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Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Design, Eco-innovation

Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Design, Eco-innovation
The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) has built world class knowledge and expertise of sustainable innovation and product sustainability. The Centre researches, develops and disseminates understanding of present and future sustainability impacts and solutions related to innovation, products, technologies, services and systems through projects, training, events, networks and information. CfSD works with partners in Europe, North America and Asia to deliver high quality results. The Centre is an internationally recognised centre of excellence. Please download the Centre’s brochure

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Green Design Institute The Green Design Institute is a major interdisciplinary education and research effort to make an impact on environmental quality by partnering with companies, government agencies and foundations to develop pioneering management, manufacturing, and regulatory processes that can improve environmental quality and product quality while enhancing economic development. Students from many different degree programs at Carnegie Mellon can participate in the Green Design Institute activities. Through the Green Design Institute, we are solving problems and building tools that help businesses accomplish more with less. Our focus is on developing practical pollution prevention technologies and lowering costs, by recycling scarce resources, using fewer raw materials and creating better products.

50m tonnes of e-waste generated every year – and it is increasing The developing world is becoming the west's digital dumping ground. Every year around 50m tonnes of unwanted electronic devices make their way to vast e-waste dumps in Guiyu in China and Agbogbloshie in Ghana – often illegally. Some of them will be repaired and resold. Others will be broken into their components, at considerable expense to the environment and people's health, and sold as raw materials to manufacturers. Yet more will be left as piles of toxic litter.

Sustainable design Sustainable design (also called environmental design, environmentally sustainable design, environmentally conscious design, etc.) is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.[1] Theory[edit] The intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design".[1] Manifestations of sustainable design require no non-renewable resources, impact the environment minimally, and connect people with the natural environment. Beyond the "elimination of negative environmental impact", sustainable design must create projects that are meaningful innovations that can shift behaviour. A dynamic balance between economy and society, intended to generate long-term relationships between user and object/service and finally to be respectful and mindful of the environmental and social differences.[2] Conceptual problems[edit]

Product designer Job Information Page Content Product designer Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£19,000 + per year Product design is the process of creating new products and items from scratch or working on improvements to existing ones. 10 Futuristic Materials Lifeboat Foundation Safeguarding Humanity Skip to content How you can use sustainable design and save the world 'Sustainable design' is a commonly used term these days, but it isn't a separate branch of design, or an optional add-on to an existing design. In this day and age, all design should be sustainable - in terms of environment, economy and society. According to the United Nations, our designs need to meet "the economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of the planet to provide for the needs of future generations". In other words, says illustrator, graphic designer and art director Philippe Intraligi, it's "much more than just sticking a 'green' label on existing products. It involves function, material and packaging choices." Sounds like a tall order.

sustainability - Ethics in Graphic Design Sustainable practices for graphic designers include a wide range of issues. When creating traditional print materials the toxicity of ink and paper and the sheer quantity of paper produced need to be considered. In addition to these factors there are other phases of the life cycle of products that need to be examined. GREEN DESIGN PREDICTIONS FOR 2010! Welcome to 2010! The start of the new year is the perfect time to reflect upon the past, make resolutions for the future, and think about what the new year will bring. With this in mind, we’ve asked several of our favorite designers, editors and all-around-big-thinkers for their green predictions for the coming year. We received a lot of interesting forecasts for the coming year: from more greenwashing to a revolution in social design, from the rise of heirloom goods to a shift towards systems and services — read on for the our panel of experts’ green design predictions for 2010. ALLAN CHOCHINOV – Editor-in-Chief, Core77 I look forward to 2010 as a year filled with extraordinary projects around design for social change.

Industrial/product designer: job description Industrial designers work from design briefs to create design solutions for new products that are innovative, practical and suitable for manufacturing. What does an industrial designer do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Bikinis Made from 3-D Printers Custom Fit Every Curve Despite being of the male persuasion, even I know that bikini season is no day at the beach. Finding the right fit in a style and cut that threads the needle of decency is enough to make any woman throw up her hands and opt for a one-piece with shorts. Well ladies, Jenna Fizel and Mary Haung of Continuum Fashion have heard your dressing room distress calls. 13 Hot Sustainable Products To Follow in 2013 "Hottest" lists have been making a comeback lately, and here we are with a few of our own! Inspired by our community's intensifying surge of new business value, creativity and the resulting solutions taking us toward a more sustainable economy, we would like to turn your attention to some key developments worth following — and acting on — in the corporate sustainability space this year. We are grouping them in four lists, and will be publishing them one at a time over the course of several days. Today we start with a look at 13 hot products that not only achieve drastic reductions in environmental and social impacts in their categories, but also have the potential to ultimately transform their entire industries. Here we go: