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Visual Merchandising and Store Design

Visual Merchandising and Store Design
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Store Design: Omonia Bakery by Bluarch Architecture The Omonia Bakery designed by Bluarch Architecture is located at Queens, New York, USA. It is a 1,000 square foot state of the art store design featuring mainly the 1/4 inch mosaic chocolate brown Bisazza tile finish on the ceiling and walls. Thanks to this fluid space the bakery has captured the attention of many. The tiling is a retail design of Astoria’s Omonia Café with bubbles and curves that goes around mid-way down the main walls. It ends with different heights meeting a shelf. This minimalist commercial design allows customers to settle down while enjoying their chosen treats. The shelf on this amazing store is emphasized by the LED light strips navigating the transition on the chocolate surface. The LED light emerged from the ceiling in a series of ambient six inches incandescent light bulbs hanging vertically from the ceiling. The epoxy flooring of the bakery extends up to the walls through the filleted corners.

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Portal sobre producción y distribución alimentaria - RetailActual Breve Historia del Escaparatismo La utilización del escaparate, tal como lo entendemos hoy en día, data del siglo XIX. Estrechamente unida a la aparición de los grandes almacenes, Paris y Londres fueron las capitales que vieron nacer el escaparate (los primeros fueron los Au Bon Marché parisinos, seguidos de los Harrod´s londinenses o los Sears o Macy´s americanos) y las revistas de moda. Con el apogeo de la alta costura a principios de siglo y el establecimiento de tallajes estándar y el consiguiente acercamiento de la ropa y la moda a la gente de clase media y baja, la habilidad para disponer los artículos de cara a la calle se convirtió en todo un arte primero y, posteriormente, con el desarrollo de la psicología y el estudio del comportamiento y los hábitos humanos, en una ciencia. Desde el nacimiento del escaparate, las modas han ido cambiando. Al comienzo los escaparates eran tan solo una montaña de productos sacados de las estanterías del comercio. La importancia del escaparate es capital.

Hats by Leko, Wholesale Millinery Supplies, importer/exporter Dezeen - architecture and design magazine K8 Vision Terminology - University of Fashion A-Line Dress A dress silhouette close to the body on top and flares out from the underarm to the hem. A-Line Silhouette Silhouette that comes in at the waist and flares out at the hem. A-Line Skirt A skirt that is close to the body at the waist and flares out at the hem. Abattoir A facility where animals are processed for various end uses such as for food and clothing. Abstract Nonrepresentational art; art with no object. Accent The area of a composition that attracts attention first; it has a strong contrast against the rest of the composition. Accordion Pleats Pleats that are smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. Achromatic Hues The hues that have no chroma, are not mixtures of chromatic hues, and are not in the spectrum. Additive hue system The colors we obtain when mixing together different wavelengths of light. Adirondack/Lumberjack Rugged looking jacket usually made of wool with front patch pockets, a collar, long sleeves and cuffs. Adjacent hues Adjustable Tab After-image Alencon Lace Anorak Awl