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[WEBDESIGN] Comment bien choisir ses couleurs pour créer un site

[WEBDESIGN] Comment bien choisir ses couleurs pour créer un site

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Website-ready color schemes for ColorSchemer Browse Schemes Sort: Date|Rating|Downloads Showing schemes 1-10 of 6,152 2,777 Downloads+aqua By: ibrahimefouad 50 Reasons not to use Photoshop for Webdesign First things first, I love Photoshop. It is the world’s best program for image editing. I do not intend to say Photoshop is a bad program, I just wish to clear up the misunderstanding that Photoshop is the right tool to use for web and screen design. Photoshop was designed to be used for image manipulation. It was not designed to create effective pixel-precise layouts for computer screens, or to make quick changes to screen layouts. Photoshop tends to be used for this purpose however, because users are familiar with the program, and are not aware that Fireworks was designed for this specific purpose.

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