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Story Spheres - Create Audio Tours of Immersive Imagery Story Spheres is a free tool for adding audio to 360 degree images that you own or have the rights to re-use (Creative Commons licensed or public domain). With Story Spheres you can add audio narration and ambient audio to your 360 images. Once you have a 360 image that you want to use, using Story Spheres is fairly easy to use. Before you try to make your own, take a look at this one about Uluru to get a better sense of what's possible with it. How to Create and Publish Multimedia Collages Now that Canva offers an education version that provides all of the pro features for free to teachers and students, there is a ton of neat things that students and teachers can make. One example of that is designing and publishing multimedia collages. Along with pictures, text, and hyperlinks you can add video and audio files to any of the designs that you make or modify in Canva. Obviously, the video and audio will only play if you publish your design online. Fortunately, Canva offers a couple ways to publish your collages online.

IRIS Use these links to sign up for notifications What Are Teachable Moments? View All Teachable Moments August 9, 2020 (12:07:37 UTC) Magnitude 5.1 North Carolina Herramientas para crear imágenes interactivas. En esta nota quiero hablarte de un par de herramientas que te ayudarán a crear imágenes interactivas. Desde la aparición de la multimedia, la interactividad ha estado a la par de esta tecnología y representa la forma en que nosotros nos comunicamos o interactuamos con alguna interfaz digital. En definitiva hay muchas herramientas muy accesibles que nos permiten crear presentaciones multimedia de forma muy sencilla, entre ellas Powerpoint, sin embargo hoy vemos como la era de la Infografía se ha establecido en este tiempo, y nos encontramos de forma cotidiana información condensada en una imagen estática. El impacto de las infografías hoy en día es innegable y su uso ha crecido en varios ámbitos.

Geological Sounds I love it when scientists speak out about their work in their own voices and their own words. A great example is a wonderful set of annotated photos on Flickr that volcanologist Hugh Tuffen put up last month from his recent expedition to Chile's volcano Cordón Caulle. One thing I liked was how he approached and sampled a body of obsidian that was still flowing, several months after its eruption. 10 webs con plantillas para crear lapbooks en clase De acuerdo a la Teoría de las Inteligencias Múltiples de Howard Gardner, han surgido nuevas formas para que los niños aprendan atendiendo a cada tipo de inteligencia: lingüístico-verbal, lógico-matemática, espacial, musical, corporal-kinestésica, intrapersonal, interpersonal y naturalista. Una buena forma de hacerlo son con plantillas para crear lapbook: una carpeta o archivador desplegable con dibujos, notas, colores, pegatinas o mini libros que tiene como objetivo que el alumnado aprenda de forma gráfica, ordenada y divertida. Recopilamos diferentes plantillas para crear lapbook

Authentic Assessment: Assessing Student Learning: Teaching Resources: Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning: Indiana University Bloomington When considering how to assess student learning in a course, most instructors would agree that the ideal assessment would be one that not only assesses students’ learning; it also teaches students and improves their skills and understanding of course content. One fundamental aspect of such assessments is that they are authentic. An authentic assignment is one that requires application of what students have learned to a new situation, and that demands judgment to determine what information and skills are relevant and how they should be used. Authentic assignments often focus on messy, complex real-world situations and their accompanying constraints; they can involve a real-world audience of stakeholders or “clients” as well. According to Grant Wiggins (1998), an assignment is authentic if it Authentic assessments can be contrasted with conventional test questions, which are often indirect measures of a student’s ability to apply the knowledge and skills gained in a course.

9 ideas para trabajar con nubes de palabras en la clase de idiomas Las nubes de palabras son un recurso muy interesante para una clase de lengua. Entre otras cosas, ayudan a trabajar la capacidad de síntesis y la memorizar del léxico. Considero que, en una época en la que la imagen lo domina casi todo, son una buena forma de captar la atención de nuestros estudiantes. Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning Assessment allows both instructor and student to monitor progress towards achieving learning objectives, and can be approached in a variety of ways. Formative assessment refers to tools that identify misconceptions, struggles, and learning gaps along the way and assess how to close those gaps. It includes effective tools for helping to shape learning, and can even bolster students’ abilities to take ownership of their learning when they understand that the goal is to improve learning, not apply final marks (Trumbull and Lash, 2013).

Experiential Learning in Online Instruction What is Experiential Learning? You may have heard the terms experiential education and experiential learning. Both terms identify learning through experience as a foundational understanding. However, experiential learning is associated with individual learning. How Can Educators Tap Into Research to Increase Engagement During Remote Learning? As university professors and researchers who work closely with K-12 online teachers and learners, we’ve heard from many newly remote educators who are struggling. Recent class discussions have focused on the difficulties of getting through to students without in-person contact, especially during a time of enormous stress. Some teachers report that their students lack interest and in the worst cases, that students are dropping from classes entirely. From our experience both in the online classroom and in training teachers to teach online, this is familiar territory and typically happens about six weeks into a new school session. The newness has worn off, the excitement around technology wanes and teachers often struggle finding ways to engage with their students.

5 Traps That Will Kill Online Learning (and Strategies to Avoid Them) For perhaps the first time in recent memory, parents and teachers may be actively encouraging their children to spend more time on their electronic devices. Online learning has moved to the front stage as 90 percent of high-income countries are using it as the primary means of educational continuity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If March will forever be remembered as the month that virtually all the world’s countries closed their school doors, will April be remembered as the month that the students around the world embraced the world of online learning?