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Modelling behaviour: Game theory in practice

Modelling behaviour: Game theory in practice

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How Weibo Is Changing China Weibo is just 3 years old, but its posters are fierce in tackling China’s challenges BEIJING: It was the last straw for Shanghai graduate student Wu Heng, when he heard that restaurants near him were using toxic chemicals to make pork taste like beef. He started a food-safety blog out of his dorm room in January. In April, he got 10,000 hits. In May, he got 5 million. Is SETI at risk of downloading a malicious virus from outer space? In Sagan's defense they did talk about the possibility of it being a giant bomb in the book (don't remember if they do in the movie). As for a computer virus. There is no way that aliens could make a virus that would run on our computers without closely studying it. BUT, their message could very easily describe a set of rules for a programming language and then include a program that ran on those rules.

Can You Guess the World's Fastest Growing Economy? (No, It's Not China) - Max Fisher Mongolia is part of a new class of countries that, like the Middle Eastern states that got rich selling oil to the West, have hitched their economies to resource-hungry China. A tourist stands at Sükhbaatar Square, in the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator. (Wikimedia). If you can make your way into the VIP room on the second floor of the Louis Vuitton outlet in Ulan Bator -- it's near the Burberry store, but the Burberry in Central Tower and not the one at the forthcoming Shangri La resort hotel -- you'll be handed a glass of champagne and asked to gaze upon a special, gem-encrusted saddle made just for this store.

From Technologist to Philosopher - Manage Your Career By Damon Horowitz How does someone become a technologist? In my case, it happened in college. I was an undergraduate at Columbia University, reading and discussing what were once unrepentantly called "the classics." I really wanted to understand what the great thinkers thought about the great questions of life, the human condition, the whole metaphysical stew. Where Are My Medical Nanobots? @Log1c: Can you cite specific examples of these claims? I've been following this field very closely for many years now. As I recall, Smalley and Drexler had big public debate about the feasibility of advanced, dry nano five or so years ago. I recall that Smalley's arguments against it were based on several misconceptions.

Shopping Intelligence for Mobile Devices- Pricebaba Launches Today in Mumbai PriceBaba, a shopping intelligence for mobile devices, today announced the launch of its services. Aligning years of retail experience, PriceBaba aims to provide intelligence about the best prices, deals and availability to help shoppers make an informed purchase decision. PriceBaba gives consumers a powerful tool to find the best bargains on mobile phones in their vicinity by listing the best bargain price for over 400 mobiles phones from 26 manufacturers. The site will first be targeted to shoppers in Mumbai.

Giving an old bee a youngster's job causes brain rejuvenation Right? I have a terrible, uneducated, sneaking suspicion that the media are confusing the reappearance in old bees of proteins normally found in young bees to the arrival of 'brain rejuvenation' processes. Like looking at a brain scan of a geriatric human being skipping rope who is also looking at a picture of their childhood home and *shock* finding that the same areas of the brain light up as the brain of a seven year-old. Making old people act like they are younger suddenly now *actually makes them younger*... and RESTORES THEIR BRAINS. It's a leap that I'm sure seems negligible to the general public, but couldn't be less scientifically founded. ... just as a cocktail-party example...

8 Practical Suggestions to Help You Achieve Financial Independence Most of what you learned growing up about money, income, and wealth are not true. This is understandable - think about whom you first learned them from (odds are good, it was from those who were not rich themselves). From confusing high incomes with wealth to not knowing the importance of tax asset placement when choosing your investments, after reading this special, it might make more sense to you why some professional athletes making $20 million a year quickly go bankrupt, while a bus driver can retire a multi-millionaire and have no financial worries. In fact, this step-by-step guide to achieving financial independence was designed so you can discover some of the most remarkable secrets to freeing yourself from that special brand of anxiety that money troubles can elicit.

Intel-based smartphone unveiled by Orange for UK and France 31 May 2012Last updated at 06:40 ET Intel and Orange are backing the device with a big marketing campaign Europe's first "Intel Inside" smartphone has been unveiled by the telecoms firm Everything Everywhere. The handset is powered by Intel's single-core Atom Z2460 processor and runs Google's Android system. It was manufactured by the Chinese firm Gigabyte, but will be marketed under EE's Orange brand. The launch marks Intel's entry into a market dominated by chips based on designs by British firm Arm Holdings.

The fine line between replicating cells and cancer, explained Ah, that is a totally different kind of animal (pardon the pun). I don't see a distinction, however, between transmitting a disease vector from a person carrying the virus to another host, and the disease being transmissible. It is similar to a tuberculosis patient transmitting the bacterium from one person to the next; they may have no symptoms - no coughing, fatigue, fever, fluid on the lungs, etc.