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OMG that dress!

OMG that dress!
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The Hendrix Jacket - White • Spell & The Gypsy Collective We grew up pouring over photos from Woodstock 69' and even back then I knew that one day I wanted a jacket like the beaded tasseled leather number Jimi Hendrix wore on stage. And so we looked back to our childhood memories once again for the inspiration with this jacket. Made in a soft white leather, the jacket features blue and white wooden beads that have been hand-threaded onto the suede tassels that drape from the back, the front and sleeves. This tribute to a rock legend (with legendary style) is a super limited edition piece. Please note: The beautiful jackets are hand-beaded and each one is unique. Material, measurements & size tips: 100% leather.Back length: SM: 46cm | ML: 49cm.Shoulder Width: SM: 38cm | ML: 39cm.Sleeve Length: SM: 57cm | ML: 60cm.

Chanel News - Actualités et coulisses de la mode Par Boris Coridian Un rayon de soleil transperce les nuages parisiens de ce 26 janvier et illumine la nef du Grand Palais. Comme un appel du printemps au cœur de l’hiver, c’est le signal du départ du défilé de la collection Haute Couture Printemps‑Été 2016, imaginée par Karl Lagerfeld. Dans un décor où la nature est sublimée, une maison de bois aux volets clos se confond avec la végétation. La porte s’ouvre dévoilant les premières silhouettes. Une à une, semblant ralentir le pas pour mieux profiter de l’instant, les mannequins déambulent dans ce jardin d’Éden. Pour célébrer le sacre du printemps - comme un clin d’œil à l’œuvre de Stravinsky, chère à Gabrielle Chanel - les matières aériennes se mélangent aux broderies de bois. Les abeilles apparaissent sur les tulles et les mousselines, ainsi que sur les bijoux. Les fenêtres de bois s’ouvrent lentement sur les mannequins pour le final, chorégraphié par Karl Lagerfeld.

janis joplin fashion | Thrifty Cent I heard a lot of Janis Joplin growing up. What drew me to her was her looks. She was unapologetically plain. She never wore make-up, and always had frizzy hair. She wasn’t Twiggy skinny, she wasn’t Brigit Bardot pretty. She was a breath, no, a gust, of fresh air. "On stage I make love to twenty-five thousand people, and then I go home alone." But Janis wasn’t all confidence and sex-appeal. How Janis died is just as fascinating as how she lived. She had been laiding down tracks for a new record. "When I sing, I feel like when you're first in love. It’s just bizarre. Janis may have been plain in looks, but she spread her peacock feathers with her wardrobe, donning knitted vests, lush velvet poet blouses, chiffon, and feather boas wrapped in her hair like ribbons. “People expect Janis Joplin to be a tough bitch, and say I start talking to them like a lonely little girl–that’s not in their image of me–they don’t see it. Like this: Like Loading...

27 Club - culture We love a photography spread that is so much more than a montage of pretty pictures. And if you love a good story, well look no further than our stunning tribute to some of the stars of the music industry, 27 Club, as featured in culture’s Feb/March edition. An ode to rock legends of the past and present, the talented musicians featured in this spread all had one tragic element in common – they died at the tender age of 27. Culture caught up with some of the creative team members who worked on this shoot to find out the journey they underwent to take such a cool story from concept to completion. "With the recent passing of Amy Winehouse, it got me thinking about the influence she had on so many people of this generation with her music and her style,” says Silver Bullet creative director Ben Luker. “But it wasn't just Amy that left a dent on pop culture. Ben says that he wanted to photograph all of these characters – as women. “For Amy Winehouse, I say the bigger the hair, the better!

Erin Wasson | RYGGRAD Model Style Models with great fashion sense are our muses. Here are some great outfits worn by our favorite chicks. Ruby Aldridge, goddess of street style Ruby Aldridge Erin Wasson Freja Beha Erichsen Alice Dellal and Pixie Geldof Daisy Lowe Erin Wasson – Summer of Rock This spread would have been very appropriate to post on Independence Day, however, I hadn’t seen it until last night. Happy 4th of July Ryggrad girls!

The Many Headbands of Lana Del Rey: Celebrity Headband Style Lana Del Rey is a singer and performer with an intoxicating, sultry voice and old Hollywood glam style. By the time she was 22, she had signed her first recording contract with Interscope. Things started to take off from there, with her hit “Video Games,” that went viral on YouTube, propelling her to Internet stardom. Her influences of her style are very apparent – from Janis Joplin and Cat Power, she’s an old school beauty with a deep soul. Let’s take a look at Lana’s best headband looks: Lana is wearing an interesting white lace headband while performing. Old-style Hollywood curls mixed with a large jewel-encrusted bow headband creates a really lovely vintage pin-up look. Lana Del Rey has such beautiful natural brown hair that almost any headband would look great with it. Arriving in London, Lana is wearing a thick yellow headband to keep her hair out of her eyes while on the road. Another over-sized flower crown. A jewelled headpiece is always a great way to make a statement.

Shoes Boots & Fashion Footwear Mr Shoes UK Online Shoe Shop | Cheap Mens Womens Shoes Style Inspiration : Janis Joplin Saya memang peminat rock n roll.Bukan saja diorang pon saya suka.One of favourite icon saya ialah Janis Joplin.Saya memang hardcore fan jugak laa...hehe.Sejak-menjak ada boot baru terus buat research macam nak menggayakan boot saya ni.Paling sesuai ialah Bohemian ataupon Hippie Look.Saya memang suka style macam ni cuma nak menggayakan tu agak susah sikit.Tapi tak pa...kita cuba dulu ok?? Untuk menggayakan style sebegini anda perlukan : 1- Seluar bell bottom 2- Blaus ( Corak paisley lagi bagus ) 3- Stack of bangles Steal Her Style !!! 1- Wear bell-bottoms, if you can find some. 2- Wear a paisley button down shirt or blouse. 3- Wear plenty of bracelets, rings and necklaces, as Joplin tended to wear lots of jewelry. 4- Avoid makeup. Ok...gaya sudah ada..mari layan lagu Janis Joplin pulak ok.Kalau sapa yang tak kenal Janis ni...boleh google.Saya malas nak explain...hehe.Lagu ni merupakan lagu favourite saya dari zaman sekolah.Dah kahwin pon still minat lagi..hehe

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