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Luciferous Logolepsy

Luciferous Logolepsy
Welcome to Luciferous Logolepsy, a collection of over 9,000 obscure English words. Though the definition of an "English" word might seem to be straightforward, it is not. There exist so many adopted, derivative, archaic or abandoned words in what we loosely define as the "English Language", that a clear-cut definition seems impossible. For the purposes of this project though, words are included that may stretch any basic definitions. Particular attention has been paid to archaic words, as they tend to be more evocative - as if their very age lends additional meaning or overtones. Current personal favorites include "skirr", "epicaricacy" and "schizothemia". (To build your own links to words, simply link to the page they are on, and add an anchor to the URL with the word, like this: ) The letters in the menu above link to separate pages with words listed in alphabetical order. Corrections, additions or comments?

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20 obsolete English words that should make a comeback Photo: Katherine Hodgson If we all start using them, these words can be resurrected. DURING MY UNDERGRADUATE studies as a Linguistics major, one of the things that struck me most is the amazing fluidity of language. New words are created; older words go out of style. Cliche Finder Have you been searching for just the right cliché to use? Are you searching for a cliché using the word "cat" or "day" but haven't been able to come up with one? Just enter any words in the form below, and this search engine will return any clichés which use that phrase... Over 3,300 clichés indexed!

50 Obscure English Words to Impress Your Friends According to the Global Language Monitor, English has more than 1,000,000 words (although even large dictionaries tend to contain about a third or a fourth), more than any other language spoken on Earth (that's more than thrice the amount of words in Spanish alone, another leading language in amount of words). Yet, most people only know 5,000 - 6,000! Of course, often, not much more than that is needed; English has an incredible amount of words with the exact same meaning. As said by, English has only 250,000 - 300,000 when only "normal" words are counted; the rest are obsolete words, technical terms, or jargon that has more or less entered our language. A lot of these words are so bizarre, that you wonder why they were ever coined. Here are fifty of such words that never quite caught on.

MARKINGS [Poetry extracts Robin Allott] A brittle glory shineth in this face [Richard III} A bright particular star [All's well that end Well] A being darkly wise, and rudely great [Pope] 100 Funniest Words in English 100 Funniest Words in English Published on Feb 19, 2009 - 3:21:23 PM By: The Lexiteria LEWISBURG, Pa., Feb. 19 2009 - The Lexiteria has announced the publication of The 100 Funniest Words in English by Dr.

19 Outstanding Words You Should Be Working Into Conversation There are some of our favorite words that appeared in mental_floss stories in 2011. Some are foreign words. Others come from medical dictionaries. And there's a surprising amount of hobo slang. Unusual Words Unusual Words A by no means exhaustive list of rare, obscure, strange and sometimes funny words and their meanings that only seem to crop up in crosswords and dictionaries. Words that are used so seldom, you wonder who invented them and why. Home ~ The Stories ~ Diversions ~ Links ~ Contact

Rosa Alchemica For the next Millennium the digital press will equally change the literary world. In 1971 Michael Hart founded Project Gutenberg, a global coordinated volunteer effort to digitize and distribute the great works of our predecessors. "The Purpose of Project Gutenberg is to encourage the creation and distribution of electronic books."

A.Word.A.Day noun: 1. A playful leap: caper. 2. A leap made by a trained horse involving a backward kick of the hind legs at the top of the leap. From Middle French capriole (caper) or Italian capriola (leap), from Latin capreolus (goat), diminutive of caper (goat). Unusual Words Rendered in Bold Graphics by Maria Popova A visual A-Z of the hidden treasures of language. As a lover of language and words, especially obscure and endangered words, I was instantly besotted with Project Twins’ visual interpretations of unusual words, originally exhibited at the MadArt Gallery Dublin during DesignWeek 2011. SKINNING CATS & LEOPARD SKIN PILLBOX HATS There they were on a Sunday morning 1n the 1890′s , pedaling with determination along the New Jersey Palisades until they found a quiet stretch of river. Then they stripped off their serviceable knickerbockers and blouses, and bathed, glowing with high-minded morality, quite naked. Refreshed, they sat down to a healthy picnic of whole-meal bread, raw carrots, fruit, and nuts. They sang a few glees, mounted their bicycles , and full of virtue, pedaled back to the ferry for New York.

Words! Bizarre, Obsolete, Odd, Outdated & Weird + Cartoon Fun! Updated: 4/11/2013 Brownielocks and The 3 Bears presentCartoon Fun and Check our listing below to understand the conversation in our cartoon! Every generation creates its own terms as a way of expressing themselves or the times they live in. So, as our world changes, words come and go.

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