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MAXScript 101

MAXScript 101
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Swift-Switch (Includes V-Ray and Mental-Ray Presets) *NEW UPDATE* available. . Check out My Blog. VRay Ocean Shader version 2 is now available with Swift-Switch. Also includes an updated new Advance Viewport (Now known as Viewporter). New Preferences dialog for Swift-Switch. Now with System Information Maxscript. Click Here for Changelog. Click Here for Changelog2012. This is the advanced version of my old script called "Advanced Render Switcher". In one of the Next update i'll include Final Render Presets Features of Swift-Switch: --Advanced Viewport shading --Completely FREE to Use --Change different renderers instantly --Reset Material Editors --Expand UI to change V-ray Core elements --Expand UI to change Final Render Core elements --New V-Ray Save Passes script Features for V-Ray: Features for Mental-Ray: --Bypass Critical Memory Issues--Quality Presets--Enable/Disable FG and GI Please NOTE that Mental-Ray Presets are still under development. Check out the Latest News here: Additional Info: Version Requirement:

3dsmax Archives - Klaas Nienhuis Mapmax: gis for 3ds max. Raster maps and projections Mapmax is growing into a GIS toolset for 3ds max Openstreetmap in 3ds Max Make maps in 3ds Max fast with openstreetmap Instant configurator with 3ds Max and Creating a simple configurator can be automated with realtime 3D platforms Automated 3D model conversion Process your 3D models and get them in shape for new uses End user event 2013 – Part 2 This is part two of a two part series on […] End user event 2013 – part 1 End user event 2013 This year I had the opportunity […] 3D wood texture by Jerry Ylilammi: Berconmaps Recently I’ve created some images of a wooden chair designed […]

awd - Away3D Data file format This Google Code project contains the open specification and open-source tool-chain for the second generation AWD file format. The format is currently considered stable, however the tools are still being developed. The tool-chain so far comprises the following components, all of which are currently in development: libawd: A C++ library to (greatly) simplify encoding of AWD files PyAWD: A Python toolkit, offering a pythonic way to work with AWD files. Can be compiled as a wrapper for libawd, or standalone (with poorer writing performance) and works for both Python 2.6 and 3.x. Maya exporter: AWD exporter for Autodesk Maya Blender exporter: AWD exporter for Blender 3ds Max exporter: AWD exporter for Autodesk 3ds Max Exporters for more 3D packages are planned. What is AWD? AWD is a binary file format for 3D scenes, objects and related data. What is the status of AWD? Version 2.0 of the file format is stable, however the SDK and exporter plug-ins are still in development. How can I help?

Dfinition des vidos numriques De la taille des images Mars 2006 Auteur : adesir La taille des images est leur principale caractéristique lorsqu'on s'intéresse à leur qualité. En vidéo numérique, quelques tailles standards, issues du monde de la télévision, sont bien normalisées. 1. Définitions réduites Pour les transmissions électroniques à faible débit, des définitions assez réduites ont été définies. Définition standard (SD) C'est la définition des images numériques issues de la télévision à tube. Pourquoi cette différence de hauteur entre les deux standards ? Hautes définitions (HD) HD1 : le 1080i C'est le standard de la HDTV (TV haute définition). HD2 : le 720p Format inventé aux Etats-Unis pour introduire le mode progressif en vidéo. Destiné à succéder au DV en haute définition, il est plutôt orienté grand public. Le nouveau format grand public en haute définition, il remplace le MPEG-2 en définition standard. Dans tous les cas, la proportion (rapport largeur sur hauteur) est de 16/9 (1,77) Définitions informatiques 2.

mr Options Manager | You can do it! VFX mr Options Manager adds support in 3ds Max for Unified Sampling, Progressive Rendering, IBL, Importons and Irradiance Particles, which are hidden string options. The script enables you to save all settings into the file so you can load in a different session or send it to network rendering (except for IBL). A description of the features are available on the mental ray help file. 2013.2 changelog: - SSS2 shaders are now unhidden by default (3dsmax 2013 only) - Added support for IBL in SSS2 shaders (3dsmax 2013 only) - Added menu for easier access to mr Manager/iray Manager 2013.1 changelog: - Updated to 3ds Max 2013 - Fixed IBL Mode not working on 2013 due to changes on paths (Thanks to Anthony Lester) - Updated instalation path to User directory to avoid issues with permissions How to install: Drag and drop the script into Max. Note: It’s advised to run 3dsmax with administrative rights. By downloading you accept our Privacy Policy

HoHa Camera HandHeld Hello. Here is another script for the community. I was looking for a good camera shake - handheld generator for 3ds max. What this script does is pretty straight forward: Make the hand held effect. This script can handle both Vray camera and Normal camera, both with target or without target. It support undo, and to delete all keyframe of the selected camera. You can also animate the camera first, then apply the shake in a time range within. Usage: Pick the camera - support Free & target Normal camera, Free & target Vray Physical Camera. It currently doesn't support camera animated by path constraint. Anyone who has any idea to improve the script, please drop me a line. Tested on 3ds max 2012. ChangeLog: Ver 1.2: Change the numbers from interger to float --> enable to make smaller changes to the coordinates. Ver 1.1a: Ver 1.1: Added a checkbox to make the shake on an Animation layer. titane357's Idea. Regards. Hoang Ha Version Requirement: It might be able to run on most of max.

