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Blackstreet: Don't Leave Me

Blackstreet: Don't Leave Me

visual studio - Where can I find nice Dark ReSharper (with Color identifiers = on) Themes Musicovery Pansentient League Introducing “Razor” – a new view engine for ASP.NET One of the things my team has been working on has been a new view engine option for ASP.NET. ASP.NET MVC has always supported the concept of “view engines” – which are the pluggable modules that implement different template syntax options. The “default” view engine for ASP.NET MVC today uses the same .aspx/.ascx/.master file templates as ASP.NET Web Forms. Other popular ASP.NET MVC view engines used today include Spark and NHaml. The new view-engine option we’ve been working on is optimized around HTML generation using a code-focused templating approach. The codename for this new view engine is “Razor”, and we’ll be shipping the first public beta of it shortly. Design Goals We had several design goals in mind as we prototyped and evaluated “Razor”: Compact, Expressive, and Fluid: Razor minimizes the number of characters and keystrokes required in a file, and enables a fast, fluid coding workflow. Choice and Flexibility Hello World Sample with Razor Building it with .ASPX Code Nuggets Summary

stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities Hot Spotify - Spotify Playlists, Spotify New Album Releases, Spotify News HTML5 & CSS3 in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 - Web Development Tools @ Microsoft Since the release of Visual Studio 2010 SP1 beta last month, there has been a lot of questions regarding the support for HTML5 and CSS3. Visual Studio 2010 was originally released without HTML5 support, so does SP1 finally add support for it? Yes, to some extent. The entire HTML5 specification isn’t supported but most of the new elements and attributes are. Turn it on After installing SP1 you have to tell Visual Studio to start using the HTML5 schema. Or if you have the HTML Source Editing toolbar enabled, you can select it in the target schema dropdown. Intellisense support The new elements that are specific to HTML5 are shown in the intellisense list as you would expect. Even the new HTML5 specific attribute values for existing elements are shown. Prior to SP1 there had been a bug that caused a runtime error when an input element used some of the new type attribute values such as email in conjunction with runat=”server”. This error has been fixed and will be included in the final SP1.

truShuffle (beta) - Better shuffling for Spotify Home - BUILD | September 13 - 16, 2011 | Anaheim Convention Center Samsung 46" LED-TV UE46D6515XXE (3D) Ta steget in i interaktiv hemmaunderhållning med Samsung LED 6000: s Smart Hub. Det är det enklaste sättet att få ut mer av din TV. Nu kan du använda internet fullt ut genom TV: n med nya funktioner som Search All, Your Video och Web Browser. 3D-hemmabio är inte komplett utan Samsungs 3D LED-TV Med ledande 3D-bildteknik levererar Samsung 3D LED-TV en oförglömlig bildupplevelse. Den ultimata mediahubben i TV:n Tack vare mängder med anslutningsmöjligheter kan du sköta all digital underhållning från ett och samma ställe. CMR 200 Upplev äkta rörelseskärpa med Samsungs Clear Motion Rate. Ultra Clear Panel Säg adjö till oskärpa. Digital Noise Filter Titta på analoga program med samma kristallklara skärpa som digitala sändningar med Samsungs Digital Noise Filter. Full HD 1080p Kom närmare verkligheten. Wide Color Enhancer Plus Se världens sanna färger. Search All Hitta mer TV-innehåll. Webbläsare Surfa via TV:n. Social TV Dela med dig till släkt och vänner. 3D-konvertering Se mer i 3D.