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Metal Type TypeCulture The Creation of a Printing Type From The Design to The Print by Frederic W. Goudy. Watch (00:10:16) Typomania Do you need to explain the significance of type to your parents, your Aunt Edna or the first-year students in your Typography 101 class? Watch (00:06:59) To a “T” First broadcast in May 2006 on the popular CBS Sunday Morning television show, this is an introduction to the world of fonts that combines well with Typomania to provide newcomers with different views on the purposes and significance of typefaces. Watch (00:03:16) Douglas Coffin, Lettercarver While this film may not be about type, it abounds with beautiful letters. Watch (00:06:45) Letterpress Printing This fabulous short film about John Kristensen‘s Firefly Press in Somerville, Massachusetts was created by journalist and videographer Chuck Kraemer for WGBH, Channel 2 in Boston. Watch (00:05:52) The Linotype Watch (00:02:23) The Ludlow Typograph Machine Watch (00:02:09) The Monotype Keyboard & Caster

Museum of Printing History Inter. Print Museum The History of Printing The printing press is considered one of the most important inventions in history. This device has made it possible for books, newspapers, magazines, and other reading materials to be produced in great numbers, and it plays an important role in promoting literacy among the masses. It was developed based on early principles of printing, and it has undergone many modifications over the years to meet the needs of people in different eras. The earliest documented evidence of printing dates back to the 2nd century when the ancient Chinese started using wooden blocks to transfer images of flowers on silk. By mid-15th century, a number of print masters in Europe were getting closer to perfecting movable metal type printing techniques, and one of them was Johannes Gutenberg, a former goldsmith and stone cutter from Mainz, Germany. Gutenberg’s printing press led to a dramatic increase in the number of print shops throughout Europe.

Pinnaroo Print Museum Part of the Mallee Heritage Centre, Pinnaroo, South Australia Preserving the printing craft With the technological changes in the Printing Industry during the 1960-70s, type, machinery and skills built up over five centuries were rendered obsolete. As the change took place, the Wilson brothers, of Pinnaroo Border Times, preserved the old equipment, which subsequently formed the nucleus of the Pinnaroo Printing Museum. Donations of equipment from printers in South Australia and interstate have built up the collection to be one of the best in Australia. One of the unique collections in the Mallee Tourist & Heritage Centre, it is not so much a museum of single exhibits, but is set out as a typical regional printing office of the early 20th century - the preservation of a craft, Letterpress Printing. Letterpress Printing is just that - type bearing letters being inked and pressed onto paper. Letterpress Printing This suggests three essential ingredients - type, paper and ink. Printer's Type Caxton