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Les Graines BOCQUET - vente bulbes à fleurs, vente bulbes potagers, vente graines florales, vente semences potagères

Les Graines BOCQUET - vente bulbes à fleurs, vente bulbes potagers, vente graines florales, vente semences potagères

Little Alexander · seed starting in egg cartons It’s finally time to start seeds again! After months of winter garden dreaming, action at last! First come the onions. We’re planting a bunch this year, maybe not enough to grow all our own, but enough to make a dent. While we’ve got some of those black plastic trays you see at garden stores for seed starting, we don’t have enough of them for 150 onions and everything else we’ll be starting later on. Here’s what we did: 1) Got a bunch of egg cartons (Thanks, John!) 2) Cut out a panel from the lid on three sides, so we have a flap of sorts on top, while stapling the original lid closed (we tried glue, but staples were easier). 3) Filled the bottom half of the cartons with potting soil, and then put in enough seed starting medium on top for the seedlings to emerge into. 4) Put in our seeds, one future-plant per cell. 5) Closed the flap on top to keep in moisture while the seeds are germinating.

Bud of the Day» flower magazine Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower. John Harrigan via Pinterest Copyright © 2012 Flower Magazine - All Rights Reserved // Website Design by Tammy Hart Designs How to Make an Herb Garden from a Pallet - PinkWhen - DIY Tutorials * Recipes * More Before and After: Pallet to Pallet Herb Garden Working with The Home Depot on the outdoor and gardening campaign has been fun, and for my last post I am going to be using those wonderful herbs I purchased last week on my shopping spree . I have always wanted to make an herb garden, but with a small yard, 4 children, and 2 dogs, there is not much room left for an herb garden, or any garden for that matter. That was an issue until I came upon the wonderful pallet garden on Pinterest a few weeks ago. I was excited to find that Pinterest picture, because just a few short weeks ago when we had sod delivered , they delivered it on 3 pallets! I removed all of the broken boards, which you can see were most of them. Once I removed all of the broken and rotten boards, I was basically left with a frame, and still a very sad looking frame at that. Boards cut at (3 total) 39" 14/16ths and (6 total) 17" 14/16ths to replace the other broken boards, and to create the shelves for my plants. Pallet Painted

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