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WHEELS & TIRES W5_1 These are a 1 piece casting with no backside detail. They are perfect for a shelf build with a contest look! They come as a set of 4, included are 2 metal axles and 4 mounting plates. Speed Runs : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive Speed Runs by Kevin 'Enhasa' Juang Speed run of Final Fantasy II in 38 segments completed on December 19 2005. Available in low quality only, video quality is poor when moving in the overworld. Timing note: Game's timer is referenced at its last visible point, then real time from then to final damage numbers appearing is added. Resulting time is rounded up to the next whole minute since the game timer could've have been :59 seconds at the last visible moment.

Advertise On Digital Point What kind of ads do you offer? We offer banner advertising, email advertising as well as inline text-link ads based on keywords you choose. Pricing for banner ads are priced based on impressions, email ads are based on how many emails are sent with your ad, while inline contextual ads are priced per click and the user ending up on your site. What is the cost? Banner Ads Make your Twitter use smarter with Smartr for iPhone 17 December '10, 06:19am Follow Are you a Twitter user? Have you tried multiple Twitter apps for your iPhone or iPod touch, but have grown frustrated by having to scroll and scroll and scroll to find news and stories from the sources you hold near and dear to your heart? Your Twitter frustration is no doubt felt by others, but thankfully there is an app to make Twitter use on your iPhone smarter. Smartr (free).

The Treatment Model Wax The Final Detail 5 oz jars in stock! - plus Paint and Metal Polishing Kit for 1/8 models note: By special agreement we can offer a 5 ounce jar of The Treatment "Final Detail" Model Wax. The familiar 1oz. jars were discontinued by the manufacturer in favor of 1/3oz. single use foil packets. The new jar is too large to include in the polishing kit, so we reduced the price of the polishing kit and are offering the wax separately below.

10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook Facebook is the social network preferred by most businesses when planning and implementing their social media marketing strategy. Even though Twitter and YouTube are large social media networks, Facebook provides a marketing ecosystem that is multi-media rich and broad. There are literally tens of thousands of apps that can assist business with marketing on Facebook. Even though it feels like Facebook has been part of our lives forever it must be noted that Facebook “Pages” for Business have only been with us for barely 3 years! Business is Still Learning How to Use Facebook Personnaliser Firefox Firefox's toolbar provides easy access to common features. Do you miss something you use a lot? The toolbar is easy to customize. Is there something you don't use all the time? Try adding it to the overflow menu.

All Electric Bike Makers, Zero Motorcycles, Raise Another $2.4 Million A Santa Cruz-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, Zero Motorcycles, raised another $2.4 million in private equity, according to a new SEC filing. Earlier this month, California’s Scotts Valley Police Department started using the company’s Zero DS bikes in urban patrols. According to a company press statement, its Zero DS has a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) and is highway legal, safe for off-road bike paths, and drives quietly due to its all-electric drivetrain, making it potentially advantageous for urban law enforcement. In late 2010, Zero Motorcycles expanded sales of its all-electric bikes to Australia. The company is selling its products in 32 countries today, including the U.S., Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the U.K. and Canada. Last summer, Zero Motorcycles attained a U.S. patent for a battery interconnect system that reduces the amount energy wasted in the form of heat around the power packs that go into their bikes.

June 13, 2014 - Happy Father's Day at Dragon USA Online We respect your privacy. If you would rather not receive email alerts from concerning special offers, product announcements, and other news, please click on the link below to un-subscribe from our mailing list. (you may also re-subscribe to this list using the same link) Your email address will not be used for any other purposes by unsubscribing. Fish: Search FishBase Associated Journal Publish in our journal partner Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria the results of your primary research on fishes about growth, weight-length relationships, reproduction (maturity, fecundity, spawning), food and diet composition, introductions and range extensions for faster subsequent entry in (2011 impact factor: 0.547). Indexed Journal

Sign in to your digital asset management software ePhoto directly from Illustrator. GoVersion makes saving and restoring Creative Cloud design versions a walk in the park. Conveniently work with scripts and your working files Save time with the Getty Images plugin. The Future of Search: Who Will Win The Spam Wars? Sometimes, all it takes is a little spark to set off a major forest fire. That is what seems to have happened with my New Year’s Day post on Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google. Over the last two months, there has been an avalanche of articles echoing my post (and a few before it from notable people like Jeff Atwood), including New York Magazine, Business Insider, GigaOm, TechCrunch, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal. I had a feeling that this would get Google’s attention.

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