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Understanding Fractions Worksheets

Understanding Fractions Worksheets
Welcome to the fractions worksheets page at where the cup is half full! This is one of our more popular pages most likely because learning fractions is incredibly important in a person's life and it is a math topic that many approach with trepidation due to its bad rap over the years. Fractions really aren't that difficult to master especially with the support of our wide selection of worksheets. This page includes Fractions worksheets for understanding fractions including modeling, comparing, ordering, simplifying and converting fractions and operations with fractions. We start you off with the obvious: modeling fractions. The other fractions worksheets on this page are devoted to helping students understand the concept of fractions. General Use Fractions Printables General use fractions printables that are used in a variety of contexts when understanding and calculating fractions. The black and white fraction circles can be used as a manipulative to compare fractions. Related:  Fractions

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Comparing Fractions: Like Numerators or Denominators - Math Coach's Corner What is the difference between teaching for knowledge and teaching for understanding? Isn’t that a great question? I just started reading the book Creating Cultures of Thinking, and author Ron Ritchhart tackles that issue head on (pg 47). Understanding requires knowledge, but goes beyond it. Sadly, in mathematics, we’ve been teaching fractions without understanding for years. A quick look at the progression of the standards for comparing fractions shows that both the CCSS and the Texas TEKS are now more aligned with teaching for understanding and recognize that students should employ multiple methods for comparing fractions: Notice that the foundation for comparing fractions is laid in 2nd grade, which is when students learn the meaning of the denominator–more fractional parts (a larger denominator) means smaller parts. Comparing Fractions with Like Denominators When fractions have the same denominator, e.g., 3/6 and 5/6, it’s kind of like comparing apples to apples.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets "Your reading comprehension materials are the best I've found on the web. They are so thorough and comprehensive! My students and I have learned a lot from them. Thanks so much!" -- Susan B., Carter, KY. 03/21/12 Like these materials? On this page you will find our complete list of high quality reading comprehension worksheets created specially by our team for students in grade levels K-12. READTHEORYWorkbooks Visit our online store here! Our reading comprehension worksheets teach students to think critically, draw inferences, understand scope and global concepts, find or recall details, and infer the meaning of useful vocabulary words. © COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The below publications contain copyrighted work to be used by teachers in school or at home. Grade 1 - Find more here! Phew! You really really like reading comprehension. Critical Thinking Reading Comprehension Worksheets Short Story Reading Comprehension Worksheets Answers for this series are included at the end of each worksheet."

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Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms Advertisement. is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. (Already a member? Click here.) A fraction is in its simplest form (this is also called being expressed in lowest terms) if the Greatest Common Factor (GCF), also called the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD), of the numerator and denominator is 1. Equivalent Fractions: Equivalent fractions are different fractions that are equal to the same number and can be simplified and written as the same fraction (for example, 3/6 = 2/4 = 1/2 and 3/9 = 2/6 = 1/3). To reduce a fraction to lowest terms (also called its simplest form), divide both the numerator and denominator by the GCD. You can do this because the value of a fraction is not changed if both the numerator and denominator are multiplied or divided by the same number (other than zero). Worksheets and Games to Print:

2 Digit Addition Worksheets Home > Basics > Addition > Two-Digit Two-Digit Addition Worksheets 2-digit addition worksheets contain standard double-digit addends with regrouping and no regrouping, missing addends and digits, addition equations, dart board, pyramid, matching numbers and more. Double-Digit Addition Practice 2-Digit and Single-Digit Add double-digit and single-digit number arranged in vertical form. No Regrouping: No Regrouping Worksheet 1 No Regrouping Worksheet 2 Regrouping: Regrouping Worksheet 1 Regrouping Worksheet 2 2-Digit and 2-Digit Two-digit addition worksheets in this section include 2 addends involve regrouping and no regrouping. No Carrying: 2-Digit Addition 1: Column 2-Digit Addition 2: Column 2-Digit Addition 3: Horizontal With Carrying: 2-Digit Addition 4: Column 2-Digit Addition 5: Column 2-Digit Addition 6: Horizontal No Specifications: Double-Digit Addition 7 Double-Digit Addition 8 Doubling the Numbers Find the value of double the times of a number. Doubling Worksheet: Column Addition Tripling the Numbers

Adding and subtracting fractions Prior knowledge. Identify that the denominator in a fraction tells us how many equal sized parts are in a whole, and the numerator tells us how many of the pieces we are interested in Students can coordinate the numerator and the denominator in a fraction to create and explain meaning for fractions Background Before this activity is commenced, students should have learnt that fractions can be smaller than one, can equal one, and be greater than one, and can relate drawings to numeric fractions. Comments on the Exercises Exercise 1 Asks students to solve addition problems with fraction with the support of diagrams. Exercise 2: Parts in a whole Asks students to revisit the idea that n/n = 1 Exercise 3Asks students to solve problems involve addition of fractions with like denominators. Investigation Asks students to think about subtraction of fractions with like denominators, again starting with story problems and drawings that show these.

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