot, and heard from users that they appreciated the service. Here are ePub reading environments we think are good alternatives for Bookworm users: AldikoBooki.shBlueFire ReaderEPUBReaderiBooksMegaReader

35 Open Source iPhone App Store Apps – Updated With 10 New Apps! | iPhone and iPad SDK Development Tutorials and Programming Tips Welcome to the sixth iteration of the open source iPhone and iPad apps list. A For those that have seen similar listings on other sites using the exact wordings, and links below welcome to the source for the original list. Also included are some open source iPad apps, and universal open source iOS apps. It can be tough to learn how to develop, especially when it comes to finding complete examples. Last Update: 4/11/2014 Before going on to the apps, please share these open source iOS apps with your Twitter followers by clicking here. Here is the open source iphone app list in alphabetical order: 1. 2048 - A SpriteKit based version of the game 2048.. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. audioGraph - An audio processing graph demonstration app. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. iLabyrinth - Puzzle game written in Cocos2D requiring you to navigate through increasingly difficult labyrinths. 43. 46. 47. 48. 49.

Taiwan Today Executive Yuan set to promote e-book industry Publication Date: 07/08/2009 Source: Economic Daily News The government is devising an action plan to promote the electronic book industry, which will begin with the digitalization of textbooks and library documents. Reports said relevant businesses in Taiwan intend to jointly set up a large company like Amazon as a digital publishing platform, and to seek funding from the National Development Fund to help expand the market. Under the government’s initiative, the Government Information Office will propose a subsidy plan to help develop the e-book publishing industry. The e-book business is included in the Executive Yuan’s plan for promoting the cultural and creative industry, one of the “six emerging industries” the government intends to foster for the good of Taiwan’s economic future. According to reports, more and more domestic companies are investing in the development of e-readers.

Project Gutenberg Australia The Reign of a Great Publisher The term ''publisher,'' as used in the news business, is unique. Its equivalents elsewhere, chief executive officer or chairman, do not bear the same weight or convey the same authority. A publisher has the responsibility of a skipper on the bridge of a vessel, mindful always of the rigging, the weather, the course, the morale below decks and, not least, the safe delivery of the cargo, the news, good and bad. The news business has its own amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which gives the cargo a special value and the skipper a special duty. All publishers pay attention to the black ink at the end of the fiscal year, or they will not publish for long. Aspiring publishers would do well to study the career of Katharine Graham, one of the great American publishers of the last century. Kay Graham seemed to accept Washington as her personal responsibility, a sort of civic duty. She hadn't changed, though Washington had. Very occasionally, she would deliver a sharp rebuke.

Protagonize Download ai Firmware Per iPhone ed iPod Touch Da questa pagina potete scaricare tutti i firmware originali rilasciati da Apple. Sia le vecchie versioni che le nuove, sia per iPhone che iPod Touch. Saranno utili per abbreviare i tempi di Ripristino o di Aggiornamento. Potete infatti, pre-scaricare questi firmware e importarli manualmente in iTunes. . Codex and InkSeine -- the roots of Microsoft's Courier? Yesterday, the cats over at Gizmodo got a look at what appeared to be a pretty groundbreaking product from Microsoft -- the Courier -- a dual-screen, multitouch tablet with an advanced UI the likes of which we've rarely seen. According to the site's report, the product was in "late prototype" stages, and judging from the video, it looked to be pretty far along (at least as far as software was concerned). Today, MobileTechWorld looks as though it might be shedding a little more light on the device and its software... but it might not be quite what you think. The article in question points to two very revealing projects within Microsoft's R&D labs that have marked similarities to the Courier. InkSeine UI Courier UI The second item of note is Microsoft Research's Codex Project (a project we covered back in October of 2008). Most interesting of all is that these two projects have been put into play in tandem, with InkSeine running on the Codex Project's dual-screen tablet. [Thanks, Polo]

BCO - Bargain Books - Books... 52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers – A Clickable List Editor’s note: This is an updated version of a post originally titled 36 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers. I’ll be taking the next a couple of days off. I wish you and those close to you a fulfilling holiday, and I’ll see you on Friday. Thanks for reading! I guess the first really “social” media was blogs. Blogs have become one the largest sources of news, information and opinion in the media landscape. For the latest news, trends and analysis In self-publishing, support for writers, insight into the publishing process, and the transition to digital books, these are the blogs I read. No, I’ve curated this list myself. Because you may want to click away from the list to visit these blogs, here’s a link you can bookmark when you want to come back: 52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers Here’s a short URL: Have a great time! Note: The blogs do not appear in any particular order. This is a clickable list. Well, that’s the 52 blogs, as promised. So go forth and read, read, read.

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