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List of video hosting websites

List of video hosting websites
Video hosting services refers to websites or software where users can distribute their video clips. Other sites such as file hosting services, image hosting services and social network services might support video sharing as an enhancement to their primary mission, but in general, they are not listed here. Many services have options for private sharing and other publication options. User generated video sharing[edit] User generated sites mostly offer free services whereby users can upload video clips and share them with the masses. Notable examples[edit] White-label providers[edit] White-label providers sell the technology to various parties that allow them to create the services of the aforementioned "User Generated Video Sharing" websites with the client's brand. Enterprise video hosting providers[edit] Listed here are video hosting providers exclusively serving businesses wanting to share video content internally with employees or externally with customers, partners, or prospects. Related:  Best Collection

Facebook Video Apps - A Complete List of Video Apps for Facebook Pages We've talked a lot at ReelSEO about Facebook video marketing and video apps, so it was only a matter of time before we combined all the options into one big list. So here you go, our ReelSEO Show Reel of Facebook Video Apps , with a myriad ways you can integrate video into your own Facebook Pages! Driven by a singular goal to corner the market on this info, yet not so driven that we're bothering to do our own review and testing of every Facebook video app out there, I've put togethera list of video apps that I think are beneficial for your Facebook video marketing needs. Our description length for each video app can run from super-short phrase to a long paragraph. The original copy right from their respective Facebook pages is what has been included. I've organized the list reverse-alphabetical order (not because I don't believe in some favoritism, but because I simply want to play with your mind) and have broken them down into the following categories: YouTube Video Box YouTube Tab Stickam

ATechnos (Abhay Techno Services) » SYSMaster-IPTV Video/IPTV Products Recent enhancements in technologies for delivery of high quality video streams open up new revenue generating opportunities for service providers. With the introduction of MPEG-4 compression and proliferation of broadband last mile infrastructure, it becomes feasible and cost effective to offer real-time video content to subscribers delivered over broadband lines. Because video content has a high perceived value by consumers, it offers higher margins to service providers and as a result many providers today are looking for a technological solution that would allow them to get into that lucrative market segment. Leveraging on its network technology expertise, SysMaster has developed cutting-edge video products that encompass all key elements of modern networks for delivery of video content to subscribers, including billing and content management servers, video concentrators, video streaming servers, and customer premise equipment devices. - The internet clipboard List of libraries From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is an alphabetical list of notable libraries around the world. It includes both notable public lending libraries and research libraries. Alphabetical[edit] A[edit] American Memorial Library B[edit] Barrow-in-Furness Main Public Library C[edit] Cambridge University Library Chincoteague Island Library D[edit] E[edit] Interior of the Enoch Pratt Free Library F[edit] G[edit] German National Library of Economics H[edit] Hong Kong Central Library I[edit] J[edit] K[edit] L[edit] M[edit] Marathon County Public Library N[edit] National Central Library, Florence National Library of Public Information, Taichung, Taiwan New Orleans Public Library O[edit] Orange County Library System P[edit] Q[edit] R[edit] Robarts Library, University of Toronto S[edit] T[edit] U[edit] University of Coimbra General Library V[edit] W[edit] West German Audio Book Library for the Blind Y[edit] Z[edit] Zillur Rahman Library; located in Aligarh, India See also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]

Comparison on video services The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of notable video hosting services. Please see the individual products' articles for further information. General information[edit] Basic general information about the hosts: creator/company, license/price etc. Supported input file formats[edit] Streaming video technical information[edit] Site traffic[edit] See also[edit] Notes[edit]

List of academic databases and search engines Wikipedia list article This page contains a representative list of notable databases and search engines useful in an academic setting for finding and accessing articles in academic journals, institutional repositories, archives, or other collections of scientific and other articles. Databases and search engines differ substantially in terms of coverage and retrieval qualities. Users need to account for qualities and limitations of databases and search engines, especially those searching systematically for records such as in systematic reviews or meta-analyses.[1] As the distinction between a database and a search engine is unclear for these complex document retrieval systems, see: the general list of search engines for all-purpose search engines that can be used for academic purposesthe article about bibliographic databases for information about databases giving bibliographic information about finding books and journal articles. See also[edit] References[edit]

Library Information Science Gateway, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh ODLIS — Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science In classification, one of the distinguishing characteristics of a class, identified as a means of differentiating it from other classes. As defined in FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), one of a set of characteristics enabling users of information to formulate queries and evaluate responses when searching for information about a specific entity. Attributes can be inherent in the entity (physical characteristics, labeling information, etc.) or supplied by an external agent (assigned identifiers, contextual information, etc.). For example, the logical attributes of a creative work include its title, form, date of creation, intended audience, etc. In markup languages such as SGML and XML, a named value used to further specify the meaning of an element. In geographic information systems (GIS), information about the characteristics of a given feature, usually stored in tabular format and linked to the feature by a unique identifier.

CyberTools for Libraries Solutions by Functional Area Overview A-Z Lists ERM / Electronic Resource Management Cataloging & Authorities Circulation & Patron Self Loan OPAC OpenURL Link Resolver Reporting, Report to Excel, Ad Hoc Reporting Reserves Serials Scheduling & Booking Z39.50 Server Acquisitions Overview Promote More of Your Resources in a Single Search Portal. Customize your online catalog to incorporate online databases, subscriptions, images, and print. A-Z Lists Streamline your users’ access to your resources. With A to Z, you no longer need to provide separate links to collections of online resources on your website. ERM/Electronic Resource Management Enrich your collection with an unlimited number of links: to e-resources, web sites, in house documents, etc. Our tools automatically repair data from vendors that are less than perfect. Cataloging and Authorities A suite of cataloging and authority tools keeps things easy even for the non-cataloger. Cataloging Functions Shared/Union Catalogs for Consortia OpenURL Link Resolver

Downloads | MarcEdit Development For Everyone Previous Versions I maintain a handful of previous versions of MarcEdit for archival purposes. These should not be downloaded for production work as each has been superseded. However, if you have technical limitations that require and older build, feel free to contact me. MarcEdit 5.9 — Windows 32-bit download | Windows 64-bit downloadMarcEdit 5.2MarcEdit 4.6.63MarcEdit 4.5.9397MarcEdit 4.1.473 License By downloading and installing any of the applications/components, you are agreeing to abide by the licensing agreement as specified by the author. Papers