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Mateusz Kołek

Mateusz Kołek
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Tabletmonkey Presents FABIEN MENSE Hello, First I can only speak for me, and as I’m working as a freelance artist, I can only talk about this kind of experience. Working in the animation industry as concept artist is great. It demands a lot of work and exigency. Working in the animation means working with a team, you have to learn to question yourself, accept corrections, defend your ideas and communicate.Visual development isn’t just creating nice characters and images, it’s about understanding a story, the characters specificities and to translate it as well as you can, and as interestingly as possible. You have got to be able to explore different paths, you have got to be able to restart your work from scratch. Freelance work can be quite hard, You’re working on your own and you’re briefed via mails or conferences. You have to communicate as much as you can with your clients. When you are freelance, you don’t have any employment security, so you’re always searching for new opportunities. Best

Drawn To It Studios Yan Nascimbene Illustration Prescott Art Blog db Gerald Parel Art Mess matt-illustrations Miscellaneous Gallery 2. As Tumblr seems to limit “photo sets” to 10 images, here is an additional gallery of various drawings. Zoe the Hun - A drawing for a friend’s daughter. Blood, Fire Death - A contribution to Rachel Kahn’s 2nd wonderful “By Crom!” collection. Here Rachel asked guest contributors to draw themselves and their spirit guide, as opposed to drawing the book’s main characters, Rachel herself and Conan the Barbarian. Voluspaa - When Voluspaa asked for drawings and writings to celebrate their 20 years as a band, I drummed up this guy. John Carter - No reason for this other than the movie had just come out, which I thought was a good deal of fun and seemed to get an unfair shake during it’s theatrical run.