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Karen J Lloyd's Storyboard Blog

Karen J Lloyd's Storyboard Blog
And we’re back! Here’s Part 2 of the interview I did with Pixar Story Artist Matthew Luhn. You can find Part 1 of Matthew’s interview here. Enjoy. So I animated a couple of the army men shots on Toy Story and it was very difficult. But the great thing about the experience was that in the room right next door was the story department. That was the very first time I saw people actually drawing and creating story at a studio. Even at The Simpsons, they have a script first and then the storyboard artists (like most TV shows) just go directly from the script to drawing the storyboards. But what I was seeing at PIXAR was that there was no script. I totally remember the very first pitch I saw which was the opening for Toy Story in storyboards with Joe Ranft pitching it. At the same time when I’m doing animation and learning how to animate on the computer, the Head of Animation was Pete Doctor. This was a different time. So I became friends with all these guys and not just at work, but after work.

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Animation with a moustache Posted on March 17, 2014 | Leave a CommentFiled under Animation Having moved back to London to work on a really cool cartoony game I can’t talk much of for now, I am currently focusing on life drawing and painting most of my evenings. London is probably the only place in the world where Life drawing classes happen pretty much every day.

The Mystical Universe of Magic: The Gathering Since the trading card game debuted in 1993, Magic: The Gathering has gone from being a niche hobby to an international phenomenon. Today some of its 10 million–plus disciples are so besotted with MTG that they've nicknamed it "cardboard crack." In this episode of American Obsessions, we follow a professional Magic player who dropped out of college to join the pro circuit, and we talk ... Since the trading card game debuted in 1993, Magic: The Gathering has gone from being a niche hobby to an international phenomenon.

The Art Resource Anonymous said: can you give me some tips on how to draw teeth ? cyborgraptor: ashbet: *wry laugh* Unless you have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome — my daughter and I both winced/chuckled at that remark about the fingers “not being able to bend back too far.* Hers can almost touch the backs of her hands, because they bend backward to that degree. (With that said, it’s an excellent tutorial on normal-human-being hands, for people who aren’t absurdly hypermobile!) kelpls: 200+ Consciousness Raising Documentaries Do you feel like having a ‘Movie Night’ without having to go anywhere? Here is a list of over 200 consciousness expanding movies and documentaries that will assist you in your evolution – All of which can watched for free online in the links below. How many of them have you seen? Enjoy! Leave a comment below if there are any other videos that you would like to recommend! Also, if there are any broken links, please let us know as well!

Every Frame a Painting This is the first of two new videos today. Watch this one first. Off the top of your head, could you sing the theme from Star Wars? 30 Death-Defying Photos That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat If looking down from the edge of a cliff or a tall office building gives you a little thrill in the depths of your tummy, then here’s a post that will tie your tummy into knots! We’ve found 30 of the most death-defying photos out there that will test even our most hardened readers. Having a “head for heights” is great if you’re a thrill seeker or someone who has to work at high altitudes, and some people consider their tolerance for heights to be a source of pride, but many scientists consider the fear of heights to be an advantageous trait. The famous “visual cliff” experiment proved that even year-old infants have depth perception and are less likely to approach their mother if they have to cross a glass-covered chasm that may look like a cliff edge to them. Photo: Gordon Wiltsie25 Photo: unknown

Dr. Grob's Animation Review Director: Tim Burton & Mike JohnsonRelease Date: September 23, 2005Rating: ★★★★Review: The shy Victor and Victoria are forced by their unsympathetic parents to marry each other. Luckily, they actually like each other, but then Victor accidentally marries the deceased Emily who takes him to a world underground, while Victoria is forced to marry the evil lord Barkis… 28 Magical Moments Of Children Playing From Across The World Children, regardless of where they are living, the economic situation they are in, or their cultural background, always find time and creative ways to enjoy themselves. To them, play is sacred and the most important thing in life, that is why they involve themselves totally in it. Those magical moments of childhood play, when captured by talented photographers, turn into amazingly beautiful photos, which inspire awe and wonder.

animationstudies 2.0 As a film-maker who has become further and further drawn into the world of animated documentary, what has enthralled and inspired me is the overt subjectivity of exploring the world through animation; free from the ‘baggage’ of objectivity implied in… Read more → My local fish and chip shop has a sign in its window that says, in a large font: “CAT FISH – 75p” Just below, in a smaller font, it says “Fish for your cat” This sign always makes… Read more →

Hallucinogenic Honey Hunters of Nepal ~ Psychedelic Adventure If you've ever been to Nepal, it isn't that rare to see someone smoking some Ganja, the good old herb or perhaps booming some Charas from the mountains. But to see someone tripping on Hallucinogenic Honey is a rarity. Mother nature has so many gifts for us hidden in plain sight, we would be amazed ... ! There are so many more discoveries yet to be made ... of legends that never seem to fade. Plant based medicine has been used by mankind for as long as we remember ... even most of these pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured using plants from the Amazonian rain forest with other additives that we definitely can do without. Honey is well known for its medicinal qualities however the honey gathered from these steep Himalayan cliff sides also has a psychedelic angle to the healing.