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Literary Locations For travellers with literary imaginations, the world is crammed full of places that have inspired writers to bring their characters to life there - from Pooh Bear's wood to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Some are well known, and well trodden - others have been forgotten. For many, literary locations make a great reason for a driving holiday. Lists Previous123456789…1718Next Other Individuals Who Were at the Copacabana the Night That Rico Shot Tony (or Vice Versa), But Whose Presence Was Apparently Not Significant Enough to Warrant Inclusion in Barry Manilow’s Song by Gary M. Almeter (4/16/2014) The LinkedIn Endorsement Prompts Are Getting Interestingby Jim Stallard (4/8/2014)

Suggested Reading List @ Highly Recommends These Books... While there are no books that we have found that accurately and completely portray Shaolin history, philosophy, and kung fu technique, the reader will find the following books a step in the right direction. We have found that there tends to be more quality found in philosophical texts and histories than books on technique. If the book covers technique, we prefer books that cover both form AND application (as the techniques themselves are useless without a clear and concise explanation of the applications) and that constitutes the majority of the books we list. Please note that many of these books are out of print.

The 13 scariest books of all time NOT written by Stephen King Yes, we all know King is the Sultan of Scare, and that books like The Shining, Salem's Lot, and It will make you quake in your fuzzy slippers. But here are 13 books that'll start the shivers while spreading the wealth. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Thomas Harris This isn't the first time we'd meet the psychopathic Hannibal Lecter—that'd be Red Dragon—but it was the most eerie. And what's more, he wasn't the only serial baddie at work: Buffalo Bill took his share of trophies as Silence of the Lambs worked its way into the public's collective cerebral cortex. Title Lists About Peer Review Policy EBSCO Peer Review Policy I. Review of The Field by Lynne McTaggart Review of The Field by Lynne McTaggart In recent years there has been quite a bit of scientific research into the body/mind connection which can help us to understand what it is and how it works. In her recent book on this subject titled The Field Lynne McTaggart has collected a number of research findings into an easily read format. Posted on October 17, 2011 - by The Bookworm Not that long ago, I received an email from a friend sharing with me the BBC Big Read list. A group of scholars in both philosophy and literature sat down and decided the top 100 novels everyone should read in their lifetime. The email simply asked “How many, Bookworm, how many?” Not Sure Which Twitter Lists To Follow? Listorious Has A Directory Of The Best Ones Twitter Lists are rolling out today (although the feature is not quite turned on for everyone yet). The new feature lets users make lists of interesting people on Twitter, grouped together so that they are easy to follow. But how do you find the best lists? Already, there is an independent directory service which is launching in tandem with Twitter Lists called Listorious. (Warning: it only fully works for people who have Twitter Lists enabled). Listorious offers a curated collection of lists across various categories such as media, humor, marketing, finance, and food.

10 great science fiction novels that have been banned @djscruffy: And that's why you're a heathen and should be burned at the stake. @djscruffy: In defense of public schools, I would suggest that the reason many of these books are challenged so often is that they're frequently included in school curriculums and libraries. I grew up in a state that, according to these links, engaged in book-burning less than a decade before my birth. That makes me shudder. But I'm also the child of a public school teacher and am familiar with my mother's and many of her peers' views on children's reading materials.

7 Books We Lost to History That Would Have Changed the World The vast majority of the knowledge humans have assembled over the centuries, has been lost. The world's geniuses either kept their revelations to themselves and then died, or else they put it down on paper which has long since rotted or burned or been used to line some parakeet's cage. Obviously we'll never know what great books have been lost to time, but we have clues on some of them, and what those clues tell us is mind-boggling, and a little bit depressing. If you could make a library out of just books that didn't survive, you'd have a collection of some of the best freaking books ever written. The Gospel of Eve, by Unknown

Keep and Share Online Calendar Update June 2013 - Unfortunately Keep and Share is no longer free. They do have a free trial period if you'd like to try them out. Keep and Share is a free, online calendar that you can share or keep to yourself.

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