ShoulderTopology Topology Pages pages: Topology Examples "Here's the topology I've developed that I use for chest, back, and shoulder deformation ... It's built primarily for good deformation, but its a bear to unwrap." Image by 'Buzzy' Bendy straw, edge flow hybrid solution. Arm raised above the reference pose using a clavicle rather than shoulder rotation. Images by 'claydough' CategoryAnimation Apple .Mac Welcome

MAXScript et VrayProxy | matt guetta Ce sera le premier tuto MAXScipt du blog! Rien de bien prétentieux, au contraire, juste une petite intro vous permettant de gagner du temps sans forcement « vraiment » apprendre MAXScript! La Manica Lunga Library, m’a donné pas mal de fil à retordre pour une raison simple, le nombre d’objets présent dans la scène. Du coup, je me suis servi de MAXScript pour automatiser les actions simples et récurrentes de la création de la scène. Avant de commencer la scène, j’ai placer un certains nombre de livres à la main, forcement c’est devenu compliquer de les sélectionner pour ensuite les afficher en box étant donne que l’option « bounding box » n’est plus accessible… Comme vous ne le savez peut-être pas, je viens du Web, et la productivité se résume parfois à réduire le nombre de clics pour accomplir une tache. Avant de commencer à appréhender la bête, (je mets pas apprendre, j’ai pas franchement le sentiment d’être capable de vous apprendre MAXScript) voici deux petites notions de base.

Spline Geo import (kml, GPX and csv geographic coordinates) to 3ds MAX Author Name: Mario Morais Import CSV and import Geo (kml, GPX) to 3ds MAX Importing data to 3ds max is fundamental to try to reproduce the real world in3d environment.I made two scripts spline CSV IO (Import/Export) and Import Geo. Install: Copy files to /scripts/startup Use: go to “utilities” tab (hammer) –> MAXscripts->Utilities The script import Geographic coordinates (longitude,latitude and Altitude). KML Path: Import a Path from Google Earth. For the first import the script creates an object called “TRACK_CENTER_MESH”. Motec CSV Import csv from motec i2 software. skip points: GPS devices collect too many points near each other. Import Images Tiles Import images tiles and create a Editable Poly. “Don’t calculate Center”: Don’t calculate the new center. Spline: Define the spline parameters.

Other Gear Below are some tools that are freely useable for licensees of RPManager. Some are free for non-commercial or academic use for anyone, but all require payment for commercial usage if not RPManager licensees. Directory navigation shortcut system, for 32 and 64 bit XP/Vista. Go to the FolderGit Info/Download page Below are some plugins that are freely useable for licensees of RPManager. This tool colours polygons by 3, 4 or 5+ verts/edges. Works on both poly and mesh stacks, but note it will convert mesh to poly. Go to the ColorPolyByVerts Help/Download page This tool mirrors, flips or resets vertex positions, based on a symmetrical reference node. Works on poly, mesh and patch models. Go to the Transmographier Help/Download page This is a tool that enables you to copy and paste vertex positions and vertex selections to and from anywhere in the stack. Works on poly, and mesh models. Go to the PasteVertexBuffer Help/Download page Go to the Tension Help/Download page Below are some free plugins.

3ds MAX + VRay Tutorial :: Time is running 3ds MAX + VRay Tutorial :: Time is running (Page-2) Free 3ds Max Tutorial by CG artist, Jan K. Vollmer CGIndia Feature The hdri reflection map: This is a map I use very often for interior scenes. The silver material : Silver material is very similar to the chromium; it has just a much brighter reflection colour and a almost black diffuse. The silver material The light material and HDRI Map The next is the light set up of my studio. The studio lighting setup Check the VRay Lights Setting Below Rendering setup For Scene I made some standard setups like switch of the default lights and hidden lights.I used adaptive subdivision for faster renderings and catmull-rom for sharp edges. The render setup part1 Before I finally render the image I do some test renderings with low adjustments like ir-map to low and light cache to 100. The render setup part2-3 Final Rendered Image Click to Enlarge the final image I hope you find this “making of” interesting and you get some help or inspiration from here.