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Heated bed MK3 My first heated bed worked OK but it was slow to warm up and hard to remove objects. The second one was only ever intended for experimenting with vacuums and magnets but I ended up printing most of my Mendel on it. It worked well but limits the build area. I have now replaced it with a full size version, using the lessons learned from the first two. The first bed was the same size as HydraRaptor's table (200 × 200mm) but the build area is only about 150 × 150mm.

Wade's Geared Extruder Wade's Geared Extruder Release status: Working This work is based on Adrian's Geared Nema 14 extruder (Adrian's Geared Extruder) design, and includes many concepts lifted from Nophead's extruder (Nophead's Extruder Tweaks) research. Easy 3D Printer Toolchain « printthat The software that controls open source 3d printers is still in a state of flux. It can be difficult to navigate your way through all the options to try to put together a toolchain that will do what it is supposed to do. I know, I’ve been doing just that for a while now. Eventually I figured that I was only really helping myself because I was piling one patch onto another trying to make things work in my specific situation…and it wasn’t working all that well.

Carriage for Kossel Mini (replaces ball rails) by brandonh Required Parts (per carriage): 7x m3 nuts 3x m3 nyloc nuts - regular m3 will do too, in a pinch. 1x m3x16mm screw 5x m3x25mm screw 1x m3x40mm screw (for tensioner) 1x m3 washer 3x Graber Dual 623 V rollers I purchased all of the fasteners from, and splurged on stainless socket head cap screws. The list is fairly long, but aside from printing, getting these rolling won't take much time. Things tagged with 'Prusa' (1262 Things) Prusa I3 X-carriage (Wades) by rball716 Jan 21, 2014 12V 30A PSU Terminal Cover by rball716 Jan 21, 2014 Prusa I3 Y-end single piece by rball716 Jan 21, 2014 X-motor End for Prusa I3 by rball716 Jan 21, 2014

Helium Frog Delta Robot This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data! Helium Frog Delta Robot The Helium Frog Delta Robot Back to Helium Frog Blog CAD Models Details Other Robots20/10/2010This page is dedicated to the development of the Helium Frog Delta Robot. The design is mostly complete and if you would like to help with the development please feel free. Some basic .stl models are available here to get you started. I will try to post the latest designs soon. Check the blog page for the latest progress. If you would like to see it working, check out the video on youtube by clicking the link below E3D-v6 V6 Video Check our our short and informative video introducing you to V6. Print the Widest Range of Materials Possible.

Airtripper Bowden Extruder BSP Edition by Airtripper Full documentation for the extruder is here: Extruder Filament Drive Gear Review & Benchmark Airtripper Direct Drive Bowden Extruder BSP Edition Designed for 1.75mm Filament and Nema 17 Stepper Motor This is the latest edition of the airtripper extruder series with many improvement tweaks and now is sporting a BSP fitting filament out feed socket.

Rostock Delta 3D printer build Rostock ! Hello and welcome to the Rostock build, it's take a while to get this one documented, I blame that on having way too much fun with my printers and development at the moment, I'll try to be a little quicker on future projects. The Rostock 3D printer was originally developed by Johann C. Rostock Rostock Release status: working Rostock is a linear delta robot 3D printer prototype, built in 2012 by Johann in Seattle, USA. Several variations have taken root, including: Kossel, Rostock mini, Rostock MAX, Rostock-Montpellier, Rostock Prisma, Delta-Pi, Cerberus, cOssel, Cherry Pi and ProStock. First tests and Calibration - Repetier Firmware I originally wrote this post, and geared it toward the firmware I was using at the time, Marlin. I then tried to edit the post and added Repetier firmware (FW will be use for firmware for the rest of the post) notes. User feedback says it would be better to have one for , and one for Repetier FW.

Delta robot kinematics - Tutorials The delta robot consists of two platforms: the upper one (1) with three motors (3) mounted on it, and smaller one (8) with an end effector (9). The platforms are connected through three arms with parallelograms, the parallelograms restrain the orientation of the lower platform to be parallel to the working surface (table, conveyor belt and so on). The motors (3) set the position of the arms (4) and, thereby, the XYZ-position of the end effector, while the fourth motor (11) is used for rotation of the end effector.