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La RepRap | Reprap Prusa i3 - Kit completo | Ultra-lab Antes de empezar Para descubrir el mundo de la impresión 3d personal, ¿qué mejor manera que de construir tu propia impresora Open Source? Además de imprimir, te permitirá conocer a fondo esta tecnología, mejorarla y modificarla como quieras. El kit que proponemos es el modelo Reprap Prusa i3. Este modelo diseñado y publicado por Josêf Prusa es una evolución estable de la versión anterior i2. Descripción Los elementos que hemos reunido para proponerte este kit han sido ampliamente probados y son de muy buena calidad. Además de todos los elementos básicos, el kit incluye: * un kit completo de tornillería y cableado * la fuente de alimentación * algunos componentes extra como espejo para superficie de impresión, cable de conexión al PC, cinta de alta resistencia térmica y funda espiral ordena cables. Para más detalles, descarga la lista completa de los elementos incluidos en el kit: Lista completa de los elementos incluidos en el kit Opciones Disclaimer

Heated bed MK3 My first heated bed worked OK but it was slow to warm up and hard to remove objects. The second one was only ever intended for experimenting with vacuums and magnets but I ended up printing most of my Mendel on it. It worked well but limits the build area. I have now replaced it with a full size version, using the lessons learned from the first two. The first bed was the same size as HydraRaptor's table (200 × 200mm) but the build area is only about 150 × 150mm. The warm up time and power are both proportional to area, so I made this one just big enough, i.e. 150×150mm. The other innovations were to make it easier to build. They are also lower profile of course. The thermocouple is mounted with a clamp made from PTFE. Since this bed has a steel plate on top none of the holes need to be blind. On my previous magnetic bed I placed the magnets in blind holes that were almost all the way through. This is the top side. For the steel plate on the top I used the cover of an old CD ROM.

Wade's Geared Extruder Wade's Geared Extruder Release status: Working This work is based on Adrian's Geared Nema 14 extruder (Adrian's Geared Extruder) design, and includes many concepts lifted from Nophead's extruder (Nophead's Extruder Tweaks) research. This extruder was designed for the RepRap Sells Mendel (but will work with about any 3D printer, if with adaptors) and is robust, provides a strong force to extrude, is cheap and DIY. no need to buy/use expensive metal gears; no need to do two precision flats on motor shaft; no need to glue the PTFE barrel; Other advantages over other extruders are: extrude/print at high speed; good for use with a low torque/cheap Nema 17 motor ; (Needs verification) no need to use expensive and complex tools - just one hand drill, a file and a M4 or M5 tap; no need to make splines on motor shaft; How to get it While this design is made with DIYers in mind, if you can't make your own, or simply don't want to, you can always buy one. Mechanical Construction Materials

Reprap-Fab Herzlich Willkommen Gast! Möchten Sie sich anmelden? Oder wollen Sie ein Kundenkonto eröffnen? Wer nicht weis worum es hier geht, sollte mal auf der Seite gucken gehen. Alle hier verkauften Kunststoffteile sind auf einem Reprap Mendel gedruckt worden. Ich stelle langsam auf ABS natur um. Einfach der Fairness halber.

Easy 3D Printer Toolchain « printthat The software that controls open source 3d printers is still in a state of flux. It can be difficult to navigate your way through all the options to try to put together a toolchain that will do what it is supposed to do. I know, I’ve been doing just that for a while now. Eventually I figured that I was only really helping myself because I was piling one patch onto another trying to make things work in my specific situation…and it wasn’t working all that well. So, I started over. The primary factor in deciding what toolchain to put together is the operating system your computer runs on. From that point forward all you have to do is download Java, which is free, and Python, which is free, and Arduino, which is free, and in this case I’ve choosen ReplicatorG (best and best supported), which is also free. But don’t worry. *I am sort of assuming you’re using RAMPS and Windows, but I can’t test this process with anything else at the moment. Like this: Like Loading...

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