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Self Watering Garden - Using Recycled Water From an Air Conditioner: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Self Watering Garden - Using Recycled Water From an Air Conditioner: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

How Can We Recycle A/C Water? During the hottest months of the year, high water rates and mandatory water conservation rules can restrict household water usage to the bare necessities. Taking advantage of alternative water sources can provide water for a variety of uses and reduce fresh water usage. One such source is graywater. Graywater is household wastewater from washing machines, sinks and baths. One of the easiest sources of household graywater to access and use is condensate from an air conditioner. As warm air is cooled by an air conditioning system, humidity in the air forms condensation. Water from air conditioner condensation can be used to water indoor and outdoor plants. Air conditioner condensate does not contain soaps, chlorine or other chemicals that may be found in fresh water or other graywater sources. Air conditioner condensate can be used for decorative water features, such as water fountains. Air conditioner condensate may contain contaminants, such as algae. Lose Weight.

Is waste water from an air conditioner safe to drink? - Quora How to Recycle Air Conditioning Water Condensation | Sciencing The condensation produced by most air conditioning systems is drained into the sewer, and the water is lost. Many people do not realize that this water, known as condensate, can be recycled for uses that do not involve human consumption. The most common household use is for watering house and garden plants. Recently, businesses and public buildings have been reducing their consumption of potable water by harvesting condensate on a large scale for uses other than drinking. Condensate Central air conditioning systems pull humid, warm air from a space and turn it into cool air that is blown back into the space. Collection Barrel Virtually all air conditioning systems that produce condensate have some sort of drain line. Condensate Pump Sometimes a condensate pump is needed to drain the water to a particular location if the condensate water needs to flow uphill. Commercial Condensate Harvesting Some businesses and public buildings are recycling condensate on a large scale.

How to Set Up Grey Water Recycling | Sciencing With water in short supply in many locales in the United States, recycling grey water can help reduce water consumption. While you need clean water for kitchen use, laundry and personal hygiene, you can recycle water with some soap and other impurities. Such grey water is safe for outdoor use such as irrigating gardens and lawns, and for indoor use such as flushing toilets. Simple grey water recycling systems are easy and inexpensive to install. Collection Identify the pipes coming from the drains of your showers, baths, bathroom sinks and washing machine. Cut or unscrew the drain pipes, depending on your installation. Link all the pipes to a common drain pipe in the basement or crawl space. Storage Install a storage tank if you want your irrigation to extend over longer periods of time. Place the storage tank indoors if you are in an area with frost in the winter. Use Run a hose or pipe from the pump outlet up to where you need the grey water. Warning

Recycling A/C water? | ScienceBits The other day I found out to my dismay that the balcony underneath my air conditioner at home leaks water into the living room below it. Instead of sealing the balcony (as I should...) I temporarily solved the problem by placing a baby bath tub underneath. Yep, I'm lazy. Two days later, I noticed that the baby bath tub is almost full. So, I took it down and watered the lawn with it. Living near Jerusalem, I actually don't need too much A/C, perhaps two weeks over the summer. What about someone living along the coast, such as in Tel-Aviv? If you're a private person in a humid place like Tel-Aviv or Houston, you would be operating an A/C. What about the national level?

5 Ways in Which Air Conditioning Water Can Be Recycled - Aliso Air When the summer months arrive, your air conditioning system will be working overtime to provide the essential cooling needed in the home. The summer months are also a time when many areas insist on water conservation to that water usage is cut down to a minimum. This can be hard for many home owners who need to water gardens or need more water than allowed. It is at this time that alternative water sources can be used to provide fresh water. One option is to use the graywater from your AC unit for other water needs around the home. Condensate from your Air Conditioning System The air conditioning system will cool the warm air and humidity will form condensation in the unit. Irrigation System One form of using the AC unit water is with irrigation. Cleaning Outdoor Items Because the water from the air conditioning unit is fresh, you can use it for multiple purposes including cleaning. Water Features of the Home Benefits of Condensate Water

Is the Air Conditioner water clean and hygienic if I want to collect and reuse the water? - Sustainable Living Stack Exchange current community your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Sustainable Living beta Ask Question Sustainable Living Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for folks dedicated to a lifestyle that can be maintained indefinitely without depleting available resources. Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Is the Air Conditioner water clean and hygienic if I want to collect and reuse the water? 1 Answer active oldest votes Your Answer Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Post as a guest discard By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Not the answer you're looking for? Get the weekly newsletter! The week's top questions and answers Important community announcements Questions that need answers Linked

Recycling AC waste water UAE companies are turning to reusing air conditioner condensate to reduce the energy consumed by buildings Gardening solutions: In humid climates, home air conditioners can generate up to 68 litres of condensate — enough water to maintain small gardens Brad Lancaster, author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands reminisces about a trip to Jeddah, where he found it interesting that water was “flowing down the streets” in a country that receives only 50 millimetres of rain in a year. This water turned out to be condensate from the vast army of air conditioners in the city — drip by drip the water had become a steady stream. Chilled ceilings This works on the principle that warm air rises and cold air falls. Data furnaces These days, everything is moving to the cloud. Situational awareness HVAC manufacturers too are thinking up ways to cut down on energy costs. Freezing energy costs Companies such as the renewable energy provider Ice Energy have turned to ice to freeze rising costs.

Drought Lessons: Harvesting Water From Air Conditioners | RWL Water Water scarcity continues prompting residents of drought-stricken regions worldwide to embrace what may appear to be odd conservation strategies, including harvesting condensation from air-conditioning units. Gathering water from busy air-conditioning units in the summer is being taught by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agents. Individual households, as well as municipalities and businesses in the state are adopting the practice to save increasingly precious water for reuse. A basic configuration consists of pipe from the unit that is fed into a rainwater barrel equipped with a spigot, Patrick Dickinson, one of the extension’s agents, told WFAA. Conserving condensate is being practiced in various regions around the world. Condensate is distilled water. The amount of water produced in the condensation process may be surprising. The Alliance for Water Efficiency notes: Image by Lars Plougmann.

מערכת חדשה למיחזור ולשימוש במי מזגנים מבית SCI חברת SCI, המתמחה בייצור מיכלי מים גמישים, מציגה מערכת ייחודית לאיסוף ומיחזור מי מזגנים לקראת תערוכת קלינטק 2010. המערכת הינה מערכת מתקפלת המאוחסנת בקלות בחורף ונפתחת בקיץ לשימוש. המערכת אוספת את מי המזגנים במיכל מתקפל בעל קיבולת של 60 ליטר המתחבר בקלות לכל צינור מי מזגנים. "מזגן מייצר ביום כ-10 ליטר מים מזוקקים שאינם דורשים כל טיפול לפני השימוש", מציין נתנאל רייש, מנכ"ל החברה, "והמערכת שפיתחנו מאפשרת לאגור את מי המזגנים במשך שבוע ולהשתמש בהם במרוכז להשקיה או לשטיפת הרכב. מי המזגנים מהווים מקור מים זמין בכל בית והשימוש בהם מומלץ גם על-ידי הרשות הממשלתית למים (בניגוד למים אפורים שאסורים כיום למיחזור על-ידי משרד הבריאות). עמותת אדם טבע ודין, המקדמת בימים אלו את חוק "מיחזור מים אפורים ומי מזגנים", מציינת כי "מי מזגנים הם מים נקיים ביותר, ללא מרכיבי זיהום המוכרים במים אפורים. המיכל מצויד במערכת המונעת הצפה של המזגן במקרה בו המיכל מלא לחלוטין. חברת SCI הינה יצרן ישראלי של מיכלי מים גמישים, המייצרת פתרונות שונים בתחומי האחסון כיסוי ובידוד.